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  1. James Bond Jr. says:

    I’ll have a Purell martini. Shaken, not stirred.

  2. BigBoyBC says:

    Marco Pierre-White was the youngest UK chef to receive 3 Michelin stars. Gordon Ramsay worked for Marco. He’s also known as the man who made Gordon Ramsay cry. Marco has a rather interesting personality. He was the bad boy of fine dining long before Ramsay and Bourdain.

    Not doing your homework is bad, but doing your homework half-assed is worse. You slipped up on this one John.

    • I was bitching about the claim that he was the first UK chef who got three stars not the fact that he was the youngest. So what? Plenty of French chefs were younger. And then he bailed out immediately? Why? He is hardly the godfather of modern cuisine. That’s the assertion that got my attention. Nor was he the first celebrity chef. What bullshit.

  3. Glenn E. says:

    Because the live stream cut out near the end, I had to retrieve the MP3 to hear it. I couldn’t find any TSA scripts. Yet. But this item turned up. Very interesting.

    • Glenn E. says:

      Apparently there was another TSA scandal that ABC didn’t catch.

      And believe it or not, her name is Brigitte Jones. At first I thought I was reading a movie script. You know, about a diary.

  4. TooManyPuppies says:

    JCD, the last show didn’t suck. You weren’t on Twit to plug the show.

    • dave m brewer says:

      I think I heard he will be on TWIT this coming Sunday…

      John please don’t try to explain to Leo anything to do with the law… money or price fixing. It is a waste of time. You need to get Leo to Skype Adam into the show. You guys need to show that bunch of liberals how the rest of the world thinks and lives.

      • Glenn E. says:

        I agree. Unfortunately Leo and TWiT are on board with things like Global Warming and other iffy science. Usually on their Dr. Kiki Science hour. I’m sure she believes and parrots the idea that humans are a plague upon the land. And that we all evolved from primal sludge. So there’s no God to grant us more rights to life than dumb animals. Never mind that the evolution hypothesis (not theory) flies in the face of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Everything gets magically more complicated, some how. It just takes billions of years of dumb luck, to get it right, in tiny stages. And somehow it always knows when it’s got something right. To keep on evolving in a beneficial direction. Even though Darwin couldn’t even explain how eyes evolved from useless, to useful sense organs. He just wrote in made him nauseous. And that convenient omission, has been glossed over for ages. Like which came first, the flower or the bee?

        In real world physics, entropy increases. ALWAYS. Things don’t get improved, all on their own, without an external agent, imposing a higher order of complexity. Stuff just runs down and breaks, unless it’s fixed or upgraded by something much more complex. A simple bit of logical reasoning that evolutionary biologists bulk at resolving. Because you’re just supposed to “believe” in Darwin, without question. Slave.

        When cornered, the pro-evolution camp resorts to saves, like asteroids delivering DNA from more advanced worlds. They like using their own brand of origin “religion”, when it suits them. But the fact is, they can’t prove any DNA hitched a ride to earth. Or explain how it evolved differently on some other world, counter to entropy. Supposedly, somewhere in the universe is a planet where the known laws of physics don’t apply, or operate backwards. And some advanced alien lifeform, that created itself, spit on a rock and hurled it into space, eons ago. And landing here, it had all the DNA to evolve into us, and a million other things, while still fighting the degradation of time.

        If that isn’t the biggest piece of scifi bull crap, I don’t know what is. But I’ll bet there are those who’ll believe what I just made up, is a scientific fact. Because is uses scientific terms, rather than religious phrases.

        The real problem with teaching we evolved from slime is, you can more easily justify trashing moral laws and human rights. Because slime doesn’t deserve any. Only the very rich slime does. The elitists scoff at the existence of a God, because they don’t want to be created equal by one. They prefer to believe they evolved a bit better, than the rest of us. It’s the social Darwinism that Adolf Hitler and William Graham Sumner, both believed in.

        • dave m brewer says:

          Don’t get me going on Dr. Kiki… Just read her bio it explains it all, no credits or creditability. Lastly, that guy that she teams up with, they act like they are playing house.

          I’m sure she had had David Crosby sire her child.

      • Leo will not be there Sunday..Becky is doing the hosting. Should be different.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi John,
    Link to show notes should be 403 instead of 402.

  6. deowll says:


    This guy says climate is controlled by the SUN. He thinks minor changes in the sun, many of which occur in cycles, actually impact our climate.

    Duh! No star is 100% stable. Changes in your local star will impact your local climate!

    He is also a lot better at long range weather forecasting than the Fed. Gov. He is currently amusing himself at the expense of his government by making jokes about the wettest drought in history.

    Of course a lot of other people, many of them with excellent credentials, have no faith in the minor increase in CO2 causing any meaningful climate change. The direct data doesn’t support the claim.

    I went out and did my homework and concluded the same. Being a prophet of doom and then sheering the sheep is an excellent way to make a lot of money/ gain more power.

    Best evidence is that Earth is not getting warmer. It hasn’t in over a decade. We have entered what may be a nice long cooling trend which will cause problems for agriculture. However that said the local jet stream is going to determine your local weather outside the tropics.

    The ability to predict changes in the jet stream is vital for making any sort of valid long range weather forecast and Piers Corbin can do a decent job of it and the CO2 fans don’t so their long range forecasts are pretty much worthless.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    I think I’ve got a handle on this Salton Sea scam. I can be blamed on Global Warming. At last, something can be blamed for it. False news. Probably arranged to coincide with Earth Day. The vast majority if Brits have never been to the Salton Sea “resort”. So hyping it up as the “French Riviera of California, they’d never know better. Unless a friend tells them other wise, or they listen to NoAgenda. This sad story of a lost garden spot, is to get them thinking the earth’s climate really is bad.

    The US news networks probably whip up some false reports about places overseas in the UK or Europe. And Americans will never know any better, unless they’ve traveled there in the past.

  8. Glenn E. says:

    A few NA podcasts ago, a clip was played of CBS Tv’s “Person of Interest” claiming that social media was intended as a means of covertly gathering everyone’s personal data. Just this past Thursday, this same Tv show mentioned Stuxnet as a sabotage tool, and a ghost city inside China. They may even have filmed there. Which makes me wonder if the show’s writers read this blog or listen to NA, for ideas?


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