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  1. t0llyb0ng says:

    Gershwin plays solo piano


  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    Gershwin hates youtube links


    • pedro says:

      FWI, the first link with the www, works perfectly well for me.

      • ± says:

        The first one I have to copy and paste to use. The second one is ‘hot’. My browser is Firefox.

        • Glenn E. says:

          For some weird reason. Dvorak’s blog doesn’t like the “www.” part of URLs. So you have to remove it, before hitting “submit comment”. Anything else in the URL, it uses. Especially the “http://” part. I forget to remove the “www.” once in a while, myself. Since this blog is the only case, where I have to do it.

          • pedro says:

            It works in opera. It doesn’t work in firefox nor IE, the link stops at http://www., the rest is shown as just regular text.

            Which means the bolg is not properly forwarding the address. Opera is able to compensate for that shortcoming while browsers for pwnd people don’t

        • pedro says:

          Works in Opera ±.

          Time to change to a better browser, firefox has been lagging (with crashes & odd behaviors) for several versions

          • Fox in the Hen House says:

            NO WAY!

            Firefox works great! It’s speedy and stable too! However, it may appear to be faulty if you have tons of bit rott (installed uninstalled programs, careless with cache, etc.), have driver problems and/or haven’t updated in a while.

          • pedro says:

            No, nothing of the sort. It crashes your machine if you visit sites using flash (particularly video) and has develop a stupid habit that when you open it with another program up, it goes into the background forcing you to minimize the previous program’s window to bring it back up.

            And thank god I only have 4 plug-ing in that laggard. What a pain everytime the browser self updates that makes.

            And I’m not alone here. Just asks bobbo how he was thinking his machine was having problems only to find out it was firefox draining his resources & crashing his computer.

            But hey, you keep editing those links before you paste them so they can be seen in this blog when using firefox, I just will keep on not caring about that with Opera

  3. John Paul says:

    Haha the interview at 23:00 is brilliant. I think that guy nicely inserted “he’s a cunt [pause] is essentially true”


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