The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, has called off a state visit to the US in October after the US spied on her personal communications and those of other Brazilians.

Rousseff’s decision came on Tuesday despite a 20-minute telephone call from her US counterpart, Barack Obama, on Monday night in an attempt to salvage the trip.

In a statement, Rousseff’s office said: “The two presidents decided to postpone the state visit since the outcome of this visit should not be conditioned on an issue which for Brazil has not been satisfactorily resolved.

“The illegal interceptions of communications and data of citizens, companies and members of the Brazilian government represents a serious act which violates national sovereignty and is incompatible with democratic coexistence between friendly countries…”

Relations were hit after the National Security Agency snooped on emails, text messages and calls between the Brazilian president and her aides, as well as the Brazilian state oil giant Petrobras.

The revelations came from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, a US intelligence contractor, and prompted a political uproar in Brazil.

US officials said blah, blah, blahRousseff was not convinced, and said she would act to protect her country.

You know, saying everyone does it is only an acceptable reason among thieves.

  1. dcphill says:

    And she ain’t coming till the stink goes away.

  2. bobbo, a studient of Machiavelli and all things Princely says:

    “You know, pretending you don’t do it yourself is only acceptable posturing among politicians.” //// I don’t think EITHER pol gives a sh*t beyond having to pretend they do to their respective publics. Obama and Rouseff talked about the burden of having to “deal with” the public, discussed various issues of mutual concern, and mutually agreed without ever saying so to wait for the public’s memory to fade before going on according to their perceived interests.

    Same as it always was.

    • Grey Bird says:

      No doubt true. So many people are behaving as if this spying has just happened recently, when it’s been going on for decades. It’s just become more public recently.

  3. jpfitz says:

    Tit for Tat. If the Brazilians were spying on the White House and reading internal messages then what the hay.

    “The trip was expected to be a platform for deals on oil exploration and biofuels technology, and Brazil’s potential $4bn purchase of 36 F-18 fighter jets from Boeing.”

    See what not playing nice gets you, a lost sale of killing machines. Good for her, screw with a hot blooded Latin women, and step back.

  4. dusanmal says:

    And let’s hope that this Marxist Neo-Fascist Progressive never ever steps a foot on our soil. Our own one is just about all this country can take.

  5. Uncle Patso says:

    Taxed Enough Already Dude said, in part:

    “… No American revolt will be possible…”

    Are you kidding? It’s already well under way. The Tea-publicans in Congress are weeks away from destroying the “full faith and credit” of the U.S.

    Why do right-wingers hate America?

    • Captain Obvious says:

      It’s definitely break out the popcorn and watch the Republicans in Congress eat each other alive. It’s enough to turn Boehner orange.

    • Mextli says:

      Because it’s been polluted by the left.

  6. Dallas says:

    Never squander an opportunity to suck up to constituents.


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