For some reason, I’m thinking this may be a tad controversial in some circles.

[VP Joe] Biden indicated that President Barack Obama is considering executive action to address the gun issue, although he noted that it’s not yet clear what options may be plausible outside of legislative movement.

“The president is going to act,” Biden said. “There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken.”
“I want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion of ‘unless we can do everything, we’re going to do nothing,'” Biden said. “It’s critically important that we act.”

  1. bobbo, one true Liberal recognizing Obama is a Moderate Conservative by any party not captured by the Wing Nut American Talibans says:

    Just nudging the thread to 300 so Dallas can score:

    The Wrong Guy says:
    1/13/2013 at 6:35 am

    Can’t find the quote I read somewhere, but it had to do with guns don’t kill people, the finger pulling the trigger kills people. When I first read it, without reading further to see he was referring to the person and mental health, I thought he was saying if we cut off everyone’s fingers, then ta da! No more gun violence. Ha! /// I was thinking about the nonsense that a gun is just a tool. A tool? Ok–to do what? I want to take the heating element off my NewWave Oven and to do that I need what I call a “flat headed Phillips Screwdriver.” Its not a torx head–a new kind of screwdriver is needed to remove the screws holding the unit together. ((I have a working spit and with this heating element I can cobble together an excellent rotisserie–yes, its Rube Goldberg, but still fun)). Well–without this tool, I can’t do what I want to do.

    As I think about the few times I have wanted to mass assault a group of innocent victims, I have always been drawn up short by not having a fully automatic weapon with a drum magazine.

    Without the right tool, a suicidally depressed madman is just left to the internet.

    Know what I mean?

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:


    • Beer and Bobbo says:

      Ha, ha. Always the team player. Sure you are a lawyer?

      • Beer and Bobbo says:

        …… and just as I pressed send, it came to me: surely your client is Dallas? Just because he is chased by torch wielding crowds doesn’t mean he is a monster… but if he has the money…. surely he is entitled to representation and other good efforts.

        • The Monster's Lawyer says:

          I would gladly represent Dallas if asked but from what I’ve seen, Dallas needs no protection from me. Now if he wants to pursue a restraining order from that perv Pedro, I’m all in.
          I became part of this circus a few years ago when I defended a Davorak topic about a little tyke that said she would beat the monster up. Most posts were pro-baby and anti-monster. It seemed very one sided so I decided to advocate for the monster. Needless to say I won and the little girl has decided not to visit any brutality against my client, The Monster.

  3. Dallas says:

    299! So exciting .

    So, did you read the CDC report about 47 family members dead for each home protected by a gun?

    No? Well the NRA kept that research ‘controlled’

    • MikeN says:

      About a hundred million homes protected by a gun. I must have missed the 47 million dead family members.

      • Dallas says:

        No silly. That’s why you need to read the report from the CDC (that socialist element in government).

        basically, for each instance a gun was USED to ‘protect’ a family from having their purse and sandwich stolen, about 47 actual family members were killed by their gun. I’m thinking quite a few white children are in there so look for the paper.

        • LibertyLover says:

          Can you please provide a link?

          I’ve read a report where that number came up and I believe you are misinterpreting it.

        • MikeN says:

          The guns are being used to protect people even if it doesn’t show up in a police report. Even homes without guns are safer because of homes with guns, unless you live in a place where your newspaper publishes the list of all gun owners in an area.

          • Dallas says:

            Yes, I’m familiar with the impossible to prove logic that something didn’t happen because of xyz.

            Be thankful that Obama kept pirates away from our shores because of tough stance off the coast of Africa!

    • Beer and Bobbo says:

      Dallas—you got too excited. I thought sure you would wait and pounce directly on #300. “♫ … Ring that bell…”

      • Dallas says:

        Yes! I was tempted to comment again but felt a gun loon was more fitting!

        I’m telling you that God, Guns and Gays are what Teapublicans care about. Fiscal issues and fairness are no longer in the GOP mindset.


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