Let’s write an NSA song. Based on Santa Claus is coming to town.

OK – I’ll start.

You better watch out.

You better not hide.

Better be a patriot I’m telling you why.

Homeland Security is coming to town.

They’re making a list and checking it twice.

Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

Homeland Security is coming – to town.

You finish it ….. Maybe make a YouTube video?


  1. denacron says:

    They are making a list and droning you twice!

  2. Not Bill Russell says:

    OH, COME ON! There’s a TON of way better political songs than this. Having a slow Thursday or something? I’d be willing to bet a parody of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” has already been done more than once — too!

    If I get the urge, I’ll do some “digging” since I know no one here has the stomach (let alone, any talent) to come up with a song that lambastes their favorite “liberal intelligence” agency. (Talk about an oxymoron!) Seems the best suggestion has already been made — just replace the words “Santa Clause” with “NSA”.

    But if you want a real laugh then check this out (on sale at Amazon for 99-cents)…


    That’s just one track by one artist who has like 20+ albums. I didn’t even try to search for anyone with any talent. (Seems you don’t need talent to be in the music business — you just need to be a good Doctor Seuss impressionist who uses lots of bad words.)

  3. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    We are watching out
    You cannot hide
    Better not be a patriot
    Tea party or ex military
    Homeland Security is watching YOU
    The meta data has listed your entire life network
    Mother and Father too
    We saw you in the store
    Sneering at an Obama speech
    We would have formed a WIFI hand in the field
    to Bitch slap you there where you stood
    But IRS is coming to town.
    Gonna make naughty and not nice

    • Dallas says:

      Teabagger watch out.
      Teabagger not hide.
      Better love Obama I’m telling you why.

      I R S is coming … to town.
      They’re checking for creeps and checking it twice.

      Gonna find out who’s loony with lice.
      N S A will give you, a frown

      • denacron says:

        I think you explained it best. You have described the religiously political tool these agencies represent. If we have an influence as citizens, those in control may be replaced. If Romney (or any other speaking head) is elected next, are you prepared to love him and allow his de-lousing ? Will that “regime” consider you a “creep”? Where can any hide?

        I suggest all consider it well. Get involved in politics to limit government. Vote the criminals out. Our Federal government power needs to be limited in scope.

        Who will direct the pogrom the next few election cycles? How violent will the “powers-that-be” fight to keep that ability?

        Thought police can be a double edged sword.

        • Dallas says:

          I don’t buy into the notion that the fed government is eavesdropping on my specific life. Instead , I believe they are eavesdropping on known terrorists or watching for patterns that experts determine are terrorist acts in the making.

          If Willard gets elected, I’m much more concerned that he will appoint Christian Taliban judges and ideological loons to positions of power. I’m not concerned that Willard would be interested in my rather mundane life.

          • denacron says:

            I agree. Its the power to put those “judges” of your life in place that are disturbing no? Many 3 letter agencies are Judges, Jury, and at times executioner. Arming heavier ever so much of late. No due process by the executive in all three roles now in a few cases.

            Limit them and the scope of their shenanigans and what do you have to fear from any appointment of a Willard, Joe or Susy?

            Rule of law, not rule-less leaders is, I suppose, my point. Level headed and non reactionary leaders seem rare but they can be found. We can elect them.

          • Dallas says:

            Evidently YOU are eavesdropping on me here, you fucktard .

            You’re a colossal waste of blog space

          • LibertyLover says:

            The ability of the government to track your movements should be a concern for everybody. You may trust the current administration, but these laws won’t disappear with them. They will be there during the next one.

            Are you willing to put your liberty at risk if the next administration is hostile to you and yours? They might start tracking you to find out where you visit on a regular basis and sic the IRS on them. It would surely suck, I’m sure, to have all your favorite haunts run out of business by the IRS.

            If you want equal treatment, you have to want it for everybody, not just yourself. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a bigot.

            You may not be saying these exact words, but the meaning is the same: “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

            Just remember that Crazy Joe Goebbels said the same thing in 1933 when the Nazis went door to door looking for Jews. Then it was the gays. And then the cripples. Eventually, it would have been anyone who didn’t look Aryan.

  4. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Evidently only illegal aliens who are in the shadows, and mosques…are outside the grid…the rest of us, everyone born here…are toast.

    • Grey Bird says:

      A little prejudiced are we? All illegals aren’t from Mexico or the middle east, there are plenty from other countries. Also, even illegals use cell phones and the internet and so aren’t immune from this unconstitutionally illegal surveillance.

  5. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    And my participation in this blog does not imply I have forgotten or forgiven the squirrel atrocities of Mark Perkel..in the words of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, “that’s a bridge too far.”

    • Dallas says:

      I like you being here as we need someone to be the bookend marker for the lunatic fringe opinions.

  6. jpfitz says:

    SUN, JUN 16
    Big Brother’s Prying Eyes •6:00 PM •11:30 PM


    Looks interesting.

  7. Jason says:

    They’re making list,

    checking it twice,

    they’re MAKE UP who’s been naughty or nice!

  8. Jason says:

    they’ll MAKE UP who’s been naughty or nice!




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