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Associate Executive Producers: Sir Steven Van Der Have, Michael Levin
Art By: Joe The Dish Slave

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  1. Hmeyers2 says:

    Show notes link is broken.

  2. Publius says:

    Looks like the pill makers stand to make fortunes by hooking kids onto psychotropic drugs while at their schools. Kids are essentially captives there, so this should be child’s play.

    We can see now that it’s actually OK to peddle pills to kids in a so-called Drug Free School Zone… but only if you know the right people within the system.

    I predict the pharma salesmen who have contracts to sell to our schools will make SERIOUS money for themselves. And I’m not just talking about the medical doctors. Why am I still in the wrong occupation???

    The war on drugs is SUCH a racket.

  3. t0llyb0ng says:

    Condi were unstable in Naples
    unable in Coral Gables
    untenable in Suffolk
    & irreconcilable in Lubbock

  4. t0llyb0ng says:

    Condi were unassailable in Nepal
    unstoppable in Bhopal

  5. War on brains? Must be another GOP tactic. They already declared wars on reason, intelligence, and science.

  6. adambum says:

    Wouldn’t you get more donations if you enumerated your expenses
    in producing each pod-cast? I don’t think folks realize how much cost is involved. The equipment and bandwidth isn’t free!


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