Example of unbiased, US media coverage in the middle of the action

On one side (the one the Obama supports wholeheartedly) are the Israelis who say they are just protecting themselves from terrorists wanting to destroy them.

Israel bombed dozens of targets in Gaza on Monday and said that while it was prepared to step up its offensive by sending in troops, it preferred a diplomatic solution that would end Palestinian rocket fire from the enclave. Mediator Egypt said a deal for a truce to end the fighting could be close. The leader of Hamas said it was up to Israel to end the new conflict it had started. Israel says its strikes are to halt Palestinian missile attacks.

On the other are the Palestinians who see Israel as oppressing them.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip erdogan described Israel on Monday as a “terrorist state” in carrying out its bombardment of Gaza, underlining hostility for Ankara’s former ally since relations between them collapsed in 2010.

His comments came after nearly a week of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel and Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. An Israeli missile killed at least 11 Palestinian civilians including four children in Gaza on Sunday.

Given how the Israelis treat the Palestinians, one has to wonder who has the better case.

“They are now not allowing desalination plants in and water purification plants in and without water you cannot live and the UN report stated that by 2016 that the water in Gaza will be undrinkable and by 2020 the aquifer will be beyond repair,” said Derek Graham a pro-Palestine Irish activist in a Wednesday interview with Press TV.

The Israeli regime denies about 1.7 million people in Gaza their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs that pay proper wages, and adequate healthcare and education.

This is interesting.

  1. MikeN says:

    If Baja California started raining rockets on California, Uncle Dave would probably be running posts about the evil soldiers attacking the Bajans, while insisting that he doesn’t hate the troops.

  2. agp says:

    Nobody in this has clean hands including many countries beyond Israel and Palestine

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    On one side (the one the Obama supports wholeheartedly) are the Israelis who say they are just protecting themselves from terrorists wanting to destroy them. //// Too simple, but more true than false. Each new rocket is a fresh justification to bomb the shit out of who sent it including the collateral damage for 500 yards around the target. Jews are too christian in their care for their violent attackers.

    On the other are the Palestinians who see Israel as oppressing them. /// It is amusing most of these types of comments arise from an assumption that the Palestinians “should be” allowed to rocket Israel and to invade and conquer it. Palestine standing unique in the history of any defeated peoples thinking this way. Most often, people are sane enough to know they lost and they justify their actions on different bases as in “its a continuing struggle” not “we have the right.”

    Given how the Israelis treat the Palestinians, one has to wonder who has the better case. /// I can not find any confirmation of the anti-desalinization plant. In fact, just the opposite such as

    As always: there is no right or wrong to land “ownership” or more correctly land occupation. EVERYWHERE, at every time and place it is held as a result of power. Few nations would put up with crap from the losers as Israel has done. I have never read a good explanation for it. Most nations would MASSIVELY retaliate.

    The growth of Israel over the years…//// Yep, after each war that Israel won, they advanced their borders. Less than anyone else would have done, but it is near worthless desert unless you have no other options.

    We are are more alike one another than different regardless of the minor differences that cause strife. In fact, thats the very problem.

    Ha, ha. ………………………..

    • Bob73 says:

      Holy CRAP!! Something I finally can agree with Bobbo on. Where’s the typical liberal stance of “the Palestinians and their Hamas leaders are righteous no matter how many rockets they unilaterally fire into Israel nor how many of their children they put up as shields”? And wonder of wonders, no name-calling. :-O
      I’m astounded!

      • pedro says:

        Nah! He does that from time to time only to bait people, then he flip-flops faster than Obama.

  4. general betray U.S. says:

    They tried to kill Anderson Cooper. That’s a hate crime now.
    USA should nuke em all!

  5. Homeshield says:

    Gosh it’s such a mess over there. Israel is surrounded by many people and nations that want to destroy it… They walk a tightrope between pissing everyone off (which will at some point happen and then most likely lead to their destruction…) and getting pissed on. Tough spot to be in.

  6. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Leftist progressives naturally side with the Jihadists against Israel, even though they Jihadists will go after them just as soon as they polish off Israel.

    Its what leftist progressives do….because it fits their template of what is just.

    It doesn’t matter if its insane to help those who will behead you, the first chance they get.

    • Dallas says:

      Whaaa whaaaa , Willard lost and I still grumpy

      • Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

        I’m shocked CNN sent Mr. booty to the ME, Jihadists will behead him if they know he’s got a boyfriend.

        • Dallas says:

          All this talk of beheading and violence. It must be a Christian holiday coming up

    • Rick says:

      The irony of the far left is they embrace Islam, the most conservative rightwing religion on the planet.

  7. MikeN says:

    Someone says he wants you dead. He routinely fires this at your land, hoping to kill you.


    Do you

    A) strike a deal with the man to let him have some of your land


    B) try to have him stop trying to kill you, by killing him if necessary?

    • Rick says:

      Iran shipped heavy rockets to Hamas in pieces, then provided the technical expertise to help them re-assemble the rockets and launchers inside Gaza.

  8. MikeN says:

    Between “Palestine” and Israel, where would you rather live? Which country is closer to civilization in your view?

  9. sargasso_c says:

    One country in the middle east lets women drive, vote and stand for public office. And every other middle eastern nation wants to destroy it.

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    This has almost nothing to do with cultural and historical differences between Israel and the rest.

    Its all more basic.

    Israel took land and did not kill all the inhabitants. The dispossessed inhabitants and their kiddies are not allowed to emigrate to surrounding Arab lands, so they want their old lands back.

    Easy Peasy…… just as people everywhere do.

    Ain’t that a bitch?

  11. MikeN says:

    The Koran says Israel belongs to the Jews.

  12. MikeN says:

    Rockets have been going into Israel for months. Only when Israel fights back is the rest of the world interested in a ceasefire. Dvorak blog only posts when Israel tries to stop the rocket attacks. Does the blog believe Israel’s security fences should be torn down as well?

  13. MartinJJ says:

    Gaza basically is an open air prison with about 1.5 million people under terrible conditions. Israel is still building a giant wall around it. After a few rockets they park a giant army around it also and just kill hundreds. If all that’s isn’t worse enough, Israel is calling for attacking Iran also. While they drown in nukes, Iran can’t have them. Talking about hypocrite. And they still want all the land between the Eufrat and the Tigres. The promised land. And lots of your tax dollars are going to Israel every year.

    Maybe just flatten Israel and everyone on this planet would have a lot less problems.

    • MikeN says:

      So why is Israel building the wall? Perhaps they should have thought of that before sending in people and cars with bombs?

  14. Rick says:

    Gaza hasn’t been occupied since 2005. The border to egypt is open and they have numerous smuggling tunnels for things the border guards don’t allow.

    Fatah in the West Bank wasn’t participating in the rocket attacks and thus wasn’t getting fired at.

    This was a war of choice for Hamas, and they have been firing rockets and mortars at Israel for 10 years.