No truth to rumor Governor Brewer forms defense fund for Holly

An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election…

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital, but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sergeant Jesse Sanger said.

Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his “lack of voter participation” in last Tuesday’s presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.

Witnesses reported the argument broke out on Saturday morning in a parking lot and escalated. Mrs Solomon then chased her husband around the lot with the car, yelling at him as he tried to hide behind a light pole, police said. He was struck after attempting to flee to a nearby street.

Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were won by Romney.

Those wacky freedom-loving Arizona Republicans…take their civic responsibilities seriously.

  1. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Now seriously. This is obviously a disturbed woman. I know from personal experience that some people live on the edge of reality and schizophrenia. They strive to hold it together. But when something in the real world supports their delusion they act. This is when we hear about it. This poor woman was probably barely holding it together but was lead to believe that a Republican loss would lead to Armageddon. The facts presented by FUX news supported her belief and she acted.

    • Grandpa says:

      You say she is disturbed. I say she is a good Republican. Notice the channel they show the picture on? She is exactly what the Republican Tea Party is looking for.

      I wonder if she works at Wal-Mart.

      • noname says:

        She definitely typifies the republican mindset, irrational and unstable!

        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          You should leave the commentary for others, thinking isn’t your forte.

          She wasn’t irrational, she had a rational reason…he didn’t vote and Obama won.

          And if she typified the “republican mindset”, why didn’t we hear of 3 million cases of runover….that’s how many Republicans didn’t vote.

          As for unstable, seem like she stood her ground with great stability.

          As “noname” implies, you have nothing.

          • So what says:

            “She wasn’t irrational, she had a rational reason…he didn’t vote and Obama won.

            That you understand her reason and tactility agree with it shows you both to be highly unstable.

            Please leave the thinking to those who know how, and your not it as your commentary shows.

          • Class supervisor says:

            “And if she typified the “republican mindset”, why didn’t we hear of 3 million cases of runover….that’s how many Republicans didn’t vote.”

            eidaeard finds this rationality complicated and confusing, so stop bullying him.
            However he does enjoy lurid stories about man on boy sex, and will easily and happily focus on them for hours.

          • stormtrooper 651 says:

            Bullying of Eidaeard WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! He was born this way and cannot help who he loves, who are we to judge if a man and a boy love each other?
            As long as a man or boy or public television children’s sockpuppet are technically above the minimum age then who are we to judge? Boys over 17 years old are LEGITIMATE TARGETS, get used to it bitches!

          • Thomas says:

            She wasn’t irrational, she had a rational reason…he didn’t vote and Obama won.

            Did you miss the piece about Arizona’s electoral votes going to Romney? That he didn’t vote made absolutely no difference in the outcome in AZ and thus wouldn’t have affected the results in the slightest. Obama would have won whether he voted or not and regardless of for whom he voted.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Thomas: Did you miss the piece about Arizona’s electoral votes going to Romney? That he didn’t vote made absolutely no difference in the outcome in AZ and thus wouldn’t have affected the results in the slightest.

            Not a material objection as the article states it was his “lack of voter participation” that angered her—not Obama’s re-election per se.

            An analogy: A woman’s husband fails to come to the aid of the dying. The fact they would have died regardless whether he helped or not, might not affect her attitude he should have tried to do something.

            Therefore she remains ration, noname unthinking. He really should leave the heavy lifting for others….

            Rumor is he lost his mind years ago, when a butterfly kicked him in the head.

          • Thomas says:

            When you are running over people for not voting, you are most definitely not rational. When you “despair at the re-election of” a candidate in today’s environment of Republicans and Democrats equating to MasterCard and Visa, you are also not rational. Upset? Sure. Despair? Really? Seriously? No that is not rational.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Equivocation…I only said she had a reason for her actions = rational, not crazy.

            While I joked “where’s the crime”, it was a joke.

            I only defended her has having a reason for running him over, not that I agreed with running him over.

            She is “irrational” in the sense of “crazy” in your argument, but that wasn’t how I was using the word “rational.”

            I made no reference to the propriety of her action, whether he deserved getting run over for not voting. We both agree he didn’t deserve that.

            Unless he’s one of the pervert progressives posting here at DU, of course.

          • So what says:

            Back pedal faster alfie reality is catching up with you.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Beginning a “now seriously” discussion with “hahaha” seems more disturbed than this woman, disturbed by Obama’s election….which is very rational if you love the country and desire it succeed.

  2. super77 says:

    that’s one way to drive your point home.

  3. shooff says:

    Just looking at a few of the crazy Romney supporters. The 47%

    Pat Robertson yesterday “Marital Infidelity is acceptable, with our men in power…” Really, I missed that take during the Clinton Impeachment.

    Non voting (did not vote) Ice Cream store manager calling Obama a ******* and calling for an assassin to kill him.

    Nut job wife above.

    My NRA neighbors….did not vote.

    Most of the poor rural South voted for Romney.

    Don’t you get it. They are relying on the ignorant to line their pockets.

    Same way Apple does selling the same crappy computers and phones for double the price of another brands better stuff.

    Romney laid off his campaign staff and is moving to Liberal California. Ha, Ha, Ha. suckers.

    • US says:

      “Romney laid off his campaign staff and is moving to Liberal California. Ha, Ha, Ha. suckers.”

      Isn’t this a normal thing to do when you lose the election? He isn’t going to run again, no need for a campaign staff any more.

      • shooff says:

        Already seeing Mitt/Bachmann 2016 bumper stickers in AZ and NV.

      • JS says:

        Would have been nice if he had waited for his campaign staff to get home before cancelling their credit cards, though.

        Along the same line, it would be nice if the Secret Service didn’t bug out as soon as he had conceded – maybe stay on for another day or so just in case the preliminary numbers were out of whack – Gore conceded then backed off that concession due to Florida…

        • US says:

          If you work for a campaign you should realize your job ends on election Tuesday. Any longer than that is a bonus, be ready to be unemployed Wednesday morning.

          • JS says:

            I agree wholeheartedly that their jobs ended after the election was lost. However, the cards were cancelled before they had a chance to pay for the cab ride home from the event they were supposed to be at.

            All I am saying is that the campaign should have had the courtesy of paying for the worker’s transportation home from the event, just as they paid for transportation to it. (I’d be kind of pissed at my boss if he paid for my transportation to a client site, then cancelled transportation home from it.)

          • MikeN says:

            Romney campaign was worse than that. Volunteers had to print out hundreds of pages from their own printers.

    • Thorn says:

      I am not sure I get what you are trying to say here. Are they crazy BECAUSE they are Romney supporters or are they simply crazy AND Romney supporters? Are there not some crazy Obama supporters?

      I do have to take issue with you equating the rural south to poor and ignorant. I have lived in the rural south most of my life. The people here generally have wonderfully rich family and social lives. They generally are proud and independently minded. As such they tend to dislike outside interference (or what they see as outside interference). In the south Obama is generally seen as representing big and invasive government. Thus they voted against him. The voters here are as well informed as in any other part of the country.

      Your conclusions that “poor, ignorant” southerners are being duped into voting against Obama is nothing more than the arrogant, bigoted “liberal” elitism that southerners reject.

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        I agree. Get used to it on DU, they slander anyone not elitist freeloading progressive who wonders “is it wrong for a man to love another man.”

        That is THE pressing issue with Progressives, that and free condoms.

        And they call others ignorant and crazy.

        • So what says:

          Not others just you.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            I’d like to hear your opinion, but isn’t there enough ignorance in the world already?

          • So what says:

            The voices in your head drown out any opinion contrary to your own.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Such pathetic insults, like getting beat with a wet noodle.

            Let me help:

            The next time someone says “hello”, respond with “hello”….

            That’s much better than being stuck for an answer.

      • Phydeau says:

        I can understand and appreciate your viewpoint, Thorn. No one likes “outside interference.” Unfortunately, your rural southern neighbors have a record of supporting things like slavery, then the denial of rights (including voting rights) of black people, keeping women as second class citizens, teaching religion as science, etc.

        In a conflict between national laws/beliefs and rural local beliefs, sometimes local beliefs get overruled. If you don’t like that, pretty much your only option is to form your own nation. Last time you tried that, it didn’t work out so good for you. Oh well. As was discussed in another thread, many of us are willing to let you go, since your red states are basically a drain on the national treasury (all the while bleating about “big and invasive government”. Ironic, that.)

        Although racist, sexist nations are not so much in vogue now. You might run into some international condemnation. Just a heads up.

        • bobbo, one true Liberal recognizing Obama is too far Right says:

          I’ll second that. Amusing/ironic that the VERY DEFENSE thorn offers is actually what makes the South Red Neck and backwards.

          I’m on the verge of losing an older family friend as he is a GOP ((Grumpy Old People)). He is a flat out DittoHead who refuses to acknowledge the source of his “information” and the legitimacy of the label.

          Currently he is upset because he has to pay a new WildLands Fire Protection tax. State Imposed but he blames socialist Obama.

          He is upset that Obama like a Marxist wants to raise his taxes. Fact that Obama has not done that in 4 years does not phase him as my friend knows he still wants to.

          Healthcare costs are going up: Blame Obama. The arthritis in his knee is flaming up…. you know the cause.

          Its like talking to Alfie.

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            Bo, I am experiencing this phenom too. I live in a vast desert of southern deep fried conservo heads. Everything that is wrong in their lives, pre-Obama and currently is blamed on Obama.
            I remember Obama’s first week in office, all my GOP friends were calling him the worst president ever. He hadn’t even warmed up the lazy-boy in the oval office and his presidency was declared a failure. Geez, it hadn’t been a week since the real holder of that trophy moved back to his trailer park in Texas.
            Anyhoo, just blowing off some opine.
            Carry on.

          • Mextli says:

            I thought someone would set it straight. Don’t blame anything on Obama (blessed be his name) since we all know it’s Bush’s fault (was and forever will be).

            Obama’s accomplishments = Blame Bush and hide behind Clinton.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Just looking at a few of the crazy Romney supporters. The 47%

      There is your mistake, your view is severely distorted.

      Your mind is so narrow it can look through a key hole with both eyes.

      Leering through keyholes doesn’t make you an expert on anything.

  4. dave m brewer says:

    Must be one Petraeus’ honeys.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Petraeus is a liberal Democrat.

      • RR1 says:

        “Politico is reporting that Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is encouraging a potential bid for the presidency by Gen. David Petraeus.”

        Really you think?

      • Captain Obvious says:

        Just to be clear, you were trying to insult him. Right?

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        Evidently I misheard, Petraeus is liberal Republican…

        Which is why Obama & crew will throw him off the sinking boat first.

  5. sargasso_c says:


  6. Captain Obvious says:

    This had nothing to do with the husband leaving the toilet seat up 1723 days in a row.

    • spsffan says:

      Lol. If he did that, it just proves he’s a man.

      But seriously, this woman needs to get a crash (pardon) course in the workings of the Electoral College. Maybe they teach that in jail. Heck maybe she’ll get lucky and wind up in Joe Arpaio’s jail 🙂

  7. spsffan says:

    Oh my God! I just realized that the picture above is the wife! I thought it was the husband. It sure looks more like a halfway good looking man than the ugly bitch it actually is.


    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      That’s not fair, of course the mug shot doesn’t do her justice.

      Republican women are passionate and consider the gravity of the election…where was the crime?

      • So what says:

        Republican men are just as passionate, about other men, where is the crime?

        • The Monster's Lawyer says:


        • Phydeau says:

          Zing! He shoots, he scores! 🙂

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Now we have the answer to the ancient question:

            Why did “So What” cross the road…

            his dick was stuck in Phydeau.”

          • So what says:

            In reviewing your posts alfie you appear to have an inordinate almost compulsive fascination with dicks and asses. Are you gay, a closet buysexual,? The only other option is that you really are what you claim to be, a conservative christian republican.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            I infer from your posts, if we put your brain on the edge of a razor…

            It would look like a pea rolling down a four lane highway.

          • So what says:

            Alfie your shit is getting weak, it’s like your heart isn’t in it any more. Buck up, try harder.

  8. Duuuude says:

    I love the last line above:

    “Arizona’s 11 electoral votes were won by Romney.”

    She doesn’t even understand that the electoral vote would not have been affected by her now-wounded husband’s vote.

    Dumb on many levels

  9. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Perhaps next time, he’ll vote

  10. Dallas says:

    I’m surprised this happened in Arizona. I thought honey boo-boo teapublicans only lived in the jungles of Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky.
    One can only extrapolate that brothers and sisters are frequently killing each other in these places and other married couples.

  11. Time to grow up says:

    The neener neener factor in here is just so childish.

  12. Somebody says:

    I could totally see it if he didn’t vote for Ron Paul.

  13. Moran says:

    Democrats and Republicans are stupid. Keep listening to the two-fucking-party propaganda you dumb asses.

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    The whole Patraeus scandal has gone bat shit crazy. FOX news is actually accurate for once.

  15. Another Teabagger Terrorist looking for a beatdown.

  16. BigBoyBC says:

    Did I miss something in the article? Such as her political party affiliation. Why would any of you assume she could only be a Republican. Sounds like good ‘ol fashioned political bigotry, which is what one can expect from some of you…

    • Phydeau says:

      An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election…

      Those silly Democrats, in despair at their Democratic president re-elected!

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        I recall a campaign video of Democrats voting for Romney…its still out there to be sure….making your argument mere flydoo.

        Ever notice the crowd following you from a distance, they do so, out of morbid curiosity.

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      I agree, the absence of party affiliation in the propaganda press indicates its a Democrat who sinned.

      Whenever a Democrat sins, politician or not…their party affiliation is never mentioned.

      Whenever a Republican commits the same sin, their party id is prominent in the article, often right under the picture.

      Unless proven otherwise, its more likely this girl is a Democrat for Hillary voter who hates Obama for what he did against her campaign…using the race card against her husband, and stealing the primary vote via Acorn…

      • So what says:

        “her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.” Republican.

        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          What hardship, my buisness has never been better. I fall under that rubric where I get tax breaks etc, and because Obama has left so many in poverty…my market has never been bigger.

          It sucked under Bush’s overheated economy where lots of people could afford cars…and finding drivers for my vehicles was hard…everyone had the jobs they wanted.

          Now I get college grads, entrepreneurs, solid family men, union guys out of work…even lots of small buisnessment like myself. The quality of my drivers has never been better.

          A fleet wide drug test wouldn’t cause 80% vacancy..these are solid citizens having reached bottom, they now work for me.

          There was a time my jobs would have been laughed at.

          That was what the Bush Recession looked like.

          Don’t you remember those two grossly fat girls who complained they couldn’t afford to eat under the unfair Bush economy…how the press played their plight 24/7 for a while, until the Elites realized how the rest of us saw their duplicity…they lying propaganda was a joke.

          I remember the Bad old Bush days of $1.87 a gallon gas, hard to find drivers, and customers coming out of my ears because people had money to spend recreating on Friday and Sat. nights…

          Yea, real hardship.

          I’d rather struggle as a free man, than be a well fed servant of congress…which is what Pelosi and Reid and Obama made us…via ObamaTax….

          Now, whenever congress decides we gotta do something, the IRS will enforce the peonalty if you don’t.

          Anything congress wants us to do, our behavior will be modified to comply, or else the IRS consumes your wealth.

          Thanks to Obama, you no longer are a sovereign in the USA, now you are a servant.

          Bastard Progressives, I truly hope you get yours once the people feel the pain you have caused, when the program is fully implemented…it will be a shock to learn what freedoms you lost….for Obama’s sake.


        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          “her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.” Republican.

          Non sequitur, false dilemma fallacy. Lots of Democrats have businesses materially damaged by the Obama Regulatory tyranny…

          Obama didn’t run as a wrecking ball of capitalism…he first ran as a moderate, who would go line by line and cut wasteful Government spending, and the deficit. Who would spread money around so businesses would do better.

          He never said anything about a deluge of regulations putting small businesses, or their creation, out of business.

          And there are lots of “Blue Dog Democrats” who feel betrayed when the radicals of the party took over, and tossed them out…even though they supported Obama…

          • So what says:

            Alfie you continue to amaze us with the convolutions of your reasoning.

            You jump through hoops of logic and never let the edge of fact touch your skin.

            You fly through burning hoops of truth and never let yourself be singed.

            Your mental gymnastics would get you a ten from the East German Judge

            Your tangled threads of reason form a knot that makes the Gordian knot seem as simple as a Rubik’s cube.

            If only you had the sanity to realize how completely fucking insane you truly are.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            A a pointy head is not the same as having a point.

            The false dilemma she must be a republican, rests upon the false premise only republicans were hurt by Obama’s war on the economy…

            I gave two precise refutations of the premise, myself and Blue Dogs.

            It doesn’t matter if the liar in Chief informs on himself, his czars are busy wrecking the economy…

            Some do it to bring about the Marxist revolution…

            Others are just lunatic eviormentalist extremists who rightly should be locked up.

            Whatever their motive, the effect is the same, great harm to the economy and social fabric of this country.

            You are living proof, hardly a civil word can leave your mouth, its so full of class warfare venom….which Obama inspired….leading you from behind, his dick stuck so far up your ass you can’t see straight.

          • So what says:

            “leading you from behind, his dick stuck so far up your ass you can’t see straight.”

            Your so civil your silly, and still insane

          • So what says:

            P.S. Put your hat back on you’re scaring people.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            You should write a book:

            “Pathetic Insults & Moronic Retort”

            They don’t make money in small enough denominations to pay what that would be worth.

          • So what says:

            Keep spinning it Alfie the only thing you will do is make yourself dizzy. Doh! Too late

          • So what says:

            What, and have you sue me for copyright infringement.

          • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

            Its overkill to heap proof upon proof, the first response was retarded enough.

          • So what says:

            Yes you do tend to run on and on proving you have a “point” again and again.

  17. MartinJJ says:

    If it sounds to weird to be true, it usually isn’t. Maybe her husband was screwing some (Obama) girl or so instead? Who knows?

    • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

      Its a brave new world out there…wasn’t it unthinkable a national hero like Petraeus would be taking orders from his privates…

      And worse, use a dummy email address to flood her with love letters etc…while head of the CIA.

      Shouldn’t the head of the CIA know how to contact someone in secret…not with a Google Email address that can be hacked world wide, contents existing on multiple servers throughout the earth…forever.

      AND look at the four star General who falls for a diva…and when she complains to the FBI, the agent falls for her too…sending her pics of his shirtless body…and he’s no spring chicken mind you.

      All this is stranger than TV could invent, and its true.

      Clearly events have invalidated your premise. Truly strange shit is now true.

      • Captain Obvious says:

        It would lovely to have a country where military and intelligence leaders don’t their orders from an elected civilian government. But that darn pesky constitution keeps getting in the way.

        • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

          Perhaps you meant this for someone else…

          Or a wrestling with another of your straw men.

          I’ll get the popcorn, your straw men often beat you to within an inch of life—very funny.

  18. Glenn E. says:

    As if one man’s vote would have made any difference. Sounds to me that the parties have oversold or over-exploited the expectations of the voters. In my state, I believe the voter turn out was 80%. Of course my state voted for Obama. So even if the other 20% had voted too. It’s highly unlikely it would have changed anything. Because it wasn’t all 20% Republicans who didn’t vote here.

    And BTW, my State still complaints that not enough people are registered voters, to fill the jury rosters. So just having a driver’s license gets you jury duty, every two years. As far as I know, the murder rate isn’t up. So a lot more drug abusers must be on trial. And I’ll bet wearing a button saying “free the weed”, gets you out of court. 🙂

  19. The0ne says:

    Hahaha I thought I knew how crazy some of these extreme Republicans were but I was wrong. I have a new boss that is just as batshit crazy as this woman over Obama winning. I can see why reason is so far up the pole that these people will never ever reach it, less see it.

    Now I understand a bit more seeing one in actual person. LMAO.

  20. SchwettyBalls says:

    I blame Obama.

  21. rr says:

    The medical bills her family will now have to pay will be a bigger hardship than anything Obama could have done. What an idiot.


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