Soledad O’Brien will no longer be a host on CNN, but she’s staying with the network — sort of.

O’Brien told the New York Times that she is returning to the role she had before she became the host of “Starting Point” in 2011: a roving documentary reporter. The twist this time is that she is forming her own production company, Starfish Media, and will not be tied exclusively to CNN; she will be able to shop programs to other networks and air them on the Web as well.

O’Brien’s future as a regular face on the network was immediately put into doubt when CNN announced that Chris Cuomo would be its new morning host…

Soledad is still in the polite phase hoping CNN has sufficient allegiance to their let’s-pretend reputation to pickup one of her documentaries.

CNN later issued a press release saying it was excited to be “entering into a production and distribution agreement” with O’Brien, who was described as a “critically acclaimed journalist.” The release mentioned many of the programs O’Brien had made for CNN, but did not reference her current morning show at all.

As for Soledad O’Brien – cranky geeks have been following her career at least since she was a regular opposite Leo LaPorte [as Dev Null] in the 1990′s. She’s always maintained an unusual dedication [for American television] to honesty. I wish her well.

  1. Godfish says:


    I like how the picture shows 4 black people and then Her, she’s not black. I don’t know what spray tan place she goes to but she needs to darken it up.

  2. McCullough says:

    Huh, and here I thought she was Black-Irish.

  3. Mextli says:

    With any luck Piers Morgan will be next.

  4. bobbo, the ONLY true Libertarian on this blog, all others being dogmatic posers says:

    Somebody is in love: “She’s always maintained an unusual dedication [for American television] to honesty.” //// Ha, ha. As a dedicated infotainment ne critical consumer of news, I consider “everyone” on tv to be merely news readers. All honest or dishonest, truth seeking or shills to one degree or the other all depending on the subject.

    Hmmmmm….. reflecting on the subject….. I recognize I don’t think of my news sources as “honest” but only degrees of dishonest? What I think I notice more than anything else is how DETAILED and analytical they are? When looking for “truth” the search must be within oneself rather than outward.

    Honest? Thats all she brings to the table?

  5. Brian says:

    Who cares. Listening to CNN over the last couple of days in the car and all they talk about is a South African athlete. They have long since been done as a real news outfit.

    • jpfitz says:

      Did you also notice the new blue on white news crawl at the bottom of the screen on CNN. Anyone with a plasma should avoid networks with a constant news crawl.

      9/11/01 has come and gone but the crawl remains as if we’re still under attack. What color is the national threat level today?

      More virals.

  6. Bob says:

    A left wing news establishment gets rid of one of their left wing hosts, to replace her with some other left wing host. Why should I care again?

    • bobbo, the ONLY true Libertarian on this blog, all others being dogmatic posers says:

      Left wing as in honest? Indeed, why should you care about honest news reporting.

      Ha, ha. I kid.

  7. bobbo, the ignorant always wanting to Learn says:

    So, what is the joke about Black Irish?

    I’ve never heard one, don’t know about it. Google says its an American thing, not heard of in Ireland. No reference to humor, only the Spanish Armada/Gaelic/Iberian/Original genetic stock of the Irish before the Viking onslaught.

    Seems to me my mother said it a few times meaning that parentage was uncertain. Not funny, but I suppose ironic if Pedro doesn’t know about it.

    I suppose its vague enough, like being Black in America (and everywhere else as well), that we can all supply our own meaning?

    ftn: I had heard in my youth that any Irish name starting with “O” meant they came from the bastard/illegitimate line of the family. Google says its only Irish for Grandson of. Always fun to learn what we grew up thinking is wrong….. almost an unlimited supply?

  8. Sea Lawyer says:

    At least she isn’t drinking herself to death like another famous black-irish star.

  9. Supreme Ultrahuman (I see the comment system is still designed for retards.) says:

    Always liked Soledad. Was dissapointed to see she went to CNN. Haven’t seen her since.

  10. MikeN says:

    I guess they figured Chris Cuomo could avoid getting slapped hard by John Sununu.

  11. TooManyPuppies says:

    Whatever, CNN is nothing more than the tabloid rag of “news”.

  12. Sarah Park says:

    This looks like a good move for her.


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