1212 Special Producers: Zachary Geesaman, Ian Field, Ad Heestermans, Eric Bodenstab, Steven Pelsmaekers, Paul Barnhart
Executive Producers: JD, Sir Thomas Pullyard, Sir Melancon, Baron von Pelsmakers, Thies Arntzen, Black Dame Janice Kang,
Associate Executive Producers: Darcy Murray, Dmitry Fedoseyev, Poppa Guido, Thomas Wyler, Scott William, Sir Kent O’Rourke, Michael Elgan
Art By: Sir Nussbaum
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  1. noname says:

    Nice photo, was it taken with top-of-the-line digital camera?

    I’ve seen like images from a premier photo studio in the UK!

  2. msbpodcast says:

    This was a good show, lots of donors too.

    Ik hoop dat je nu gelukkig.

    • ± says:


                      Where do they go to take a dump? 

    • Glenn E. says:

      More likely it’s an abandoned storm drainage connector. Not part of a sewer. But it’s more dramatic for the news media to say sewer.

      When I was growing up, and just a kid. Our county built a few of these into the streets of my expanding neighborhood. So we (me and other kids) had some funny using them as underground forts, until the system was finished. One I remember as very roomy. A huge concert box. But these was never connected to anything other than the street drains. So what Mr. Restrepo is probably living inside. Was built back when his community had some money to blow on improved storm drainage. But later construction changed the system, and left this disconnected part buried in the ground. I’m surprise they don’t tax him for living inside community property. And how is it getting electricity? Nice touch, with the DVDs on the ceiling. I’d get rid of the dog, though.

      • What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

        As a confined space, it can actually be dangerous to live below ground level. An oxygen displacing gas or vapor would silently kill.

  3. TooManyPuppies says:

    Good show but Adam sounds like he’s talking out of an ass. Got ripped off at that Dykestore.

  4. Glenn E. says:

    Neat idea. The No Agenda podcast system. Or you could call it the “Crackpot 2000” (for the century, not a real series number). Don’t forget the “Big Bottom” adjustment. And the Co-host “pen-click filter”. 🙂

  5. P Gibbons says:

    I captioned the photo from the newsletter but have no idea where to send it!


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