In the weeks leading up to his alleged shootings that left three dead and another wounded, former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is thought of have stalked some of those named in a manifesto he is believed to have posted online, law enforcement sources told The Times.

Authorities were involved in a massive manhunt for Dorner, 33, and issued alerts across California and Nevada for the former cop, who is suspected of killing a couple in Orange County earlier this week and fatally shooting a Riverside police officer Thursday morning.

Dorner is suspected of visiting the homes of some of those named in the manifesto as he allegedly plotted out his attacks, according to the sources.

The Los Angeles Police Department had dispatched units across the area to protect at least 40 officers and others named in the rambling manifesto that Dorner…posted online.

Dorner was believed to be carrying multiple weapons, including an assault rifle.

Law enforcement authorities said they were concerned about Dorner’s military background and weapons training. The lengthy online message allegedly written by the former Navy Reserve lieutenant threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police.

Dorner received awards for his expertise with a rifle and pistol, according to military records obtained by The Times. He received an Iraq Campaign Medal and was a member of mobile inshore undersea warfare unit.

The former officer, who was fired from the LAPD in 2009, is suspected of shooting three officers, one of whom died, in Riverside County early Thursday morning…

Early Thursday, two women delivering newspapers in Torrance were shot by Los Angeles police who were guarding an officer named in the manifesto.

The women, shot in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue, were taken to area hospitals, Torrance police Lt. Devin Chase said. One suffered a minor wound, and the other was struck twice and listed in stable condition, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told reporters. “Tragically,” Beck said, “we believe this is a case of mistaken identity.”

Follow the link to the TIMES for multiple sidebars. Dorner is said to have tried to steal a boat – he was part of the LAPD’s harbor patrol. He’s also reported to be carrying a .50-calibre sniper rifle.

  1. Mrsurfboard says:

    Just for the record, as per his manifesto, this guy is a big supporter of Obama and Hilary. He is also for gun control. Go figure.

    • LibertyLover says:

      Democrats are the worst Gun Nuts.

    • Hyph3n says:

      Just for the record, I don’t see where he mentions Obama, Hillary or gun control in his manifesto.

      • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

        So you’re saying Mrsurfboard was to lazy to provide a few quotes from the manifesto to prove his statement, or maybe he doesn’t know how to use “cut and paste” on his computer, or maybe he just made the sh*t up?

      • Hyph3n says:

        FYI- The linked manifesto must be edited. Here’s the longer one…

        Don’t worry conservatives… he throws some love your way…

        Gov. Chris Christie. What can I say? You’re the only person I would like to see in the White House in 2016 other than Hillary. You’re America’s no sh*t taking uncle. Do one thing for your wife, kids, and supporters. Start walking at night and eat a little less, not a lot less, just a little. We want to see you around for a long time. Your leadership is greatly needed.”


        “The honorable President George H.W. Bush, they never give you enough credit for your successful Presidency. You were always one of my favorite Presidents (2nd favorite). I hope your health improves greatly. You are the epitome of an American and service to country.”

      • Dallas says:

        In the Teapublican news bubble, he’s a liberal. Those of us who live outside the bubble just need to roll the eyes.

        • pedro says:

          Never wasting an opportunity the be the most moronic person in the room.

          Please remove yourself from society, get very far away from our “bubble”. It has to be very sad being around you. I pity those people

      • McCullough says:

        From Christopher Dorner’s manifesto:


        Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit. You never even showed 30 seconds of empathy for the children, teachers, and families of Sandy Hook.

        Loves Piers Morgan:

        …give Piers Morgan an indefinite resident alien and Visa card. Mr. Morgan, the problem that many American gun owners have with you and your continuous discussion of gun control is that you are not an American citizen and have an accent that is distinct and clarifies that you are a foreigner. I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on enacting stricter firearm laws.

        The killer is also a huge Obama supporter and fan of gun-control.

        Loves Obama:

        You disrespect the office of the POTUS/Presidency and Commander in Chief. You call him Kenyan, mongroid, halfrican, muslim, and FBHO when in essence you are to address him as simply, President. The same as you did to President George W. Bush and all those in the highest ranking position of our land before him. Just as I always have. You question his birth certificate, his educational and professional accomplishments, and his judeo-christian beliefs. You make disparaging remarks about his dead parents. You never questioned the fact that his former opponent, the honorable Senator John McCain, was not born in the CONUS or that Bush had a C average in his undergrad. Electoral Candidates children (Romney) state they want to punch the president in the face during debates with no formal repercussions. No one even questioned the fact that the son just made a criminal threat toward the President. You call his wife a Wookie. Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama.

        Pro Gun Control:

        Who in there right mind needs a fucking silencer!!! who needs a freaking SBR AR15? No one. No more Virginia Tech, Columbine HS, Wisconsin temple, Aurora theatre, Portland malls, Tucson rally, Newtown Sandy Hook. Whether by executive order or thru a bi-partisan congress an assault weapons ban needs to be re-instituted. Period!!!

        Mia Farrow said it best. “Gun control is no longer debatable, it’s not a conversation, its a moral mandate.”

        The guy is all over the place, but Mrsurfboard is correct – Editor.

        • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

          Thank you for doing some work that others passed on.

        • Hyph3n says:

          He’s worse than a Democrat… he’s a moderate.

        • Dallas says:

          Your first and leading comment was false . He’s Anti Wayne LaPierre.

          Therefore the rest of your post was not worth reading and assumed to be equally flawed and misleading.

          • pedro says:

            Your first comment was stupid therefore, you’re stupid

          • McCullough says:

            “Your first and leading comment was false . He’s Anti Wayne LaPierre. Therefore the rest of your post was not worth reading and assumed to be equally flawed and misleading.”

            And your point is? Please explain your position Dallas, as this isn’t a “post” just cut and paste from the man’s manifesto. I’m listening….

          • Zero says:

            “Nyah Nyah words I don’t like! Not listening!”

            Grow up, man. Narrow mindedness just makes you a tool.

            I swear, you and Pedro need to kiss and make up or something…

      • leemaps says:

        You didn’t read his manifesto, then…

        (Though gun control is mentioned as an acronym: AWB – Assault Weapons Ban)

        He also says George H W Bush is his 2nd favorite exPotUS.

        IMO, the manifesto starts out specific and seemingly credible…eventually winds down into a random collection of opinions/gripes. It’s a lot like the movie ‘Falling Down’ some years ago.

  2. Long Dong says:

    It’s like someone once said, “you have to be a good bully if you want to be a good cop.” And true to the bully stereotype we now have active cops shooting unarmed women delivering news papers. And all over some crazy ex-cop targeting active cops who probably deserve to cower a little. Frankly, it sounds a little like gang warefare.

    Of course, this may all just be be a matter of a few disrespectful cowards who have finally pissed off the wrong guy. Cause when I see a force of cowards such as those who were on duty after huricane Katrina hit or cowards who taser 80-year old grandmothers (and the list goes on) it does make me wonder just how much of a lunatic this ex-cop really is. Crazy for getting this radical and shooting someone, sure. But just how crazy may be the real question since the cop who was shot may have deserved to lose his job but I doubt he should have lost his life.

  3. msbpodcast says:

    Maybe, just maybe, you need to have a yearly renewal process for your gun license.

    • FunyFarm says:

      Every 4 years is enough. Oh and BTW. Officers of the law do not have to carry a permit. But I do fair??? I’m just saying.
      ?? Well maybe it is a story that shall play out. We may never find out why they would not play reindeer ( police) games with this guy. And just what drove him over the edge.

      In the morning JCD Still luv ya man ;-)

  4. orchidcup says:

    Has anyone noticed that most crazed mass-murderers have some kind of “manifesto” they want to be publicized?

    Maybe the ex-cop has a legitimate beef about being fired for being a whistleblower. Maybe not.

    Now he will be dead and nobody will know anything for sure.

    There is a revenge motive here. Nothing more.

    • McCullough says:

      I just wonder how many anti-depressants he is/was taking.

      • orchidcup says:

        That is a valid concern.

        My brother-in-law shot himself in the mouth in front of his wife and children after his wife brought up the subject of divorce.

        I learned later that he was under treatment by a psychiatrist for depression and he was prescribed antidepressants.

        Without knowing all the facts, it is impossible to say whether the antidepressants were a contributing factor. I would not be surprised to learn that they were not helpful.

  5. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    It was reported on our local news that he was going to “continue killing until his name is cleared”. I dnd’t read the manifesto, but if that appeared anywhere in it….

  6. orchidcup says:

    Excerpt from the killer’s “manifesto:”

    I know your TTP’s, (techniques, tactics, and procedures). Any threat assessments you generate will be useless. This is simple, I know your TTP’s and PPR’s. I will mitigate any of your attempts at preservation. ORM is my friend. I will mitigate all risks, threats and hazards. I assure you that Incident Command Posts will be target rich environments. KMA-367 license plate frames are great target indicators and make target selection even easier.

    I will conduct DA operations to destroy, exploit and seize designated targets. If unsuccessful or unable to meet objectives in these initial small-scale offensive actions, I will reassess my BDA and re-attack until objectives are met. I have nothing to lose. My personal casualty means nothing. Just alike AAF’s, ACM’s, and AIF’s, you can not prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. An enemy who embraces death is a lose, lose situation for their enemy combatants.

    Hopefully you analyst have done your homework. You are aware that I have always been the top shot, highest score, an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit I’ve been in. I will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance, and survival training I’ve been given.

    This killer is deadly serious about his intentions.

    He will extract revenge until he is terminated.

    He will not be taken alive. He will commit suicide before surrendering to authorities.

    He has already killed one victim that was not related to the perceived injustices he outlined in his manifesto.

    He has passed the point of no return. The only resolvable outcome to this scenario is his death.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Sad isn’t it?

      There’ll probably be a few more deaths before this gets resolved, with the inevitable suicide by cop.

  7. Cap'n Kangaroo says:


  8. msbpodcast says:

    Why are you giving these spammers free advertising space on your blog?

    Collect or bounce them.

  9. FunyFarm says:

    Ever notice this shtufff only happens when the 2 nd amendment is in question ??? Hmmmm? Nuff said


    • orchidcup says:

      The Second Amendment is not in question.

      As always, the gun control debate centers around the type of firearm that is allowable under the Constitution.

      Virtually everyone agrees that bazookas, howitzers and hand grenades should not be held in private hands.

      Beyond that, there is a lot of room for debate.

    • bobbo, anti-authoritarian yet still democratically oriented pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      What shtuff are you referring to? There are multiple murders by gun every day in America. Group shootings on a weekly basis and Mass Murders every few months.

      Are you confusing the right to kill people with Second Amendment rights?

      Hmmm…. that could explain a lot.

  10. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    He looks like a pleasant enough fellow. I’d sell him a gun. :-)

  11. Guyver says:

    The lengthy online message allegedly written by the former Navy Reserve lieutenant threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police.

    Translation: Hit them in their Achilles’s Heel.

    Dorner received awards for his expertise with a rifle and pistol, according to military records obtained by The Times.

    Much ado about nothing. Regardless of occupation (i.e. lawyer, dental technician, etc.), everyone in the Army and Marines is required to qualify as a Marksmen, Sharpshooter, or Expert. Each is a medal award, and it’s required in order to serve in those branches.

    For the Navy it’s more of a merit badge. Officers can qualify with pistols and depending on your occupation, you can qualify with a military rifle. This is a ribbon award.

    He received an Iraq Campaign Medal and was a member of mobile inshore undersea warfare unit.

    Means he was there during a certain period of time. It’s an attendance award.

    • McCullough says:

      All true.

    • LibertyLover says:

      Depending on his job in the MIWU (now Maritime Expeditionary Security Force), he might have the sniper training necessary to actually use that .50 from a distance. The Navy loves their .50s. They are usually on pintle mounts so carrying them around isn’t usually a problem.

      Then again, he might just be a glorified Master-At-Arms, too. His job was defending an oil platform (nice use of our men at arms).

      I guess we’ll find out in the next few days/weeks just how good ol’ Leroy is.

  12. deowll says:

    I don’t care what they say. That guy doesn’t look like the 71 year old white woman the cops shot in the back twice.

    I’m about to stand up for gun control: If you are trigger happy idiot you don’t need a gun nor do you need to be a cop.

    Take care and God bless.

  13. MikeN says:

    So we have violence influenced by Piers Morgan, another guy attacked a conservative group based on the SPLC’s hate map, yet the media and this blog highlight the actions of Sarah Palin’s supposed gun targets causing the shooting of Gabby Giffords and others?

  14. bobbo, anti-authoritarian yet still democratically oriented pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    From the copy paste provided above, looks like the guy would have been a good contributer to DU.

    I know it works for me. No urge at all to shoot anyone here. For some reason, I always only feel like cross dressing donkeys. Weird how hooman emotions play out.

    Ha. Ha. Even insane people know that guns kill people and he encourages by word and deed a revolution in our Constitutionally Compliant gun control laws.

    Absent those growing up with guns as little kiddies…. there is something “wrong” with those who want guns. Protecting ones self is just that warning klaxon that fear is creeping into one’s emotional outlook. Add some paranoia. Add some real or also imagined offense. Add two, three more. then dump a stressor into the pile like loss of job, divorce, arrest, or your donkey goes missing.

    Et violet!

    • McCullough says:

      I’m betting the people locked in their homes at Big Bear right now wish they were armed.

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        McCullough–statistically, armed home owners are not safer than unarmed ones. Thats what National Death from Guns statistics is all about.

        You get a gun to protect yourself and your spouse/friend/burglar uses it on you or your kiddie shoots himself.

        Those are the stats.

        I know you gut feelings are hard to deal with and all but that is what/science are supposed to save us from==our own innate stupidity.

        OF COURSE, there are many instances where people having guns have protected them. Thats why you have to move away from the anecdotal and add up all the cases.

        Its Math and Science that Social Policy should be based on. Not feelings and dogma.

        Silly Hoomans.

        • McCullough says:

          OK, call one of the statisticians to come to your aid when crazy cop fuck is kicking in your door.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

            McCullough… you crack me up.

            Yes…I agree YOU could well be safer wrapped in your rational paranoia, but with a gun in the house to protect you from Dorner, do you not see you are more exposed to your kiddie killing himself, or you or your spouse killing one or the other, or a burglar stealing the gun and killing someone else?

            You see… is a many faceted issue==NOT JUST YOUR OWN COMPETENCY. So–add up all the issues and you get a death rate from Guns in America 50 times higher than in UK or Australia, rest of Europe, etc where gun laws are enforced.

            Is that too hard to juggle for you?

            Its like the guy being thrown free from his car in an accident thereby saving his life. It does happen. But “statistically” seat belts save lives.

            Statistically…. owing guns in America is more likely to get yourself killed than anyone else. Hurts like a biatch doesn’t it?

            sic–maybe not “you” McCullough==but the statistics show its true for the generic you that is out there. Not you—just all the other you’s all added up.===> Statistics.

            Are you going to go to sleep tonight with a gun in your hand? Well… you know, maybe you should take some amphetamines to keep you awake because you know you WILL BE SAFER if the bad guy breaks in while you are actually awake.

            So–drug taking armed citizens awake all night protecting themselves is just what society needs, and no joking about it, anyone can craft a hypothetical where they turn out to be safer. Just add up all the scenarios.

            Because ….. you know….. I’m a man and have hair on my chest!

            Science. Math. Facts.

        • MikeN says:

          According to statistics going to the hospital is very dangerous. When you are sick, I suggest you stay away. Numbers don’t lie.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

            Mikey–healthcare saves millions.

            Stupid argument. Keep using it. It shows what a ditto head you are.

          • jpfitz says:

            MikeN, your right. Going to the ER then ending up staying for any more than 6 hours can be very dangerous.

            Hospital-acquired infection: An infection caught while hospitalized. The medical term for a hospital-acquired infection is nosocomial. Most nosocomial infections are due to bacteria. Since antibiotics are frequently used within hospitals, the types of bacteria and their resistance to antibiotics is different than bacteria outside of the hospital. Nosocomial infections can be serious and difficult to treat.

            “A nosocomial infection is strictly and specifically an infection “not present or incubating prior to admittance to the hospital, but generally occurring 48 hours after admittance.” ”


            I was in and out for an appendectomy in about 12 hours. Too many germs and sickness that can easily be transferred.
            If you must go get in and get out asap.

          • bobbo, Junior Psychologist and General Gourmand says:

            jp==what is Mickey right about? His point was when you are sick you should not go to the hospital.

            Your point, is that there are risks inherent in going to hospitals.

            Details? Resolution??

            Pros and Cons to all we do: Go to the Hospital or go not. Add them up. Weigh. compare and contrast. WHEN should you go to the Hospital, and when should you not.

            I’ve been an advocate for home birth for that very reason. Appendectomies? Could be done on the back end of an ambulance I suppose…. or you could just bite down on a piece of leather?

            Is that what you mean?

          • MikeN says:

            No, my point is that you are more likely to end up dead if you go to the hospital, than if you don’t go to the hospital. Just look at the death statistics. People who get admitted to the hospital are vastly more likely to die than those who don’t. Why would Bobbo do such a risky action? The statistics show you are more likely to die by going to a hospital.

          • jpfitz says:

            Ok, bobbo. I only know from experience.
            Mom went in for taking the wrong meds. In hospital Mom contracted a nosocomial infection that had her in isolation. In other word Mom caught a deadly bug that defies all antibiotics. The bug is strong because it is ever changing to be able to resist the drugs thrown at it.

            SO, STAY OUT OF HOSPITAL, ONLY GO IF LIFE OR DEATH. I yell because I care.

    • Sea Lawyer says:

      Well, the whole reason for establishing governments is for protection; so maybe the more government you want, the more paranoid and fearful you are.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Hey SL–I don’t recall you playing the iconoclastic cynosure before.

        But… yes… I can’t think of a higher purpose for self governning people other than preventing the murder of innocents.

        What higher purpose for government can you think of?

    • jpfitz says:

      bobbo how does that thought process work?
      You said the below.
      “Absent those growing up with guns as little kiddies…. there is something “wrong” with those who want guns.”

      Are you eluding to the conjecture that when children are raised in a family with guns, the children later in life as adults are “right” in owning guns?

  15. bobbo, anti-authoritarian yet still democratically oriented pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Cap’n Kangaroo says:
    2/8/2013 at 8:22 am

    I do agree on “Rachel”. She has as much objective analysis on one hr as another network has all nite. /// Yep. I post to encourage all the Pukes, conspiracists, dittoheads, and red staters to give it a look. I try to watch OReilly and Hannity and so forth but at the end of an hour, try to list any “facts” you have been given. You can disagree with Rachel, but you will have a list of facts.

    I generally turn off the Right Wing Echo Chamber when the following phrase appears: “Imagine if the Republicans had done this…..” and indeed that sums up their analysis: “Just imagine…”

    Hmmmm…. this ditty came to mind. Lots of fit here even though it is about something entirely different. Another victim of gun rights.

    Jealous Guy/John Lennon

    I was dreaming of the past,
    And my heart was beating fast.
    I began to lose control,
    I began to lose control.
    I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    I’m sorry that I made you cry.
    Oh no, I didn’t mean to hurt you.
    I’m just a jealous guy.

    I was feeling insecure you might not love me anymore.
    I was shivering inside,
    I was shivering inside.
    I didn’t mean…

    I was trying to catch your eyes,
    though that you was trying to hide.
    I was swallowing my pain,
    I was swallowing my pain.
    I didn’t mean…

    • jpfitz says:

      Great song. John was and will always be my favorite Beatle, and one of my favorite icons. I miss him dearly.

  16. Glenn E. says:

    Aren’t we glad that our nation’s system of gun ownership background checks, and job psychological screening, caught this guy before he killed anyone, he wasn’t supposed to.

    Oh wait. It didn’t. And very likely never would have. So much for preventing the gun violence, and terrorist activities. By putting all of the rest of us, thru the wringer. Whenever we want to buy a weapon for home protection. Or travel somewhere in the USA, by public transportation.

    This guy is on the loose. With weapons he was handed, without restrictions. Knows how to use them all, because he was trained at taxpayers’ expense. And knows how to evade all those lame security check points, they throw up to make the rest of us feel safer. He’s basically the Phantom of the Opera, at the Security Theater, with a very lethal attitude.

  17. Sematics says:

    This man is a true hero.

    • orchidcup says:

      A true hero does not go around killing people indiscriminately with no particular goal in mind except revenge for a perceived injustice.

      The cop he killed in Riverside had no role in the perpetrator’s grievances. The young couple he killed were not involved in the perpetrator’s firing from the police force.

      Your mind is as sick as his.

  18. Shaun says:

    So nobody sees the resemblance to LL Cool J?

  19. MikeN says:

    At this initial meeting, Llaneza proposed conducting a car-bomb attack against a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area. He proposed structuring the attack to make it appear that the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers. Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war.

    In a Dec. 7 follow-up meeting with the undercover agent, he settled on the BofA branch on Hegenberger Road, “reasoning that the name of the bank and Oakland’s location as a center of protests made it an appropriate target,” the complaint stated.

    Liberals would have been happy to play up the right-wing attacker line, along with that he used an assault weapon.

  20. Captain Obvious says:

    I love the analysis on his “politics”. Um yeah.

    How about this? He’s a crazy mother fucker who is killing people.