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  1. MWD78 says:

    Brazil, Russia, India…wait, what does India do?

    well…who do you think runs the communications hub for them? where are all the call centers?

  2. ECA says:

    lETS insert a few points.
    for all the money in taxes…and ALL the CUTS in gov. over the last 30+ years..
    what services WERE NOT CUT?

    I wonder what would happen if this nation WENT BACK to being a democratic republic…

    when the you BUY stuff in this country..you DONT pay for 1 group, corp,companies WORK… you are paying at least 3.. you pay for about 100 people.. buy food, you pay for all those company people along the way that HAD something to do with it.. growers, processors, truckers, RE-PROCESSORS, more truckers, all the book keepers..and ALL the BOSS’s…then lets add the STOCK brokers..

    Efficiency SUCKS..Whats going to happen when our CARS and trucks get better mileage? TAXES..MORE and HIGHER. ALL of them..and gas prices.
    when cars got 10mpg there was LOTs of tax money to fix roads. As raised the mileage..(doubled it) and taxes went up…we are doubling again.. USE 1/4 the fuel from the OLD days and the taxes need to go up 4 times..as well as the INCREASES in the wages over time and the COST of materials..

  3. Uncle Patso says:

    “when cars got 10mpg there was LOTs of tax money to fix roads.”

    There is at least 4 to 10 times the amount of paved roads today, including all the Interstate system. That’s a lot of roads to build and maintain. It’s not like road building stopped in the ’30s.


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