I’m working on the idea of building myself a new computer. Currently using a 5 year old HP laptop running Windows 7 and thinking about Windows 8. But I’m also thinking that I might want to run Windows under VirtualBox under Linux host.

I have another older computer running Linux and installed Windows 8 as a trial in a Virtual Box. I have to say that I’m more impressed with VirtualBox and I am with Windows 8. As far as I can tell Windows 8 is working very well on old hardware, quad core AMD with 8 gigs ram. In fact Windows 8 is still more impressive than Centos 6.5 as a host. As a virtual OS Windows found my network printer and scanner. It even found my Sony TV.

I’m thinking of buying new computer hardware. Thinking AMD 6 or 8 core processor and 32 gigs of ram. Host OS being Centos. Guest being Win8 or maybe Win7 if I can’t get Win8 to be “normal”. I’m thinking Windows as a client so I can back it up by just copying the disk files Virtual Box creates. Under Linux I feel like I have control of the file system in a way that I don’t with Windows. Also – the CryptoDefense virus that a friend got a few months ago has scared me enough to not want Windows to be a host OS. But Linux still doesn’t do a lot of the stuff Windows does and don’t want to spend days just making it talk to my printer and scanner.

It’s not just the lack of a start button. I found an app for that. I want the task bar to stay the same. I want to stop a bunch of apps that want to go full screen to stop doing that. I want the task bar to be the same. I want the Windows 7 experience and hide all the Windows 8 crap.

So my current laptop is big screen and has a 25 inch HDMI TV plugged in as a second monitor. New computer I’m thinking will be home made desk top with 2 24 inch HDMI TVs as monitors.

So – looking for some feedback.

Windows 8 sucks. It’s a computer not a cell phone. Will I ever get Windows 8 to behave like Windows 7? Will I ever be happy with it? Are there any significant advantages to Windows 8 or should I just install 7?

Any video cards that I should know about? What I’m looking for is good video on YouTube. Video now is just a tiny by choppy but running on very old motherboard. I’m hoping that a modern MB will solve that problem. VirtualBox advice appreciated.

Would like general feedback about my idea and if there’s a better idea I should consider.



  1. Comanche says:

    Windows 8 is enough to make me switch to Apple and I hate Apple. That’s how much I hate windows 8. I’ll wait a year and see if they replace the turd.

    • HUGSaLOT says:

      So much hate for windows 8 yet other than metro/tiles screen, no one really explains why they hate it.

      People just go on and on chanting “windows 8 sucks” like some mindless meme that people hear and just repeat out of peer pressure, with out actually trying the OS.

      Every time M$ releases a new OS people complain about it before they even use it. Which explains why so many people are still using Windows XP.

  2. David says:

    I have no problems with Win8. I run Win7 and Win8 and frankly the differences are very slim if you spend your time in the desktop. I prefer Win8 to Win7 because:

    – I like the way it handles dual screen setups
    – There are a few metro apps that I like
    – The copy operations seem to perform better
    – overall performance seems a bit better

    I boot directly to desktop and very rarely need to deal with anything metro related. There are some control panel type operations that are metro, but frankly these are hardly ever used. How many times do you need to adjust users?

    I wouldn’t upgrade a Win7 machine to Win8 in most cases. But if I was starting fresh, I’d definitely go Win8.

    • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

      1. How does Win 8 handle dual screen set ups? I set my dual screen up in Win 7 about 3 years ago in 3 minutes.

      2. Which Metro Apps do you like. Are these apps unavailable in win 7?

      3. How does a copy operation perform better? Faster maybe but it either copies or it doesn’t? I like using TerraCopy because it has a progress box showing how many files have been transferred and you can add to it during the transfer process. Something win7 doesn’t do. Nice app and its free.

      4. Overall performance increase is always nice….. anything more than the above?

      Newbies want to know!!!!!!!!!

      • David says:

        1. For me the key difference in the dual monitors is that you can have a task bar on both screens. None of this is earth shattering, but all helpful. There are some other cosmetic changes:


        2. The primary app I like on the Metro side is a security camera program (IPCamera). There are variations for the desktop but they are more complicated. There is also a Google Calendar client I like(1Calendar). I also play some games as well use the Xbox app. Again nothing earth shattering but all nice to have.

        3. The copy dialog is changed in Win8. I think it works faster but really it’s hard for me to tell whether its hardware or something else. I can’t really quantify the performance increase– only to say it feels faster.

        So none of this is really huge, and not saying it is worth and upgrade. But it’s all useful and I like it. At the same price I go for Win8.

        • pedro says:

          Too much work to make something usable out of 8. And google calendar over outlook? Please!

          Which reminds me, what a crappy “app” MS decided to bundle as a sorry excuse for mail client

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

          Thanks David. when there is very little difference, it will be the little things that make a difference.

          Seems to the functionality of the apps your mention are all available on Win 7 too so are you just noting that they are “bundles” with Win 8 or what?

          I like my double montior arrangement. One 21 inch horizaontal and one 27 inch in Portrait. Portrait allow basically a display equal to two monitors WITH space at the top and botton for monitoring apps and tool bars.

          Totally kuel.

          • David says:


            Seems to the functionality of the apps your mention are all available on Win 7 too so are you just noting that they are “bundles” with Win 8 or what?


            I think the Apps are better than the Win7 solutions I found. So for the cameras I can load up a big program to do it on Win7, but I prefer the simpler solution on Win8. You can use Outlook or the web for Google Calendar but 1Calendar is simpler.

            Again, not a reason to upgrade but a nice to have. I just see the differences between Win7 and Win8 as being way overdone. They are nearly the same for desktop users!

          • pedro says:

            Of course, “apps” are way better than actual programs to perform a task: they are smaller with less functionality and send all your data to MS and/or the app publisher. Win/win

          • Tim says:

            I already pointed out “”the fucking thing sux , why are you sniffing around for what scent beaver anal gland scent to patch into a late-model microsoft product??

  3. HUGSaLOT says:

    I’ve been using windows 8 since it’s beta and I’ve had no real issues with it that others always complain about. Also you should consider the free update to 8.1

    Sure the metro/tile screen that replaced the Start menu *IS* utter crap and that was the only thing that bothered me, but install Classic Shell and you won’t even notice it anymore (it’s still there if you want it).


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