I’m working on the idea of building myself a new computer. Currently using a 5 year old HP laptop running Windows 7 and thinking about Windows 8. But I’m also thinking that I might want to run Windows under VirtualBox under Linux host.

I have another older computer running Linux and installed Windows 8 as a trial in a Virtual Box. I have to say that I’m more impressed with VirtualBox and I am with Windows 8. As far as I can tell Windows 8 is working very well on old hardware, quad core AMD with 8 gigs ram. In fact Windows 8 is still more impressive than Centos 6.5 as a host. As a virtual OS Windows found my network printer and scanner. It even found my Sony TV.

I’m thinking of buying new computer hardware. Thinking AMD 6 or 8 core processor and 32 gigs of ram. Host OS being Centos. Guest being Win8 or maybe Win7 if I can’t get Win8 to be “normal”. I’m thinking Windows as a client so I can back it up by just copying the disk files Virtual Box creates. Under Linux I feel like I have control of the file system in a way that I don’t with Windows. Also – the CryptoDefense virus that a friend got a few months ago has scared me enough to not want Windows to be a host OS. But Linux still doesn’t do a lot of the stuff Windows does and don’t want to spend days just making it talk to my printer and scanner.

It’s not just the lack of a start button. I found an app for that. I want the task bar to stay the same. I want to stop a bunch of apps that want to go full screen to stop doing that. I want the task bar to be the same. I want the Windows 7 experience and hide all the Windows 8 crap.

So my current laptop is big screen and has a 25 inch HDMI TV plugged in as a second monitor. New computer I’m thinking will be home made desk top with 2 24 inch HDMI TVs as monitors.

So – looking for some feedback.

Windows 8 sucks. It’s a computer not a cell phone. Will I ever get Windows 8 to behave like Windows 7? Will I ever be happy with it? Are there any significant advantages to Windows 8 or should I just install 7?

Any video cards that I should know about? What I’m looking for is good video on YouTube. Video now is just a tiny by choppy but running on very old motherboard. I’m hoping that a modern MB will solve that problem. VirtualBox advice appreciated.

Would like general feedback about my idea and if there’s a better idea I should consider.



  1. HUGSaLOT says:

    I’ve been using windows 8 since it’s beta and I’ve had no real issues with it that others always complain about. Also you should consider the free update to 8.1

    Sure the metro/tile screen that replaced the Start menu *IS* utter crap and that was the only thing that bothered me, but install Classic Shell and you won’t even notice it anymore (it’s still there if you want it).


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