We really should press the no pay for Congress during a shutdown.


  1. dusanmal says:

    Nor should it be exempt from laws it passes particularly if said law has specific built-in provision stating that they can’t be exempt. Part of shutdown happened as Democrats in Senate and President refused any examination of the Republican offered REMOVAL of ILLEGAL exemption of Congress from the Obamacare (which was done on specific demand of Dem. Pelosi in August and by President who by that law have had no such authority).
    Also, did Democrat or Republican just introduced Constitutional amendment specifically making Congress and President to never ever be exempt of any law they pass? (Answr, not only Rep. but dreaded on this blog Tea Party leader R. Paul).

    • MikeN says:

      Obama did not want Democratic members of Congress, and more importantly, their staffers, to have a reason for supporting the overturning of ObamaCare. If they had to go through it personally and pay out of pocket, then suddenly that shutdown would like a good thing.

  2. I.Dohno says:

    And mandatory drug testing.

  3. McCullough says:

    Sounds good to me, but you have to agree to fire or at least stop paying that Sebelius witch.

  4. AdmFubar says:

    all elected officials should be paid at minimum wage… equal pay for equal work!

    they also should be required to give away all their assets for public service. all investments and savings should go to public charities… let them learn what it is really like to live in the real world

  5. Dallas says:

    The notion of having to create a law/rule WHEN the government shuts down is ridiculous.

    As king , my rule would be:

    “Any lawmaker responsible for a government shutdown will be terminated, assessed a fine of one year’s salary and forfeit any opportunity to serve in any public office forever”

  6. WmDE says:

    Why pay them at all?

    Calculate their net worth on entering office. At the end of each year recalculate and take half of any gains in net worth.

  7. bobbo, the One Great Liberal looking forward to America going Total Socialist says:

    Attention directed to the toenail polish of the pissants while the Behemoth Elephants of Spending/Taxing programs is running amok.

    Do not look here.

    Stoopid Hoomans.

  8. MikeN says:

    Works for me. But were they paid?

    For that matter the furloughed government workers shouldn’t be paid for not working.

    Then again the park service employees who were working during a shutdown should have to pay everyone else.

  9. Anon says:

    And they can start using HealthCare.gov to shop for health insurance.

  10. Dave says:

    I agree they should not be paid at all. This is a public service that many people would do it for free. Plus, this is the only job you can get making around $100,000/yr and after 1 term you are a multimillionaire. How does that work?


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