Executive Producers: Gregory Ball
Associate Executive Producers: The Pisan, Sir Chris Eisbach, Craig Mazzella
Art By: MartinJJ
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  1. Glenn E. says:

    Well you’ve all probably heard the news by now. Nelson Mandela died today. So it was a brief vacation for the major network Tv news. They all ran their prepared obit material on Mandela. It’s not like they had to scramble to write anything, when they were expecting this any day. He was 95 years old, and on death’s door. So don’t tell me they didn’t get half a day off, with all that news preparation. Pre-edited interview footage. The works. And possibly why they started the MLK jr. “Profiles in Courage” school essays, a month early. Didn’t they use to wait until January? The Black history month observance, seems to get a bit longer every year. And August has the MLK jr statue dedication, brought up every year. They don’t mention the Statue of Liberty’s dedication, every year, on October 28th. But you watch. Every year, they’ll mention the MLK statue dedication. So that’s December thru March. And then August. And now that they’ve got Mandela’s death this December, it’s a lock. They can harp about that every year, right after Thanksgiving. I think they’re almost happy he died before January. To stretch out the “history” observance time. Because next year, the kids will have to start writing their Mandela essays a month earlier, in November, or even October.

    • norman keena says:

      go out there and hit them in the mouth…

      “My position, my position… my position is that you don’t hand over your weapons until you get what you want… ”

      In April 2000, the political row over the IRA’s unwillingness to decommission its weapons was dominating the political news during that visit to Dublin; so much so that, before Mandela came to lunch, he had met the Sinn Fein leadership.

      only one more week and I’m out of here, watching news from Dublin in Dublin. Exercise in bi-polar madness.

      Double dutch presidential spokes hole Ms Van Lie shout
      seems to have run away, Ireland said it giving gazillion to Philippines earthquake and typhoon twice. then one of those endless tribunals announce this side of border that other side said this side said did it…

      First in Belfast 30 yrs ago and last 3 months in my home town here put the place far away. left over G8 Drone bomb squad in action and month later Glasgow Gorbals helicopter kills Saturday night.

      Now if they say shopping mall turnstile bomb ck. c’mon , imagine Amazon drones patting down xmas shopping

      So here is the thing: every end of 4th quarter must be higher then last, else we are doomed , doomed I tell ye.

      kobenhaven never know they wired over the sound

      ESB strike 2013

      Dublin Lock-out

      20,000 workers and 300 employers from 26 August 1913 to 18 January 1914, viewed as significant dispute

      • Tim says:

        I’ve a good little doggie…

      • norman keena says:

        they say, well never mnd what they say, it was over 5 years ago.. never mind… mine or yours gone to dogs. or whatever… it over .. gone.. new build new… g’wan go for it. nothing too loose

        friggin norwegian saying fish contaminate, monsanto ahhh death.. diaariah climate fish saying ahhhh… now i know where i live, you know where you live… are ye mad… cabbAGE.. cabbaqge i bank a/c balance. fuk it.

  2. Kent says:

    Is it just my end or is the audio awful this week?

  3. ECA says:

    Santa travels HOW FAST>>>
    WE can track him??? I dont think soooo..
    by the time you spotted him he would be GONE..
    JETS can fly with him?? 200-300kts? THAT AINT FAST..

    • Satan Clause {part b subsection 16-a} says:

      I get a head start and aim the tachion beam at the point in space that will be next Winter-Solstice-Deflorination-Festival (aka, Christmas).

      This way, the tachion particles will infect your parents to do my crime-out-of-time redistribution of filthy luker wealth for me — even if you don’t have a fire place; cheap bastards…

      • Tim says:

        Filthy, nasty time manipulator ^^

        Value for value?? I occupied yo momma and made Lincoln scream, so to speak. Pinching pennies by employing the immense heat of time-travel is much more satisfying than wrecking trains by letting them just lay around on the tracks. That, and nickels…

    • Elf Number ####9998 says:

      You think Santa Clause is REAL?! Maybe you think politicians don’t lie too. Or maybe you ARE one!

      …Sorry Virginia.

  4. My God, Feinstein is a total idiot.

  5. Sea Lawyer says:

    It occurs to me that Adam’s constant interjections every two seconds while playing clips really is the most annoying part if the show.

  6. anonymous Coward says:

    In five years from now, both Adam and John will look like huge fools after having adamantly claimed in this episode that both delivery drones and driverless cars “will not happen in our lifetimes”.

    Oh and Adam ABSOLUTELY DID SAY last month that he will sell his bitcoins when it reaches $1,000, what a liar. He also lied when he told John that he has only a few bit coins. As of today he has 65.5616233 bitcoins, about $60k.