Here is the latest conversation I had with money manager Andrew Horowitz…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

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  1. deowll says:

    The computers running the real market should be in an old missile silo somewhere with an independent power supply so even an energy pulse wouldn’t take them out.

    The problem is that Google is not trying to make much money on the hardware and Apple needs to make 30%. John is crazy if he thinks Apple stocks wouldn’t have tanked if Apple tried to sell anything at cost.

    I don’t see Obama winning the popular vote. He may win the electoral vote. I have voted. Wait and see.

  2. Sea Lawyer says:

    Predatory pricing, selling a product below cost to kill competitors, is also a violation of U.S. anti-trust law. I seriously doubt that this $179 figure John is mentioning would even be legal given component cost estimates have been pegged somewhere around $195.

  3. Sea Lawyer says:

    Taking this a step further, I’m honestly surprised that regulators haven’t looks deeper into Amazon’s leveraging of its dominant online retail services as a tie-in to allow it to sell the Kindle Fire at or below cost, essentially squashing competition at the low end for budget tablets.

  4. Blake says:

    The pricing for the iPad mini is spot on – any lower and it would make the new iPod Touch too expensive. Also if they were to release a $179 to $199 iPad mini this would harm iPad 2 and iPad 4 sales.

    The iPad mini is a great product but should bring in the same profitability as all other Apple products otherwise the business model breaks.

    Apple don’t need to compete at the commodity level, essentially I think we will see $99 tablets at some stage so this is a battle Apple will avoid, they are a premium brand and will price accordingly.

    You only have to look at Car manufacturers to see where Apple is headed – Audi for example has about 30 variant models now, tweaking the A1 with convertible to sportback all the way up to A8, Q models, R models etc. Apple will soon be the same, expect a 6″ iPad eventually. Expect a 27″ ipad eventually too!

    The real story here is that iOS6 is a dog, so much so that I refuse to buy an iPhone 5. The 5 is such a pain to move to – different SIM, different connector, broken maps app and the madatory Podcasts app in iOS6 is a nightmare. Apple have really dropped the ball here and its hardly being reported.


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