Innuendo In Popular Cartoons – Watch More Funny Videos

Think of the children!!!

  1. Angel H. Wong says:

    This one is way better and it involves only one show.

    I miss the 90s cartoons and their edginess. Now’s everything all about animated polygons pretending to be teenagers..

  2. Get Off Me says:

    And this is just a model of the Alien FaceHugger :

  3. Stays up too late says:

    South Park doesn’t know the meaning of innuendo with this poke at the TSA:


  4. Speechless says:

    WTF? Don’t you guys have anything better to do than trawl for the vaguest of inferences… ?
    (but i did laugh at Bugs’ penis!)

  5. howard beale says:

    i miss pinky and the brain

    with out toon sex there would be no toons for future generations
    i’m ok with all this


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