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A member of the North Florida Survival Group and his young son gather their rifles before heading out to perform land navigation and enemy contact drills during a field training exercise in Old Town, Florida.

  1. Dallas says:

    This should come in handy when he goes on a shooting spree

    • LibertyLover says:

      You should know by now that only liberals go on shooting sprees.

      • Dallas says:

        Oh please. Quit politicizing these topics

        • LibertyLover says:

          I’m just doing you a favor by letting you what type of people to be afraid of. Wasn’t trying to be political at all. My apologies if I offended you.

          • MikeN says:

            Don’t offend him. These types get annoyed when you point out that Hitler was left-wing.

          • Gwad his own self says:

            Hitler was a right-wing fascist. He was pretty much universally supported by the rich industrialists of Germany.

            The poor, minorities, handicapped, sick, old, and other undesirables were free to starve. That’s pretty much the opposite of the leftist/communist ideal.

            You can argue about which philosophy works better but don’t try to rewrite history, ya moron.

      • Rick says:

        Nonsense, we liberals have cookie socials and form drum circles.

    • stormtrooper 651 says:

      This is weird. An american kid who knows who his father is?
      He should be sold to a gay couple who collect kids, or “blended” into a home with the traditional single mother on welfare and 5 kids, all with different fathers.
      Get this kid to a peaceful and civilized democrat city like Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles.

      • ± says:


      • Cookie Monster says:


        And you know he’s an American cause he’s just a bit over weight too. (Too many Big Macs from the independent mother who doesn’t cook, maybe? Or is it just plain old dumb ass Florida tradition to be a fat ol’ Bubba?)

  2. So what says:

    For these nice folks Red Dawn is a documentary/training film. On the plus side the survival skills these folks have give proof to Darwinian selection in that they won’t survive.

    P.S. As a member of that fine upstanding group of folks that people tend to call hillbillies or rednecks these idiots are neither.

    • jim g says:

      I’ll bet your life that this family is better prepared to survive than you are

      • So what says:

        You would be wrong. Knowing what plants to eat and which ones you can use for medicinal purposes. How and where to catch animals for food with and without a firearm or fishing pole, and how to build a shelter. Knowing how to survive is survival. Running around the woods PLAYING soldier is not survival.

        • dj says:


        • jpfitz says:


          You’d be better off with an Army survival manual or some other book. Add a BB gun and a fishing pole, leave the AK at home.

          • So what says:

            Pedro in no world are you naive enough to actually believe in societal collapse or a a second civil war. If you really do believe it than you are not nearly as smart as I gave you credit for, your posts to dallas not withstanding.

          • jpfitz says:

            Pedro, you know what “they” say about BB guns, “You’ll take someones eye out with it”.

          • So what says:

            And just in case you’re thinking Katrina, Andrew, or Sandy, then they should be teaching them urban warfare not woodland.

          • So what says:

            So do you thing the U.S. is on the verge of economic collapse or a second civil war? Not a another country the U.S.

          • So what says:

            A yes or no will suffice.

          • So what says:

            That is neither a yes or no, do you believe the U.S. is on the verge of economic collapse a second civil war or I will even throw in civil insurrection.

          • So what says:

            I will take that as a yes and consider all your future posts within that light.

            You may obtain your membership here.


          • So what says:

            Except the posts to dallas, those are usually funny.

          • So what says:

            The weapons don’t bother me, it’s the parents paranoia and instilling into their children I find disturbing.

          • Mextli says:

            Someone said a shotgun is better than an AK.

          • So what says:

            Depends upon the range the load and your target.

        • So what says:

          Oh come on it’s Eideard what were you expecting. The new pope hasn’t been elected yet.

          • LibertyLover says:

            Now that’s funny, I don’t care you are.

          • jpfitz says:

            I come back a day later after a fishing pole and a BB gun comment I made to find out that Pedro is worried about his donkey.

            Joining the militia will protect Pedro’s donkey from being forced to wear a polka dot dress.

  3. mike says:

    Parents and community spending time together teaching gun safety and practical real world skills how disgusting. No TV no computers what barbarians . No organized religion or government Representatives in site, Devil worship I tell you! I hope HLS has a satellite trained on these godless communist to protect our children.
    … Ah satire A lost art good on you guys !

  4. MWD78 says:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to be as hypercritical of these parents as others here. At least they are taking their kids camping and spending time teaching them some survival skills instead of letting the TV and Xbox babysit them. Next time a hurricane reduces most of Florida to a 3rd world country, that’s several less shitizens panicking and waiting for FEMA to get its ass in gear a week after the fact.

    Ohnoes! they’re teaching their children to handle guns responsibly rather than fear them. Teh presstitutes say gunz are bad, those must be bad parentz. Quickly! Call health and family services and have those children taken away from their parents to be reeducated! Put them on Prozac and get them in front of a television immediately!

    The nerve of those parents teaching their children skills and their own values instead of the State’s. HOW DARE THEY?!

    • Cookie Monster says:

      …How dare ANY parent actually spend time with their children. Clearly, parents like that are over reaching their AUTHORITY!

      The liberal/feminist guide to parenting clearly states that women and ONLY women are supposed to breed as many kids as they can sit in front of a television set. So how dare any father try and do something with his son! How dare any father try and TEACH his kid(s) anything! The NERVE of some people.

      That’s what the government and it’s education centers are for!

  5. The Monster's Lawyer says:


  6. ralphie boy says:

    I know who I’m going to make friends with when the zombie apocalypse approaches. Seriously, so what?!? He’s spending time with his kid practicing his beliefs. Tolerance people. It’s not a one way street!

  7. birddog says:

    Looks like good clean fun when I was a kid we would all get our 22’s and spend the day on the creek learned gun safety and how to socialize. Had a cross sling pouch my mom sewed out of the leg of a pair of old blue jeans. We would wrap up day old cold steak and put in our pouches and eat it for lunch we would stay out all day and come home at night. Every person in this group have gone on to become business men and women and productive members of society must have been doing something right.

  8. MikeN says:

    Good for him. More people should be going out shooting with their kids.

    • jpfitz says:

      Yea, just like Nancy Lanza did with her kids. I know I’m being a smart ass here, but I couldn’t resist. Your comment is stupid. I believe in gun rights, but you seem to have a love of guns. Maybe you need to get laid.

      “When I talked to Nancy that time, about how he was doing, she said he’s been going to the (gun) range a lot recently,” Diaz told CNN. “That he’d taken that up as a hobby.”

  9. deowll says:

    The kid has .22 rim fire. A good small game and pest gun for rural types. Dads gun I can’t place. It looks military surplus but not SKS, AK47 nor anything else that comes to mind…Hope they have a good time. Well it does resemble an AK and maybe the angle is throwing me off.

    • denacron says:

      Dads gun is an SKS. Its an after market banana clip that has it looking odd.

      • Mr Diesel says:


      • deowll says:

        Thanks. I knew the gun resembled and SKS but they come with a 10 round clip that is meant to stay on the gun and were fed with stripper clips.

    • LibertyLover says:

      SKS. The bayonet gives it away and the round receiver.

  10. Mr Diesel says:

    My Dad took me hunting right after buying me my first gun. I still remember it over 50 years later. I still have the gun.

    Amazingly enough I don’t wet my pants every time I see a gun like some people do because they are so evil.

    • Dallas says:

      Did you kill anything good?

      • Mr Diesel says:

        I shot one squirrel and never hunted squirrels after that day.

        • jpfitz says:

          Did you cook and eat it?

        • So what says:

          More importantly did you stop hunting and shooting? It should be required that every person be taken hunting, fishing, or to a slaughter house to see where meat really comes from.

          • jpfitz says:

            Very good point, So what. My nieces would not eat any type of fowl. Their vegetarian aunt explained that the bones or carcass is in some ways similar to humans because of their rib-cage. And those cute yellow furry chicks at the petting zoo grow to be eaten by us.

            I’ve been to a duck slaughter factory on Long Island. I had to deliver rags and aprons there once a week. The first time entering the enormous building I was overcome with an odor so foul, (pun intended) I can’t explain it. I dreaded that delivery but eventually became accustomed to the odor. I now knew how the bird on our kitchen table got there. I’m a more humane human for it.

          • Mr Diesel says:

            I did not cook it and eat it.

            I hunted and shot two rabbits after that and did not eat either one. I shot one quail and didn’t eat it either.

            I have not hunted since then.

            My problem is not with small woodland creature as much as the problem with certain government gestapo coming to my door.

        • Dallas says:

          I suppose God intended for that harmless squirrel and her abandoned babies to starve to death in the winter to happen.

  11. orchidcup says:

    When I was 16 years old I went on a 100-mile hike through the Kiamichi Mountains with a backpack and a Ruger .22 pistol.

    The trail was marked with notches in trees, an old Indian trail.

    We had a canteen to get water from the numerous springs and we shot squirrel and possum along the way.

    I did not consider myself to be a survivalist. It was a challenge, but it was also fun.

    To this day I do not like to eat squirrel or possum.

    I found a wolf skull on that hike and a tarantula came out of the throat of the skull and ran up my arm before I could knock it off.

    To this day I do not like tarantulas.

    I still like to shoot a Ruger .22 pistol.

  12. LibertyLover says:

    Had my BB gun taken away for shooting where I shouldn’t (along with some hide from my ass). It was four years before I got it back. Learned a good lesson.

    My first real gun was a .410 single barrel breakdown. When I didn’t screw up with that, I got a Ruger .22. Then a Savage Arms 20 Gauge double barrel breakdown. Hunted deer with that for years with slugs and buckshot.

    Then a 30-30 Winchester (awesome bush rifle).

    I still have all of them and a few more.

    I ate everything I killed (squirrel, rabbit, deer, hog, dove, quail, blackbirds, etc.) and have never regretted it.

    I have great memories from tromping through the woods with my dad.

    The kids in this article will grow up well adjusted, if not a bit independent. IMO, that’s a good thing. Too many are depending on the government now. What’s wrong with teaching a bit of independence?

    • So what says:

      Walking a patrol and performing immediate action drills is not hunting or “tromping” through the woods. What they are teaching is not independence but paranoia .

      • So what says:

        If the kids want to play army or cowboys and indians that’s fine. The parents can go play there own games.

      • LibertyLover says:

        Actually, we dressed up in camo and talked about things like evading enemy forces, too. How to lay false trails, doubling back, drop traps, trimming, and the like.

        Survival training is more than hunting for food. It is about keeping the bad guys at bay or evading them, too. All need to be practiced. It doesn’t breed paranoia. It breeds the ability to think on one’s feet. If you are prepared for a sudden attack from someone, you’ll be more confident in yourself. It’s the same reason some parents send their kids to karate school. It’s just another method of instilling confidence.

        The people who are paranoid are the ones going on shooting sprees. And they are all liberals. I’ll bet you a shiny buffalo nickel there isn’t a liberal in that bunch.

      • kerpow says:

        So you’re ok with independence as long as it fits within your narrow framework of it?

        • So what says:

          Like I said kids playing army is fine parents instilling paranoia is not. Independence is good paranoia is not.

          • Gwad his own self says:

            What makes you think it’s paranoia?

          • So what says:

            That you would ask the question guarantees that your asking a rhetorical question, or you’re a paranoid individual.

  13. jpfitz says:

    Why wear camo in the woods when your trying to survive. Other hunters/survivalists will not see you. I thought bright colors like orange were a safety garment to make sure the rustling in the brush you’re making won’t get you shot at.

    • So what says:

      Because what they are teaching is not survival.

      • dusanmal says:

        They are teaching survival against out of control government, not natural disaster or accident. Considering that the current administration can’t keep even the very first and trivial Constitutional right untouched (human right to life, minimized to a American citizen right not to be killed by their government without due process…) – rightfully so.

  14. So what says:

    Nope absolutely no paranoia here, none at all. Just taken the kids out for a stroll in the woods.

    • Hyph3n says:

      Defending the Constitution by killing ever mo-fo who disagrees with me.

      At what point did losing an election become tyranny?

  15. Hmeyers says:

    Encouraging to see fathers taking the time to share with their children. And a bit discouraging citing the obvious:

    a) Many children do not have parents — and even less common, sadly — a father that engages and involves their children.

    b) It does bother me that some fear guns irrationally. I don’t own a gun, but guns are the tool that make us all equals in self-defense.

    Cops are for after a crime has been committed. If you want to stop a crime in progress, it takes an effective counter-measure and the counter-measure most likely to be successful is a firearm.

    Firearms promote equal rights as the bearer may be an old lady or sexy MILF or the modern out-of-shaped fatty video-games nerd and it is effect all the same.

    Some people irrationally fear guns. A righty talk show host would call these people “liberals”. Which is not true for a great many reasons.

    More correct words would be: uneducated, ignorant of history, fraidy-cats, people that readily accept whatever they hear on the tv, people that don’t have enough knowledge and experience to formulate their own opinions with enough intellectual gravity to be taken seriously.

  16. bobbo, who used to date a lot when he had the money to do so says:

    Douche-Animal taking the mockery of right wing nuts way over the line says:
    2/26/2013 at 3:21 pm

    They are teaching survival against out of control government, /// yes because running around in the woods with firearms will certainly bring any government to heel….

    not natural disaster or accident. Considering that the current administration can’t keep even the very first and trivial Constitutional right untouched (human right to life, minimized to a American citizen right not to be killed by their government without due process…) – rightfully so. /// I’ll bet you banana clips to Hemorrhoid cream you don’t have the first clue as to what constitutes due process. Just a coupla words you heard when you were out one night in the woods howling at the moon.

    What a schlep.

  17. sonofagun says:

    Look at the other photos at the linked site. Kids don’t look very happy.

  18. Mr Diesel says:

    Of and for those who do not know much about ARs it seems extremely stupid to have a rifle scope on one in woodland environment. Too close in by the time you get the gun up with a sight picture you’re dead.

    A better choice would be an EO Tech or AimPoint or maybe even a laser. I shot with the FBI SWAT leader once and he had an EO Tech on his M4. Nice.

    • LibertyLover says:

      That’s how I was taught — use the scope to verify target, use the iron sites to aim.

      Unless you’ve got a couple hundred yards of unrestricted view and you can be sure you haven’t bumped your scope, iron sites are fine.

      And yes, the EO Tech products are cool.

    • Rick says:

      Not everybody wants to pay $500 for an Eotech reflex sight though.

  19. Harry says:

    30 years of crazy bat shit right wing radio and this is what you get.

    • Gwad his own self says:

      Define “militia” for us.

      • orchidcup says:

        There are two distinct definitions for “militia.”



        1. A military force of civilians to supplement a regular army in an emergency.

        2. A military force that engages in rebel activities.

        Pick one.

        • Mr Diesel says:

          I’d pick the one that protects the constitution from our current government.

          • bobbo, with the panache of Steve Zissou says:

            That would be the ACLU.

            Diesel====seriously====how do you get so turned around you think the disease is the cure?


          • Rick says:

            When was the last time any armed civilian beat the government?
            Every standoff always ends in either death or arrest of the citizen.

  20. msbpodcast says:

    Ahhh Florida, our most fucked up state.

    The best/worst part is that VJ Timothy James Henson* sometime does media deconstruction that sounds like No Agenda. (With clips, video and everything.)

    He has been doing Distorted View Daily on the same value for value model since 2005… (No advertiser would touch his show. He feeds/pays for himself by subscriptions. :-))

    *) 3 names… I will probably hear about him on the evening news.

  21. Hyph3n says:

    Meh… but I do find it funny that the guy seemingly wants to teach his son survival skills (aka killing liberals (in my humble opinion, of course)), but eating right and exercising is not part of that. There will be no McDonalds in post-apocalyptic America… he’ll have to go to China to get a Big Mac.

    • orchidcup says:

      There will be no McDonalds in post-apocalyptic America…

      Thank God for something positive.

      I don’t know that I want to be around in a post-apocalyptic America.

      There will be too many crazy people running around and shooting other people that are not wearing camouflage gear and sporting an American Flag.

      I would prefer to die on my own terms, not because some asshole thinks I don’t belong to the right religion or political perspective.

      • msbpodcast says:

        I would prefer to die on my own terms

        Since its not like I’ll ever get to do it twice, I’d rather not die at all, if you don’t mind…

        • orchidcup says:

          I’d rather not die at all myself, except that eternal life must be exceedingly boring after a point.

          If I live to be 100 before the apocalypse occurs, I would be satisfied with that result.

          But the world will end for all of us eventually.

        • LibertyLover says:

          Me either. I can’t take my stuff with me!

  22. Admfubar says:

    there will be no apocalypse as long as you can sell survivalists survival gear.. these nit wits dont know they’ve been had by corporate amaerica 😛

  23. Somebody says:

    Survival – It’s better than the alternative.

  24. god says:

    Best example in a while of Republican dipshit pol doublespeak:

    Marco Rubio just said we should start supplying ammo to all the Syrian rebels because it’s non-lethal aid.


    • Rick says:

      Rubio must be a supporter of NRA logic. Bullets don’t kill people, people kill people. We’re just sending them innocent little bullets


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