In the weeks leading up to his alleged shootings that left three dead and another wounded, former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is thought of have stalked some of those named in a manifesto he is believed to have posted online, law enforcement sources told The Times.

Authorities were involved in a massive manhunt for Dorner, 33, and issued alerts across California and Nevada for the former cop, who is suspected of killing a couple in Orange County earlier this week and fatally shooting a Riverside police officer Thursday morning.

Dorner is suspected of visiting the homes of some of those named in the manifesto as he allegedly plotted out his attacks, according to the sources.

The Los Angeles Police Department had dispatched units across the area to protect at least 40 officers and others named in the rambling manifesto that Dorner…posted online.

Dorner was believed to be carrying multiple weapons, including an assault rifle.

Law enforcement authorities said they were concerned about Dorner’s military background and weapons training. The lengthy online message allegedly written by the former Navy Reserve lieutenant threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police.

Dorner received awards for his expertise with a rifle and pistol, according to military records obtained by The Times. He received an Iraq Campaign Medal and was a member of mobile inshore undersea warfare unit.

The former officer, who was fired from the LAPD in 2009, is suspected of shooting three officers, one of whom died, in Riverside County early Thursday morning…

Early Thursday, two women delivering newspapers in Torrance were shot by Los Angeles police who were guarding an officer named in the manifesto.

The women, shot in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue, were taken to area hospitals, Torrance police Lt. Devin Chase said. One suffered a minor wound, and the other was struck twice and listed in stable condition, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told reporters. “Tragically,” Beck said, “we believe this is a case of mistaken identity.”

Follow the link to the TIMES for multiple sidebars. Dorner is said to have tried to steal a boat – he was part of the LAPD’s harbor patrol. He’s also reported to be carrying a .50-calibre sniper rifle.

  1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    With Dorner being corralled up in Big Bear, more coverage on his motivation. Sounds reasonable to me–the getting upset about it part….AND… the reports have a ring of credibility.

    His training officer and he are involved in an arrest. Dorner wants to report the excessive force used but is talked out of it. Later, he wants to amend the report to have it included. He gets fired for this effort and the Union Rep given to help him helps the charges stick. So… a lifetime of insults ending in retaliation for trying to be a good cop.

    I’ll admit my own revenge fantasies stop short of actually hurting anyone–even directly guilty parties. Since what he wants is to clear his name, that his reporting of excess force and firing over it be reviewed again, my “fantasy” becomes almost relevant===”mock assassinations” using a high powered paint gun. Has that macho gun oriented solution without the illegal and immoral taking of innocent life.

    With Dorner’s expertise in asymmetrical warfare and all, I don’t understand why he would “hide out” in a remote area that is easy to close off and control. Seems like a rookies mistake to me even if you know the area. Better area in summer too rather than leave footprints in the snow. If he had a pre-planned secret exit route, then maybe so, but it doesn’t look like it.

    Quite telling the “killing rage” the unprofessional LAPD lapsed into. Killing and attacking anyone remotely similar in description. All the more credibility to Dorner’s complaint.

    It is indeed a very thin Blue Line.

    • MikeN says:

      Well that of course justifies killing a man’s daughter and her fiance.

      • bobbo, one true Liberal recognizing Obama is too far Right says:

        Mickey–just as abysmally poor in response as you are in first posting? Why am I not surprised?

        Reading comprehension of a third grader, retarded twelve year old, or a Teapublican.

        Silly Hooman.

  2. Ervin says:

    Thank you for posting this with everyone.

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