Detroit police found the body of a 93-year-old man…stuffed inside a freezer in his son’s basement after investigators said the son stole the casket and remains from a Detroit cemetery…

The body found inside a home in the 4700 block of Eastlawn, Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said. It was in a new freezer in the basement, according to a Detroit Police source. The man was identified as Clarence Bright.

Bright’s 48-year-old son reportedly told family members on Monday that he stole his father’s body from Gethsemane Cemetery on the city’s east side Monday morning to resurrect him through prayer, a Detroit Police source said. The son was taken into custody Tuesday morning along with a 38-year-old man after officers found the men on the city’s east side in a white van containing the empty casket. Police didn’t identify the men.

Family reached at the duplex where Bright lived on Garland in Detroit said the issue was a family matter, that tensions were high and declined further comment.

Bright’s funeral was Saturday, but his body was being held in the cemetery’s mausoleum because the ground was too wet for burial, according to investigators.

Bright’s son made odd comments at the funeral, said Gwendolyn Coleman, a next-door neighbor of Bright’s son. She said she has known him for about five years, since he has lived alone at the home at 4647 Eastlawn St…

“At the funeral, he said, ‘Y’all might think I’m great, y’all might think I’m great’ — everybody heard that at the funeral,” said Coleman. “Then he said, ‘Watch what I’m going to do, watch what I’m going to do.’ Everybody heard that — the whole family, too. We didn’t think he was going to do nothing like that, though.”

True Believers are a trip! You’d think they’d realize that if this crap worked bodies would be repopulating households all over the world.

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