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  1. Dallas says:

    FOX News says the unemployment is about 60%. I don’t believe it one bit.

    • C Plus Plus says:

      Then think about all the people on food stamps or other public subsidies (aka “welfare”). You can also look at all the private charities too (Salvation Army, United Way, etc.)!

      People in these programs may not all necessarily be “un” employed (which would be your argument). But there is a majority of under-employed people everywhere you look. One only needs to look at the minimum wage push to see that.

      You also have to understand that the unemployment insurance (UI) program(s) only count people who are receiving benefits too. The UI program(s) does not count people after they have been dropped from the program and are no longer receiving benefits. So when you look at the numbers of people who have been dropped it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone found work!

      This UI reporting is also a nice little white lie for politicians too. Because politicians know that it only takes about a year for an unemployed person to get out of the program – one way or another!

      So to really understand the employment situation in America, you have to look at other indicators. And as I said, food stamps is a pretty good indicator that there is still pathetic employment problem in America. (Either that or the majority of people on food stamps are just a bunch of damned freeloaders). There are also polls and other statistical analysis of things like homeless shelters to look at too.

      So when Fox says 60-percent, you really have to listen since that number may be a bit LOW! But if you want to mince words and stick to the political reports then yes, “unemployment” is only about 7-percent.

  2. We the sheeple…

  3. Dallas says:

    It hasn’t been brought up as a topic for strange reasons but Republican Governor Christie using his power as governor to exact revenge on his political opponents have little to do with this unemployment curve.

  4. Porky Rottenham says:

    If you superimpose a graph of real estate values on the above unemployment graph, you will see the same line, inverted top-to-bottom. We crashed in 2006-2007. We have never recovered. We are in a depression. But this time, we have no FDR.

  5. Traaxx says:

    60%? What happend to 27% and more recent 37.5%. At 60% we wouldn’t have an economy.



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