What sort of bargains are you looking for this Black Friday?

Does the WalMart worker protests affect whether you’ll shop there or not?

Do any of you outside the country have anything comparable now or at other times of the year?

  1. shooff says:

    Galaxy SIII for $50 at Sprint.

  2. Yankinwaoz says:

    Diddley and squat.

  3. Dallas says:

    Wouldn’t see me at Walmart with Teapublicans feeding the Walmart family fortune.

    employees earn $8 an hour and a third have no benefits while their fortune exceeds the bottom 40% of all Americans .

    • Get Real says:

      Why do all these people work at Walmart? Some are happy, some aren’t.

      To those who aren’t, remember that somebody has to start at the bottom. With government freebies, I bet their incomes are commensurate with their skills and personal initiative. As it should be.

      And I bet some still manage to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. They have cell phones, HDTV, and the Internet. But they don’t have a brand new car or a second home at the beach. So sad.

      You’re pee-peeing on the wrong employer. Try the government who instead feeds them fish, rather than encourage them to learn to fish for themselves.

      The Obama administration should hire all the “poor” folks who work at Walmart, in turn for their perpetual loyalty to the non-“teapublicans”. Oh wait, that’s already underway.

      • Dallas says:

        At $8/ hr they start and stay in the poverty level where they ARE dependent on government assistance. For added bonus, it continues the family tradition of low skills .

        If you think this is good for America then I suppose we’re at great odds on what’s good for America. Workers once shared in company profitability. Now it pads the 1%. In the case of Walmart, it’s about 12 people.

        Lotto tickets ? Yep. It’s a sad thing but don’t complain. The winner pays huge taxes so arguably these poor souls pay for your shitty roads too.

        Why not pay them $6? No, let’s go with $4. I bet Walmart has no trouble filling the jobs with the wives of 19 year old soldiers and the elderly . No thanks

        • jpfitz says:

          Yea, sometimes capitalism can be real ugly. Soldiers and their families struggle after serving multiple tours, and the combat wounded return either physically or mentally disabled are given wait periods of months or years to receive monetary help for their service. The wait for a disability claim to be denied or accepted is supposed to be three months. F’in disgusting the way our service men and women are treated. Bush’s banner “Mission Accomplished” is very ironic.


          Then you’ve got one family “The Walton’s” more wealthy than the bottom third of our U.S. of A. Anyone who thinks this is normal or just good ole capitalism at work is mistaken. If you can afford it never shop at Waltchina.

    • Dick says:


      Since when TEA party members sport pro-Obama shirts? Or Obama bumper stickers? That’s what I see a lot of in Wal-mart’s parking lot on a regular basis.

      • TooManyPuppies says:

        Don’t forget that nasty Tea Party member Hillary Clinton worked for Wal Fart too.

      • Dallas says:

        Oh yeah, them niggas do where Obama shirts. I was referring to the majority shoppers

      • jpfitz says:

        I guess by your comment that you are well off and don’t have to shop at Waltchina. The citizens wearing Obama shirts you talk of are supporters of a President, not free money. I’m sick of hearing about this free shit THIS President is giving away.

        If your in the south you have no right to talk about free government money. The southern states get more money from the GOVERNMENT. The southern states don’t receive enough from their citizens in taxes so the Feds pay billions to make up the difference while the northern states always have a surplus for the Feds.

  4. mountain man says:

    Reindeer repellent.

  5. Mr. Mackey says:

    Liberal repellant, aka Bear Spray.

    • jpfitz says:

      neocon repellent would be facts and the truth. Not the faux news propaganda. Ha.

  6. MikeN says:

    Walmart protestors should simply be fired. Unions are desperate to unionize there. They think they have a chance because WalMart has been going along with Obama initiatives, ObamaCare which adds cost to their competitors, DoddFrank which lets them save money on debit card fees, etc.

  7. TooManyPuppies says:

    Lots and lots of AR-15 parts for cheap, 40-50% off. All from the web browser, I ain’t going anywhere today.

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    The good thing about Walmart, you’ll never lose your dignity on Black Friday.

  9. Gildersleeve says:

    Mindless Market. Open the doors earlier and the sheeple will come in. I do NOT shop on Black Friday (except to pick up the odd loaf of bread or coffee at the local grocery). I believe there are people who LIVE to shop this way, however. Mostly Type ‘A’ females.

    I miss the old days when the stores were simply SHUT on Thanksgiving Day. But I don’t expect the stores (the Mindless Market) to ever do this, because of all the type ‘A’ sheeple out there who insist that you have to finish your Christmas shopping BEFORE December 1. The goal should be to shop during the last half of December, with a 2 day retail break on Dec 24 and 25, then allow the 12 Days Of Christmas to commence.

  10. DaveX says:

    I want an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

  11. Not a darn thing. Anyway, let me vent: I hate Wal-Mart and want it to fail. Wal-Mart is fundamentally anti-American because they sell nothing but cheap toxic junk manufactured in China. Therefore, anyone who works at Wal-Mart is a treasonous turncoat working for a foreign dictatorship at the expense of American jobs. If it makes Wal-Mart employees lives more miserable than I am all for it. Ditto the Wal-Mart corporation itself.

    • jpfitz says:

      Hear, Hear!

      Although Waltchina is the largest employer in the country. Where will the unemployed 1,800,000 work?

      Employees: 2.1 million*
      Revenue per employee: $199,500
      Profit per employee: $7,100

      WaltChina Stores is the world’s largest retailer with more than 9,600 stores in 28 countries.

  12. jpfitz says:

    I’m waiting for cyber Monday to purchase another back-up external HD, and a more powerful PSU. Forget the brick and mortar stores.
    Eventually the B&M stores will go the way of the dodo. Although main street will still have a communal purpose. Gotta have my NY bagel on Sundays.

  13. Mextli says:

    I worked for Walmart’s IT department in Bentonville for a while and they treated me OK. Regardless of how you feel about it due to your ideology it is an amazing corporation from a business standpoint, particularly if you look at the little store that started it all.

    Sounds like the beginning of the French revolution on here.

    • jpfitz says:

      “from a business standpoint” nuff said.

    • mharry860 says:

      My 19 year old daughter works there right now while going to college. She’s worked at Sears, K-Mart and Dairy Queen and says the work environment and management attitude is the most amazing she’s experienced. It’s barely a living wage, but is it supposed to be? She absolutely loves going to work and makes 2 dollars an hour over min. wage here in WA. Which is one of the highest in the country, whatever that is.

      • Bob says:

        Exactly. I worked at Walmart back in high school. It was a pretty good job for a high schooler. They paid pretty well for the skills I had at the time (which is to say none), and they worked around my schedule most of the time. Best of all the checks never bounced. All in all if you are in school its a pretty good deal.

        Being a cashier at walmart, nor minimum wage for that matter is meant to give someone a “living wage”. If your past 25 and still working at walmart, or any min. wage job for that matter, you really need to look at yourself and ask “where did I screw up?”

  14. TooManyPuppies says:

    I take back not going out. Went out for lunch with friends and we decided to stroll by our local gun shop. Scored a new Sig 1911 that normally retails for $1,100 for $650 and tons of ammo for range day on the cheap.

  15. bob dobbs says:

    I bought beer, and stayed at home.

  16. tursiops says:

    I’m in the “outside” and we have nothing approaching this. We just have regular sales after christmas that’s all.
    I prefer to buy online anyway and not be pushed and mobbed in big malls.

  17. Marc Perkel says:

    I bought an Asus Transformer. Look for a review here soon.

  18. wi11iam says:

    what was reported on the radio today is that approx 6% of the population browse the store and then make purchase at a much greater discount online. They are in fact leaving shopping carts in line with items unpurchased and walking out having bid and successfully won the bid all while waiting in line.

    Maybe this will be the game changer we’re looking for. I have personally found printer ink less than half the price of the big chain stores. Christmas gifts are still being bought from stores but my electronics are all being purchased thru bidding online and shipped directly from China. Shipping costs are so low, quality high and pricing under half of what the stores try to sell at I will only increase my purchasing this way.

  19. MartinJJ says:

    Watching a video of them fighting over a bloody phone bargain, tells you what will happen when the food really runs out. They will literally kill eachother over it.

    • Bob says:

      Its not the food running out that you have to worry about. America has plenty of area to grow food, so I’m really not worried about that in the short term.

      No the real question you should ask yourself is, what will they act like when their entitlements run out, or runaway inflation makes their entitlement checks worthless?

  20. noname says:

    Slavishly obedient Republicans doing their best to obey and “Go Shopping”!

  21. MikeN says:

    So if you are buying something with money you earned, you are a slave.

    If your purchases are dictated to you by the government, you are free.

    • noname says:

      Since you didn’t use “?” punctuation, I will assume you are making a statement.

      Question 1: Do you feel “free” when buying Car Insurance?
      Question 2: Should the Government require drivers to be financially responsible and purchase Car Insurance?
      Question 3: Should the Government require any person to be financially responsible if they did not intend harm and feel they have done all they could to prevent harm?

      • jimbo says:

        I haven’t seen a car accident claim settled at all, let alone with fairness, for quite some time. The victims hire lawyers to force the insurance companies to pay up, but I guess the insurance companies pay them off better, so nothing happens, no phone calls returned, etc. I tell these victims to rat them out to the state bar assn, but they’re feeling too helpless by then.


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