Police officers in New York are “manufacturing” criminal offenses by forcing people with small amounts of marijuana to reveal their drugs, according to a survey by public defenders.

Nearly half of New Yorkers picked up for small amounts of marijuana possession in recent months were not displaying the drug before they were stopped, the study shows, despite an order by New York police chief Ray Kelly that officers should not charge people in such circumstances.

The revelations will fuel criticisms of the NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy, which opponents say is criminalising a generation of young people from ethnic minorities and leading to tensions between police and the public.

The prison-industrial complex rolls on.

  1. Amnesty for cartels says:

    I am so glad I stopped being a pothead thirty years ago.

  2. dusanmal says:

    Political spin aside, major Left leaning (if not The Left leaning) NY network, NBC attempted recently a report interviewing people in minority dominated areas about this program. Even they couldn’t spin it: every single minority mother asked was FOR “stop and frisk”, majority of minority females (young and old) were FOR, men were quite evenly split… Top complainers: white people in “cool” outfits. Local people want it and need it. Local people is where Government should have its roots, not some PC dictate from the high. In this case, unlike some of Bloomberg follies, people living there seem to welcome it.

    • jpfitz says:

      I see no reason why the “minority mother” was for the illegal “stop and frisk”. Your statements are an ideological spin. I don’t believe NBC did a true study. Sounds like shit to me. The only place in NYC this could be asked of the “Mothers” and the go ahead and search would be probable is in very very high crime areas. Weapons found great. Some fucking weed, your kidding me.

      Bloomy is a Nazi changing laws and rules as he deems necessary. Adding a third term to his Mayorship. NYC is turning into a Stasi state confronting brown people’s instead of the Jews.

      The Fourth Amendment being pissed on by the new Stasi. This is sick and idiots who applaud stop and frisk should have their heads examined, or have the IRS audit them for fun.

  3. msbpodcast says:

    I’m so glad I drink instead of smoking up.

    The drug policies in most countries are so fucked up.

  4. Sheriff Joe says:

    Yep. That’s what America needs. More psychotic Nazis dressed up like ninja assassins, rappelling down from helicopters to finally put a stop to the growing menace of evil potsmokers. It’ll start working any day now. Really.

  5. jpfitz says:

    Littering and, littering and, littering and.

  6. MartinJJ says:

    According to Obama everyone is a terrorist until you can prove otherwise. So this policy fits in nicely. Just like the TSA. And the border patrol 100 miles from the border.

    And those cops still wonder why they loose the respect of the public. What happened to cops that chased the real criminals? Or showed you the way? Like when they used to be part of the local community.

    • c barber says:

      It seems to me that for the last 20 years or so most cities and towns hire law enforcement officers from outside the area or town they work in. The cop on the beat is no longer your neighbor, just a member of the occupying force.

  7. Lou says:

    That’s the fun of a Police state.

  8. Glenn E. says:

    Meeting the arrest quotas, the easy way. Baggin teens. And not going after the gun totting dealers. That’s like picking up the street walkers, and letting their pimps roam free. Easy pickins, looks good to the average voter.

  9. NewfornatSux says:

    I would not approve of cops looking the other way on illegal activity uncovered during a stop and frisk, which has nothing to do with motorists so I’m confused about the story.

  10. deowll says:

    So this guy is claiming that young minorities are more likely to have drugs than non minorities? Isn’t that raciest?

  11. Benjamin says:

    I don’t want to be searched. I will not be collateral damage between stupid pot smokers and equally stupid cops.

  12. spsffan says:

    Clearly, the bigger problem here is that it is against the law to possess something that grows naturally on the earth and, unlike say uranium, is harmless to others.

    As long as the law dictates what you can put (or not put) into your body, we WILL have a police state.

    Any questions?

  13. farmits says:

    Dumb ass cops, just look in the mirror, over 20% of you will recognize the pot user right away.
    Dumb ass cops.

  14. Glenn E. says:

    This is probably part of the “divide the people” strategy. MJ use shouldn’t even be an issue, when far more serious crap (legal and illegal) can kill you. But it’s one of those easy to digest issues, that they can use as an excuse for stompin on some people, while others look on and think it’s a good thing. Mostly the elderly voters.

    If they want to make some drugs busts in NYC, all they have to do is frequently raid some of those high roller nightlife hangouts.
    But I’m sure the cops have been told to cool it, where those places are concerned. They can only bust heads of the street bound non-celebs. Leave the limo bound elites alone. And there exclusive watering holes. When was the last time you heard of any actors or singers in NY, picked up for drugs? Not until they freak out and half destroy some hotel, do the cops get involved.

  15. Rabble Rouser says:

    WTF ever happened to the 4th Amendment?
    WTF ever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?

    Perhaps it’s because corporations are running prisons today, and they need more prisoners to keep the stockholders happy?

  16. Buzz Mega says:

    I want to get an off-duty policeman arrested and strip-searched. What pretense can I use for an anonymous phone call to get this to happen?


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