Executive Producers: Sir John Harrison, Hienrich Jager, Barry Hanna
Associate Executive Producers: Herbert Harms
Titles: Sir Gene, Baron de Marriott, Sheriff Protector of Texas (x pronounced like h)

Art By: Melissa Shutlz-Jones

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  1. noname says:

    Hope Geico paid DU well for the “Chelsea Clinton in bizarre interview with Geico lizard” false news piece!

    There are two types of incorrect alarms, Type 1 and Type 2.

    A Type I error (or error of the first kind) is the incorrect rejection of a true null hypothesis. Type 1 is False Alarms from hyperactive security and is publicly very destructive.

    The National Security complex wants to pawn American people and “slave labor condition” them with hyperactive imaginations,
    , fearing small noises and large shadows, even questioning the practicality of their home as a refuge and keeping people on nerve.
    The National Security complex feels it’s OK to terrorize American people, but; Police deal with this by hypocritically issuing false alarm fines. Of course the pawned American citizen can’t issue the government or media false alarm fines! A real life example is National Security complex using New York Post to publicly falsely accuse and identify a “Saudi national” suspect, to show they are on the case! How evil is that! This publicly falsely accused and identified “Saudi national” suspect is still trying to clear his name; which he never will be able too in this Internet age! This can and will happen to any American, just so; our fat pig of National Security complex can play hero with immunity! I wonder if this Type 1 error leaning of a society that keeps people always on nerve is actually creating terrorist and in the least is making us poorer.

    A Type II error (or error of the second kind) is the failure to reject a false null hypothesis. Not alarming when should, passive security.

    Both are destructive. However, Type I error is very destructive to the public. It robs American of their sanity, their ability to trust and invest!

  2. mojo says:

    509 MP3 is hosed, I think. Playing at max speed.

    Maybe it’s me.

  3. ECA says:

    Programming PEOPLE..
    its a wonder more dont see it.
    But think of CHILDRENS TV, and RELIGION..

    They TRY to teach us to be NICE, that things DONT COST MUCH, to SHARE, TO GIVE, TO HELP others…

    As we grow up, we get CULTURE SHOCK.. things are NOT as they are portrayed.. we no longer TEACH our kids about LIFE and how things work, when they are younger..
    we dont TEACH them to Run away from the bear..(kidding, you DONT run away)
    Where is TV land, or school, do they TEACH you to CONTROL the government?

  4. ECA says:

    dear dave,
    HOW long have they been REDUCING government?
    the USDA can only inspect about 8% of facilities..
    They are as BAD as the corps. The only money being MADE is at the TOP..
    NOT for food safty.

  5. rabid monkey says:

    The book-club link is not working:
    please have this fixed.

    Thank you.

    “a subscriber”

  6. rabid monkey says:

    okay punks, here is the link then in bitly-form:


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