In an interview with the New York Observer’s Politicker, McMillan said Weiner exposed his “freaky-ism in the wrong way.”

“We all are freaky. He just exposed his freaky-ism in the wrong way,” McMillan said. “I think Anthony needs someone like me to tell him, ‘Don’t be afraid to go get help if you need it.

McMillan said he told Weiner not to quit.
“If you need another woman, I can help you get another woman if that’s what you need,” he said. “(Weiner) created a character called ‘Carlos Danger.’ Ooh, that is a marketing bonanza … He can put a hat on a dildo and call himself ‘Carlos Danger.’ Everyone will get it for someone just as a gift. He can make a billion dollars out of that in one month.”

UPDATE: “Weiner says he is ‘100 percent not’ sexting anyone right now”

  1. bobbo, we are social creatures yet solitary at the same time says:

    I really like Weiner (sic). He is an advocate for the poor ((meaning you and me as we are all part of the 99% n’est pas??)) but I have to admit that idiocy does not express itself only on a single issue. No, its a more general approach/orientation to life. I don’t know on what other subjects Weiner would be nut sack crazy==but the odds of it being present, ESPECIALLY after and because he got elected to office after the exposure, is just too likely to vote for the guy.

    Yes–being / wanting to be a politician is more often about personal demons that any desire at all for public service.

    Maybe like Jury Duty, public office should be a selection process and we be forced to do it?

    Ha, ha.===pros and cons to all we do.

    • MikeN says:

      You’re part of the one percent and the rest of the world is 99%.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    Ok, off topic. But just in case DU doesn’t catch up with the news. The US Congress takes a five week vacation, just as the world goes on high alert for terrorist action. Just a coincidence? Was this vacation thing, planned well in advance. And the terrorists decided to exploit it? Or was it something sudden, when word of the threat first surfaced? And Congressmen are hurrying home to safety (the not having all political eggs in one Congressional basket, theory).

    • TimbotCBIv2.0.0.7(beta) says:

      you don’t like my evil plan for freedom?? But I got it off SkyMall.

    • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

      It is called a “District work period”. It has been planned since the schedule was announced by Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the beginning of the year.

      How many Representatives actually do work in their district during this break is another question. Also, it may not actually be a break,since if the House does in fact recess, tje President can make recess appointments. So for the last couple of years the House doesn’t formally recess (and therefore the Senate also cannot recess) and any appointments made by the President are not valid. Google recent court case on recess appointments which the President lost.

      For a good (or sad) laugh go to

      and read his missive on the schedule. Also you can download a pdf with the schedule. The dark colored days are days in session, except nothing of importance happens before Noon at the start of any week and everybody is leaving before Noon on the last working days of the week. I.e. a five day work week start for Congress is really only four full days.

  3. Glenn E. says:

    So if this Weiner guy is playing around, at all cost. What’s this say about his marriage? Is it just a marriage, in name only. And even at that, Huma kept her own last name. Unlike her bosom buddy Hillary, who didn’t think her career would suffer from changing names. But then her married name isn’t Weiner. Maybe that was more than Huma wanted to live with, the rest of her life. But she claims she’s sticking with Anthony, because she loves him. She just doesn’t love him enough to sacrifice her family name. Even though her mother did hers, decades ago. So what’s so special about the Abedin name? Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood had something to say about it. So why did they even allow Huma to marry Anthony, unless there was some political advantage involved? Maybe she needed more than just a B.A. to get into politics, after being out of the country since age 2.

    • TimbotCBIv2.0.0.7(beta) says:

      Huma is good at one thing — cleaning carpets. And when I say ‘cleaning’ I really mean licking very very dirty mangina Clinton carpets.

  4. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    “Weiner says he is ’100 percent not’ sexting anyone right now”

    How about now? And now? And now?

    Even a Jr High student can see the loophole Weiner left for himself.

    And did you see a picture of the ex-intern Olivia Nuzzi who was verbally ravaged by a top aide for Weiner’s campaign? Wow!

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      It all seems pretty obvious to me. Same with Clinton. Always p’d me off the bobbleheads would claim Clinton was such a clever word master. “Only if you are an idiot” I constantly thought.

      No one is saying this about Weiner yet. Many do call him slick though.

  5. ROTFLMAO says:

    You just KNOW this guy is going places. I say, CLINTON / WEINER for President!!!

    …After all, it worked twice before.

  6. MikeN says:

    “Weiner says he is ’100 percent not’ sexting anyone right now”

    Not right this instant, no.

  7. Alex says:

    Weiner is a brilliant political mind ruined by a idiotic sexual fetish, (which includes finding joy in public humiliation).


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