Executive Producers: Black Baron Foley,Sir A.J. Rystad
Associate Executive Producers: Anonymous from Brussels, Richard Gardiner, James Murray, Iain Kilmurray, Sir Kent O’Rourke, Ed LeBouthillier
Art By: Dennis Cruise

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  1. noname says:

    One of the “Pull Offs” is missing, which one?

  2. /T. says:

    From a puzzle perspective, …. Hope …

    Telling, really …

  3. Glenn E. says:

    I thought this would be like the “three books” chosen in George Pal’s The Time Machine. Which three “pull offs” would you take? Assuming you’re allowed more than one.

  4. Public says:

    Question for NA listeners. Does the Boston bombing event suggest to you that funding for federal DHS should be increased, or decreased?

    Salient facts:

    1. City police made a capture of a suspect, not DHS.

    2. The bomb already exploded, despite NSA storage facility, federal drones, SWAT in every city, federal surveillance and data mining on email and social web sites and phones, TSA checkpoints, VIPR teams on the streets, and CISPA on the way, and the treatment by authorities of all US borders as being Constitution-free security zones subject to massive military surveillance for your protection as it were.

    What say you, do we up the funding, or lower the funding for these federal security mechanisms?

    • orchidcup says:

      The DHS is apparently ineffective in preventing violent attacks.

      The Boston Marathon event demonstrates the effectiveness of video surveillance.

      We need to spend bazillions of dollars on video surveillance systems on every street corner and public area similar to the city of London.

      That is how the arguments will go.

      Big Brother needs to keep an eye on us in order to protect us.


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