An interesting conundrum for Asimov’s First Law of Robotics.

A front tire blows, and your autonomous SUV swerves. But rather than veering left, into the opposing lane of traffic, the robotic vehicle steers right. Brakes engage, the system tries to correct itself, but there’s too much momentum.
Your robot, the one you paid good money for, has chosen to kill you. Better that, its collision-response algorithms decided, than a high-speed, head-on collision with a smaller, non-robotic compact. There were two people in that car, to your one. The math couldn’t be simpler.
If a crash is unavoidable, should an autonomous car choose who it slams into?

  1. No pardon for Obama's High Crimes and Misdemeaors says:

    If there are no Republican, Teaparty,Conservative,Libertarian victims available, the car should self destruct lest any Muslims be offended. Perhaps one of our Dear Leader’s Speeches, edited to conform to common core verbiage, should blast from the speakers to comfort all witnessing this event.

    And Bobbo will do his Bojangles dance.

  2. Johnny says:

    “should an autonomous car choose who it slams into?”

    You bet your ass it will choose. For extra money, the slammo-9000 logic board will choose to slam into whatever is the most likely to cause the least amount of damage to the slamm-er. In addition, lower end models will actively avoid vehicles equipped with the slammo-9000.