Otherwise known as the “cops can now arrest anyone at any time” law.

Well, this could be a mess: the New York State Senate passed a bill today that makes annoying a police officer a felony, punishable by up to four years in prison. Meaning, punching a cop—albeit with tiny, ineffectual fists—might soon be on par with poking one a few times, or stepping on an officer’s heels while walking behind him. That’s the annoying-est.

The bill, which was sponsored by upstate State Senator Joe Griffo (R), only applies to physical contact, so you’re still free to hum “99 Bottles of Beer” while in a cop’s vicinity. But the proposed legislation—which states one is guilty of “aggravated harassment” of an officer when “with the intent to harass, annoy, threaten, or alarm…he or she strikes, shoves, kicks or otherwise subjects such a person to physical contact”—still seems like a dip into Thought Police territory.

“This bill will be so arbitrarily and capriciously applied to people that it is senseless,” Stacey Richman, a criminal defense attorney, told us.

  1. deowll says:

    I believe the people of NY state would be much better served by their legislature if it were only permitted to meet once every four years for no more than 140 days inclusive.

    That way the neither reasonable nor prudent people they elect could do less harm to their state.

    • Uncle Dave says:

      We have something like that here in Nevada. They just finished last week. As usual, they leave the important legislation (like the main budget) to the last minute. This year, the governor required them to come in one extra day to finish. But the limited time they sit does focus them on real stuff instead of making up new laws and crap to fill the time.

  2. MWD78 says:

    just another level of slave training for the shitzens. ITM.

  3. Mr Diesel says:

    If anyone bothered to read what is written at the top of the page it still requires physical contact.

    If you do any of what is listed to anyone it is assault so why is this even news? (Tip, it isn’t.)

    • Dallas says:

      Does it count if the police officer suddenly lunges forward towards a donut shop and the perpetrator was in his way?

      • NobodySpecial says:

        I think that “impeding a law officer accessing a donut shop” is already a federal felony if not an actual war crime

      • Mr Diesel says:

        Why yes, yes it does.

      • MWD78 says:

        there’s already about 5 different charges that they can tack on for “physical contact” with an officer. one more was unnecessary. just blocking the headbound trajectory of a police baton with one’s arms is already “resisting arrest” and “assaulting an officer” among other charges…

        • Dallas says:

          Agree. The objective is to give cops the most flexibility in “unfortunate incidences”.

    • Tim says:

      *physical contact* Hmm. What about sound waves? energy propagated from my mouth and impinged upon the fat pig — slippery slope???

      • Dallas says:

        Did you just fart and assaulted me with a deadly nitrogen and methane WMD ?

        • Tim says:

          I farted out the words in his general direction {a la Ace Ventura style} and those words were very biting, hateful words (only if one is a minion of clusterfuck). They impacted at 180 db and it’s kidneys exploded but he would have died of testicular cancer anyways … Color me radacalized.

    • Ack says:

      *waves hands around officer’s face*
      “I’m not touching you… I’m not touching you!!”

  4. TThor says:

    Another republican idiot driving a nail into the coffin.

  5. Tim says:

    What? I was just touching him… {Just kidding. I was gonna cut the s.o.b.’s lungs out not because he was so stupid as to believe passiflora incarnata is a fat-leafed cannabis vine but because he was so stupid to act against what he believed was cannabis in the first place}

  6. UncDon says:

    The columnist in the story suggested that “pole hugging” be a bigger crime:


    Death penalty for that one!

  7. ECA says:

    Lets see..

    YOU are considered a SLAVE..

    When becomes..He said/she said..
    Whose word will they take? NOT YOURS..

    • ECA says:

      Police=professional observer..?

      WOW, no comment?
      THINK hard now.
      WHO remembers everything?
      Who remembers 1/2 of whats going on around them?
      WHO CAN?

      Police in high pressure position or having a BAD DAY/even at home??

      • jpfitz says:

        Have a camera or shitizen witness.

        Police are supposed to be pro’s at observations. Part of their job, no. I’m not saying excessive force is ok, just have a witness or video.

        I had one situation that would have ended without incident except I had to be a smart mouth and got served.

        • NobodySpecial says:

          Except for the states where recording a police officer is a felony in itself.

  8. JimD says:

    Jury Nullification Time !!! Look it up !!!


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