Carney’s probably lying again, but I seem to remember we have an possible international crisis brewing, so why are we talking about some stupid rapper?

  1. The Pirate says:

    Smug, arrogant, and full of his own shit – everything the man says is a lie or designed to deceive. A national embarrassment.

  2. RIF says:

    No, its not a “song”, Opie Taylor.

  3. noname says:

    ok, and this means what?

  4. The0ne says:

    Jay-Z is awesome. I don’t know what you’re smoking. He and Beyonce are on top of their game. I would love for them to release a hardcore song about cuba. This will surely shine a bright, BRIGHT light in everyone’s view. I know they won’t forget the experience.

  5. bobbo, rating all issues on their lyrics, beat, and danceability says:

    Audio was a bit fuzzy for me and not worth listening to too many times but whats the beef? That the Prez authorized the trip BEFORE it was made? Even an idiot should not think THAT.

    -or- That he made some joke AFTER the trip was made? Every idiot SHOULD believe that.

    Its not Rock….. so who cares!

  6. Say Cheese! says:

    Holly SHIT! I can’t believe the Hollywood mind-washed idiots I see commenting here.

    McCullough asks the question: I seem to remember we have a possible international crisis brewing, so why are we talking about some stupid rapper?

    Why indeed?!

    It’s amazing how “plugged in” you people are to some talentless gangland style Doctor Seuss wannabe and his defection to Cuba or whatever. It should be alarming as hell that this kind of crap is even addressed at the White House – THE FREAKING WHITE HOUSE!!!

    If Kim Jong Un has his way, we’ll all be glowing with nuclear fallout before the year is up. Although it’s more likely that we’ll be involved in another WAR! So what’s the topic of the day at the White House? YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! (Was this a late April Fools joke or something?)

    But I suppose it’s no big deal to be broke and oppressed here TOO! So let’s all be sure to follow the Hollywood gossip channels, keep up to date with overpaid musicians half of who probably can’t even read sheet music, and by all means, turn on that idiot box and vote for your next favorite singing monkey with your stupid smart phones.

    I wish this country was only just doomed cause clearly we’re all FUCKED!!! But then, I suppose that too is what America does best – fuck up, fuck around, fuck over and of course, always just plain fuck!

  7. tooold says:

    Notice the gang signs… distractions and a wink

  8. dadeo says:

    jazy is completely off my radar. Who cares? :p

  9. MikeN says:

    International crisis in a Communist country which exists because people like this White House and other liberals keep apologizing for and promoting Communism, for example with this trip to Cuba.

  10. MikeN says:

    He doesn’t know that most Cubans have poor access to independent news sources, the internet, books, and food.

    He doesn’t know that Cuba has two health systems, one for the well-connected, and one for everyone else.

    He doesn’t know that before Castro, the Cuban peso traded one-to-one with the dollar, and that since then, the Castros have raided the nation’s coffers and introduced widespread poverty to a once prosperous nation.

    He doesn’t know about the thousands of people executed by firing squads led by sexy t-shirt icon Che Guevara.

    He doesn’t know that a U.S. Citizen, Alan Gross, is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a Cuban prison for providing phones and computers to the members of the Cuban Jewish community.

    He doesn’t know that artists in Cuba, with whom he was supposedly having a cultural exchange, serve under the close supervision of the government, and don’t enjoy the freedom to defiantly name check the President, call out a few senators,

  11. Dismayed Atlantan says:

    We reap what we sow, don’t we? By ackowlegding media prostitutes like Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt and Mr. and Mrs. Carter, like I am doing right now, only fuels them to live another day to carry out further ignorant and selfish actions.

    Jay-z appears to be quite ignorant of the politics at hand. I can only forgive him because he is stupid. If I thought he actually had an agenda other than being a media prostitute he should face the legal consequenses.

    If you or me went to Cuba the consequences are: A $50,000.00 fine, imprisonment and loss of passport.

    We make these jerks the kings they think they are. We only have ourselves to blame,

    • Dismayed Atlantan says:

      Update: further research on the penalties of unauthorized travel to Cuba is actually $250,000.00 to $1 million in fines and up to 10 years in Federal Prison for the first offense.

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