So how do you use this method to multiply pi and an imaginary number?

  1. What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

    We are doomed.

    • normankeena says:

      ye task yer first tinks away from last thought and multiply by two or kill memory of 2nd grade teacher and divide twice nor admid ye never had nearve to know nothin

      when the bell wrang and all the kids ran out, matt teach would stand proud infront of number written on blackboard.. i’d only copy sum numbers, like a b c d and answers.. so that was me sums, i liked matth it was either right or wroong.. hated spellings. ye got whacked for getting spellings wrong. and wan day big joe brown got put on his knees ‘cos he got his spelling wrong. well it was ‘cos he would not play in goal for school sport, he , well his dad said, he play ‘soccor’ black clothed bro say ye play GAA, it was like jfk killed our school.

      we had 17 school teachers in 3rd grade that yr. amazing one of them invented the big table.. like woot is 19 times 19 teen.. smack.. it is not hard ye just nine time nine and ad the other … ( now i can not remember, but i could do it then) and when i was cheekie, the black clothed brother would smack with his leather , he put coins in his leather slapper, sew in coins and he take outh of poverty

      joe browns dad, said , this man has harmed you… and now he will say sorry… joe browns dad was a big man, the brother did say sorry

  2. jpfitz says:

    This is a sarcastic video, where’s the /s?

    You take your knife and cut the pi multiplied by the amount of friends you’ll be sharing the pi with. Simple.

  3. ECA says:

    Just round..
    10×4 then -the diff, on 10-9=1.. times 4..

    • dade0 says:

      As a quick check on that arithmetic, all products of single digit multiples of nine’s digits add to nine:

      2×9=18 — >1+8=9
      3×9=27 –> 2+7=9
      4×9=36 –> 3+6=9
      9×9=81 –> 8+1=9

      This falls apart after 10..

      • One Potato Two says:

        No matter. Numbers higher than 10 are overrated.

      • Love Deluxe says:

        actually, it doesn’t fall apart at all, it just takes more steps sometimes.

        9×11 = 99 -> 9+9 = 18 -> 1+8=9
        9×12 = 108 -> 1+0+8 = 9
        9×13 = 117 -> 1+1+7=9
        9×29 = 261 -> 2+6+1 = 9
        9×4,351 = 39,159 -> 3+9+1+5+9 = 27 -> 2+7=9

        this is called finding the digital root, and any multiple of 9 has a digital root of 9.

  4. Marc Pugner says:

    was expecting some common core bullshit, but what i got was even worse than that.

  5. the real mark pugner says:

    Building a picture or story to remember stuff is nothing new and it is kind of the way people remember numerous phone numbers or the order of a shuffled deck of cards.

    This is useless for teaching math concepts, as without understanding the underlying principle you can’t make the right connections or assumptions made in the story.
    Example, with only the method explained above someone you could do: 5 oranges X 13 bananas = 65 pineapples. The reason we teach number tables is that you are only dealing with numbers: a number X a number = a number. oranges X bananas = pineapples doesn’t make any sense. Linear algebra is an example of a math field that discusses part of this abstraction. Teaching linear algebra is not needed for using simple math for everyday life, but this video is horrible.

    If you don’t know the underlying principle, you don’t get that the story is only a tool to remember it, and even a stupid example as this becomes quickly impractical trying to memorize all number tables.

    Well, here is an answer to the question, why don’t you learn multiplying like this in school.

    • dusanmal says:

      “Building a picture or story to remember stuff is nothing new and it is kind of the way people remember numerous phone numbers or the order of a shuffled deck of cards.” – only by people who were not properly trained at the proper development stage in their life. That is a crutch similar to one a kid prevented from movement during growing-up time would need to walk, be it that such kid if allowed to properly develop could walk without crutch just fine. You do not need BS like this video for math’ nor crutch for walking nor stories for memorizing if you use full, normal human potential.
      Example from my education: we were never told to use crutches for memorization. During elementary school language education we were given progressively longer literary items to remember. From 10 verse simple poem at the start of 1st grade to a 100+ page novel at the end of 8th grade (I for example needed to remember the whole novel Evgenii Onegin [125 pages in my native language] in a month as a part of graduating 8th grade). Result? – same as a kid who have been let to run and climb during muscular development who is capable to move without crutches I can remember completely random, long passwords (for example in a modern life) [right now I do not have any shorter than 24 characters], different for all sites/services I need. Not because I am somehow “gifted” but because I was properly trained at the proper developmental stage. And without any BS story crutches.
      Lack of understanding that education MUST contain such boring drills and building of abilities is what is plaguing modern educational systems. Yes, you can find historical facts on any Wiki in a second and yes, your calculator can “crutch” you so that you do not need math-by hand but learning historical facts not only gives you perspective in your own brain but trains memorization and ex. solving a triangle with pen and paper alone develops mental capabilities to understand higher math.

      • the real mark pugner says:

        I have a hard time figuring out if you disagree with me or not. The first paragraph I only wanted to point out what kind of method they are using. Never have I used that method for memorization, only read some stuff about it. I am rather skeptical about it even, but to keep the comment down decided not to go into detail.

        You have a good point about modern educational systems. The education system is full with these kind of crutches, the calculator itself is a good example that benefits easy use, but completely inhibits learning how everyday math actually works. People don’t learn the subject, but how to use the crutches.

        The point I kind of made implicitly is that these methods –>might<– be helpful, but certainly not until somebody has knowledge of the underlying principle. This agrees with your example that calculator remove the math-by hand part, but you actually don't learn higher math concepts, like if you would solve it just with pen and paper (the triangle you mention is a great example). And also agrees with your example of why learning historical facts by heart gives you your own perspective (and train your memory at the same time), while relying on wikipedia might be handy, but you will always be referring to somebody else's perspective and will always keep forgetting it (good for wikipedia's page views though, lol). Is this what you meant?

        I agree with you that you don't need these kind of boring drills, but what do you think is the cause of why the educational system is like this? And could you go into more detail what you think is the correct/better way to teaching?

  6. McCullough says:

    WTF! Now, substitute the golf club for a curved machete so our undocumented will better comprehend.

  7. jpfitz says:

    Uncle you’ve been had, or all the Pedro’s here have.!buAzfN

    “Of course it’s satire, but it’s played so straight
     across the web for so many years that it’s a masterful feat. You have to wonder if anyone ever took it seriously. My guess is that it would be easy to take it seriously if you just read the ads for the apps. The articles, well, someone with less-than-stellar critical thinking skills might swallow them whole, but the videos area real WTF moment. -via Digg

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas unless the words are religious in context which is just a form of brain rot says:

      Thanks jp. Good job. I stopped watching the video. My spidey sense is always on…… even as I stride for in this world as a Pedro.

      Following on Dusanmal–I too think wrote memorization atleast through the 12’s is kind basic “but” word images is a standard technique of all those memory experts….. they can’t ALL be camera tricks right?

      I fail though as I can’t remember the mnemonic. I took an Evelyn Woods speed reading course once…. it helps. There are “tricks” to supplement what we learned as kiddies…. but filling up my imaginary house with symbols of what is to be remembered, just doesn’t work for me.

      Of note: many pilots find it easier/more reliable to add or subtract 200 then subtract or add 20 in order to find the reciprocal heading on the 360 degree compass. That helps when you are being shot at.

      • jpfitz says:

        The mnemonic at the bottom helped me at work. The adding 200 or subtracting a ten based number in math without paper or computer then subtracting or adding what was left aside works very good. I see no problem that the kiddies will be told that if memorization fails try looking at a workaround, as in adding or subtracting to get the correct answer.
        I don’t really know a whole lot about what the change in K-12 in math consists of, I guess we’ll see come a year or so.

        I too in 10th grade took the Evelyn Woods speed reading course also. The class was full of mostly adults. I did learn a lot in that course. I have a pretty good memory, I see videos or images of places I’ve been or films I’ve watched. If I can’t remember an actors name in a film I can sometimes run the credits sort of and the name comes through. Also TV ads done by actors stand out, I hear almost instantly who the actor is. The wife didn’t believe me at first till I googled the ad.
        I know Pedro will say otherwise.

        SOHCAHTOA Sine (Opposite over Hypotenuse), Cosine (Adjacent over Hypotenuse), Tangent (Opposite over Adjacent)
        SOHCAHTOA Some Old Horse Caught Another Horse Taking Oats Away (mnemonic for remembering sine, cosine and tangent)

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas unless the words are religious in context which is just a form of brain rot says:

          That kind of mnemonic works well for shorter lists of things that don’t change. the bones in the body, the order of planets, the elements chart etc.

          How filling a house with word associations works for remembering the names of all 100 people standing in line to get into the show, or the order of a shuffled deck of cards completely escapes me.

        • Tim says:

          Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly.

          mnemonic for resistor banding value

          I don’t remember the dang mnemonic for keeping straight the first brown or black stripe…still don’t remember sometimes to this day.

  8. Dummy Up says:

    Isn’t it bad enough that these little shits can’t make change without their fingers/toes, calculators, computers, etc. at places like McDonalds?! (FYI: All you need to do is learn to count backwards.)

    Mnemonics (which is the learning concept here) is probably a good way to memorize facts. But numbers are NOT facts — they’re NUMBERS!

    So China! Could you please foreclose on US before we forget how to COUNT?!

    • jpfitz says:

      Speak for yourself. I am NOT giving up on the American citizenry. No matter how divided the country is or how ignorant you think your slaves are. You can go to China if you’re so inclined.

      • Tim says:

        I guess I’m a cynic — I think the going public-generated consensus is that we’re pretty fucking stupid, jp.

        • jpfitz says:

          I’m with you on being a cynic. Prove it to me or I don’t believe. I do have faith in our young to solve the upcoming problems. I know of many 20 year olds who are very smart, college educated and debt free. They have good jobs right out of higher education. Me, I’m rooting for the generation to succeed.

          • Tim says:

            “”Prove it to me or I don’t believe.

            Umm, that would be a *skeptic* aka *science denier*

            You see? just what the conscensus said…

          • jpfitz says:

            Just cause I need scientific proof doesn’t mean I’m a science denier. I am a skeptic, and typically not about peer reviewed science, cynicism is defined as mistrust. I’m a science believer, not faith based, as in the big book.

            In matters of politics or media news about CC I’m a cynic and skeptical at the same time.When people who are wrong about the American upcoming citizenry, like Fox news, they are cynics.

            In the world of religion or newfangled cures for diseases I’m a skeptic.

            So, do I still fit the American model being defined by the public consensus. And do you believe the medias generalization?
            I may confuse cynic with skeptic.
            I think you’re being a bit picayune, my English has never been my strong subject of study.

            Maybe you’re just a contrarian?


          • Tim says:

            I’m not laughing at you, jp… I’m laughing near you. Is it because I’m a Vegan or just stupid??

            guage blocks are so nicely smooth they stick together like magnets from surface tension and spark like sparklers, sticking bits of metal into all your wrists and hands and tendons for the rest of your life and you didn’t even feel it until now… dad was not amused…

          • WWMD {what would metrologists do?} says:

            guage blocks, kilogram masses, frequency standards…My only toys as a child. I’m bitter. fuck ya’ll, i’m going green…

          • jpfitz says:

            Tim now you’re showing some ignorance. Guage blocks will stick together, not like magnets, although they may seem stuck together with forces unseen. In real life applications which I know you have none, .0001 of an inch is so small, like your knowledge of making anything useful for the world.

            Where did this odd Tim outburst come from.

          • Tim says:

            Ohh Myy{ly}… That went over like a lead ballon. My comment was as an acknowledgement to The Desk of God’s proposition sometime earlier that humanity, as a whole, is pretty flipping fucking stupid.

            I did mistakenly think my warm and affectionate gentle chiding and kindred love of gauge blocks might have played off a little better than it did — Yes. ‘Stiction’… several mechanisms for it but the way I remember the highest order one is because two different phenomena are manifest from the same explanation; a microscopically thin layer of trapped air between the blocks {1.} acts like a wetted surface and the surface tension of that air binds them together and {2} when bringing the blocks together flatly, there is a cushioned ‘thud’ instead of a sharp wrap, as i would have expected….

            I’m sorry, I was eight years old when the principle was explained to me… It’s possible the explainer could have been somewhat stupid.



            I suppose one should be careful demonstrating to himself the abject stupidity of his fellow citizenry if doing it like I have done in the past…

            Take semi-rural roads on a weekend… Here, anyways; The lights are always diddled with so that there is no getting through the areas any faster… This means that you’ll sit 10 minutes at an empty intersection waiting for a little bunch of cattle to form around you….

            Just try this; Just go through when the intersection is empty:: In one afternoon, one old guy just sits there at the empty light blaring his horn. Another monkey see/do follows me through, jams his foot on the brake in the middle of the intersection, waves his phone out the window, and still sits there laying on his horn. Another just ran in a ditch when she realized she just followed me right through a stopsign on a rural country rd. Just so many examples — my favorite is having to ride with an old preacher man decrying drunk drivers as he completely leaves his lane in a curve to take the oncoming lane because he “can see further what is coming this way”…

            These people are all on autopilot driving… They are all impediments to driving. They lack the ability to learn, or relearn — the very epitomy of ‘stupid’. Though, they are civic geniouses in their own minds as they are fantastic tattle-tales.

            These people didn’t get this stupid immediately — they aquiesced into it; It’s been a long-running social engineering campaign on this particular roadway to cow drivers into being afraid to even stay in single file… a driver here seems to feel naked if he’s not door to door with you… I guess they feel less safe if someone had the ability to pass. I should make them feel less safe in that arrangement as I possess no side mirrors on the truck… stupid, unobservant citizenry doesn’t think anything of it. I’d choose to drive at night, {minimizing risk to morans if I happen to do anything stupid} if it wasn’t for the ultimate stupid with bad attitudes and guns behind every mile marker….

            Stupid? Perhaps law-abiding is the better word.

          • Tim says:

            “”like your knowledge of making anything useful for the world.

            You got me there… I don’t *make* anything useful anymore… I sit around and dream up countermeasures homeboys can apply at home — I dwell on possible defeats and exploits rednecks can quickly cobble together when the blackhawks, drones, and mraps come to kill you and yours.

            I wonder if this would work?? An ir laser pulsed by shining it through a spinning disk with a slot to cause the helecopter to think it’s locked on by a missle and drop low…

            a similar thing with LF groundwave transmissions {which can be done electromechanically with quite some current and buried wire — old cable coax supplies kms of it} to flip out the MRAP mine avoidance and whatnot….

            126 khz powerful to trigger an overload of tracked and traced and scanned rfids… ???? 13 mhz to block those recievers or inject spoofed data, otherwise. …

            similar schemes with noise to lock out sigature guns — my favorite is to expand upon the idea where a vaccume cleaner motor brush is connected to a flagpole — got that from alciada…

            A flux compression grenade made from a beercan and pentalite stick — to be energized by lightning… The antenna line is holding onto the kite…

            many microwave ovens with the door interlocks defeated and aimed satelliteward…

            EW. That kind of thing. Otherwise, just lay down naked in the ditch with the rest of Stupidity and don’t even try…

          • Tim says:

            Or what about protest signs made of corner-reflectors to turn back the microwave painray {Active Denial System}….


            now, there’s a dumb idea.

          • Tim says:

            I should count my blessings… I wouldn’t even have had any guage blocks to play with if some stupid fucker hadn’t put them away without his acidic fingerprints being wiped off first because he was too busy celebrating the signing off on the multi-million piece of his own death, anyways….

          • jpfitz says:

            Timmy, I’ll take an educated guess from your comment that you reside south of the Mason Dixon line.

            Your honestly telling me that at eight years young you “played” with expensive Jo blocks. What was the fun in that for a kid? Did your Dad own a machine shop? Or just a mad scientist/inventor?

            When putting Jo blocks together you place them at 90 degrees to one another then twist to, shit I almost dropped my caliper, anyway twist them inline. If they are not perfectly clean or a chip of metal or dirt is in between they will separate. I made the mistake once early in my journeyman career of not wiping the blocks on paper and almost scrapped a important set of precision parts, for an important defense company.

            Your waiting for the drones and Blackhawks and mraps to come and kill me and my loved ones. Well you keep up the good fight on working on those projects of yours, and I’ll be driving in my convertible or relaxing by the beautiful Atlantic ocean or in my pool drinking some nice colds non red neck beer.
            I’m waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse myself. And being a very good machinist I’ll go to the shop to make some Zombie killing implements. To protect me and mine.


          • jpfitz says:

            Tim, this series of videos runs parallel to your comment, “These people didn’t get this stupid immediately — they aquiesced into it; It’s been a long-running social engineering campaign on this particular roadway to cow drivers into being afraid to even stay in single file…”. Forget the roadways, the whole of the populace has been programmed to behave.

            The Century Of Self by Adam Curtis.

          • Tim says:

            Ha! yea, jp; south of that line… Stay away from RedStone, there’s lots of grandpaws there that don’t get along with jews…

            peaceful armaggeddon,

          • Usama says:

            thank YHYH. If it wasn’t for that little 6 millionth’s fuckup then my friend wouldn’t be sitting on these economically feasible Joshua-82 ground penetrating warheads now… just a minute… “fire another one, Zack… they jam up sometimes…

          • DoT I65 mile marker 0 says:

            Welcome to Alabama. Home of U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

            Now, get the fuck on…

        • bobbo, everything I know, I learned watching the Discovery Channel says:

          I don’t know what you two are talking about but I thought finely machined surfaces stuck together ((yes–just “like” magnetism)) because of some electromagnetic force, or attraction between atoms at very small dimensions giving us: the gecko!

          ……….and after the fight its a bit late to mention but I thought Tims initial comment was calling himself stupid, not jp, as jp as reacted: “I’m not laughing at you, jp… I’m laughing near you. Is it because I’m a Vegan or just stupid??” /// and no one here at DU is stupid. Too many are trained to a Dog Whistle….. but that is a different issue. Kinda like legs on a dog.

          Skeptical/cynical===that could be a worthy discussion is anyone ever used the dictionary.

          Ha, ha. Lets all argue.

          • jpfitz says:

            That was no “fight”, just a outburstt by me misunderstanding Tim. Read the wiki about gauge blocks, or Jo blocks.
            It’s as Tim mentioned, surface tension and more.

            “Wringing” is the process of sliding two blocks together so that their faces lightly bond. Because of their ultraflat surfaces, when wrung, gauge blocks adhere to each other tightly. Properly wrung blocks may withstand a 75 lbf (330 N) pull.[4]
             While the exact mechanism that causes wringing is unknown,[4]
             it is believed to be a combination of:[3]

            * Air pressure
             applies pressure between the blocks because the air is squeezed out of the joint.
            * Surface tension
             from oil and water vapor
             that is present between the blocks.
            * Molecular attraction
             occurs when two very flat surfaces are brought into contact. This force causes gauge blocks to adhere even without surface lubricants, and in a vacuum.

          • jpfitz says:

            Timmy…My buddy moved to Florida some twenty odd years ago. He invited me down for a visit this winter and some good ole southern hospitality.

            The two of us drove down to Key west way back in 76′ in a 72′ VW microbus, (I know I’ve told this story on DU before), as soon as we hit Key West we turned around, not knowing the population was mostly men, dressed in orange and other bright almost neon thongs. We watched the sun go down and ended up on another key whose name escapes me. We fished for our meals being low on money.

            To get to my point, once we hit South Carolina we felt unwelcome. The convenience store clerks were almost outright nasty. That NY license plate stuck out like a sore thumb, including the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones bumper stickers.

            The only friendly feeling I got was from truckers who would let me draft behind them. The Greyhound buses would never let me draft.

            My question for you after all my gabbing is is Florida (Tampa area) really the south? Am I really gonna relish that highly talked about Southern charm and hospitality? Don’t answer with of course because it’s the most southern state of the union.

            Maybe, If I dare drive instead of fly, I’d like to stop in a real southern city to experience the charm, with the southern drawl and make a point of eating in a old town with history and enjoy the local food. Any state and town suggestions?

            If I do fly I’ll end up sampling some Cuban cuisine, which I hear is quite good down there.

            Oh, don’t take my overly spirited reply about gauge block seriously. I apologize, I took personally some attack that was all my making. I still don’t get the Vegan or stupid thing. Water under the bridge. Let it flow like the universe.

          • Tim says:

            ugg. The South. I’d not call Florida the most ‘charming’ place to be, these days — rather draconian. But, I’m bitter. I consider much of The South to be *the dirty south* — plenty of pockets of nasty, ignorant, cruel. The roads are locked down tight as cattle feel the need to have a continual parade of cops all night long {’cause you never know what kind of bigfoot might be going on out in the yard at night, i guess}… Southern Baptists…dry counties, prohibition… Wallace… eluding police usually gets innocent bystanders killed {by police} as they’re totally out of control.

            As for florida — Jeb Bush. nuff said.

            I did have a cop in mississippi warn us {after a trailor blowout} about the federal cops on the Natches Trace — that they like to kill motorists. He also flatly stated that he’d not personally cross a tire into Alabama. That cop actually came and gave me a ride after i’d hiked a mile to a gas station to phone the tire service truck that never came back by. That was a bit of a culture-shock to me as nobody EVER wants to be within a square mile of a pig in AL; they’re not your friends here, folks. As near as I can tell; this also includes Tn, Ky, and In.

            As for the rest of the south, I’d drift away from the interstate a piece and try to stay 50 miles away from the nearest military base; the terrorist camp SoA, Ft. Benning has consumed half of georgia as well as redstone in AL, Elgin in fl… — these people have no concept of liberty, anymore. There is no rule of law except being rolled over by law enforcement.

            There is the ‘southern belle’ areas of Athens, Ga, I guess. and some small town ‘holdouts’ throughout, otherwise… Winchester, greenbrier, towns in the eastern appalachian chain in alabama, Hernandez in florida, Rodgersville in Tn. Marion and Mexico, Ky… maybe still Paducha for a larger piece of old town…

            In actuality, I no longer get out much because of all the percieved travel restrictions and threat.

            Ha! a friend of mine had a cousin from new york visit and he was aghast to discover paved roads existed here — Some of the nicest interstate in the country.

            One of my old hangouts has not always had paved roads — that was part of the charm and tended to keep the regular bootstamp traffic to a minimum, then… But, streetlights there now to as people spread from the cities. They’re not required; morans just request them — funny, they never know why their photosensitive cannabis never buds and seem to lack the ability to understand even when it’s explained to them year after year by the afficionado that will point to the streetlight, the beautiful bush, and declare “nice plant. ruined, won’t ever bud; but it looks nice…”

            What’s a ‘Vegan’? I say stupid things.

            Here, this ‘force’ would probably be weak on those blocks; It’s from the vacuum perterbation and virtual particle interaction — like two boats in choppy water being pushed together:

            “”On a submicron scale, this force becomes so strong that it becomes the dominant force between uncharged conductors. In fact, at separations of 10 nm—about 100 times the typical size of an atom—the Casimir effect produces the equivalent of about 1 atmosphere of pressure .00000001 meter


            your gap is probably too big with the blocks for this to be much of a factor and the force can also become repulsive.

          • jpfitz says:

            Thanks Tim for the reply. You’re telling me the law enforcement down south is still similar to Jackie Gleason’s behavior in the Bandit movies?

            There has been no progressive movement to treat civilians with respect? Plus the population puts up with the abuses by law enforcement.

            Well I’m flying down to Fla then. My car is a maple red convertible sports car and I’ll be stopped every county most likely.

            Wallace still has a presence down there? after fifty years? Wow. People really do fear anything different. I’ll bet most have AR-15’s down there loaded with frangible projectiles.

            The south is a beautiful part of the country with plenty of wooded and mountainous regions. I love the woods and nature. I guess I’ll just keep that fear I felt when my Dad took me to the movies when I was fifteen to see “The Deliverance”.

          • Tim says:

            Ahh. The interstates are still pretty good to drive though there is the occasional *ruse* TN likes to pull where they’ll announce “checkpoint X miles” and then blanket everyone getting off the intervening exits — using the excuse that *attempting to elude* is probable cause for a search.

            Then there are some interstates {I40 OUT OF nashville} where they practice the good ol civil forfeiture and take the cash. Note, they don’t stop and take the drugs… they wait for the cash.



            Still much better than flying — crotch grab, humiliation, ebola, waiting to get blown up at the security check. Think about it. How many could a terrorist kill if he ‘sploded inside one of those glass scanners with the lead tops????

            It’s just that you’d have to get off the interstate a bit to find some ‘drawl’ and ‘hospitality’ unless you just like the fake, greesy ‘country’ taste of a Cracker Barrel {I loath them}.

          • Tim says:

            “”I’ll bet most have AR-15′s down there loaded with frangible projectiles.

            Naa. Mostly chinese Ak knockoffs and old guns with broken sites their dads gave them at 10 — dead eye though, through familiarity. Shotguns often recieve the rated calibre+whatever the next smaller size is that will still go into the bore. Lots of Jart and bb gun eyeless uncles to…

          • Warner Bros. says:

            Deliverance II — Sequel Like A Pig

            Coming Soon to a 7 ft screen Cinemaplex16 over there in Opelika soon!

          • Tim says:

            I know the kind of place you’d like to visit {and eat}, jp.

            It was in Killen, Al. There was a ‘restaruant’ there were you sat down at the couple’s kitchen table in their personal residence, ordered something from a very limited menu, and waited.

            Try the goat stew, if you don’t mind waiting 45 minutes while one of the goats in the back yard make a racket — condoments come out of an old Admiral fridge…

            It made an impression on me… A fond one.

          • Tim says:


            I doubt that place is still an eatery as they were ‘getting on in years’ then, jp.

            However, it was ~6mi north on hy. 101 north off 72. If any cops try to give you a ticket then just tell them you’ll have to pimp their son out to pay it.

          • Tim says:

            “”There has been no progressive movement to treat civilians with respect?

            Well, there was a proliferation of in-your-face billboards by Progressive Insurance right when we were being lobbied for mandatory insurance. — It has all gone to hell exponentially faster since — kinda like being spaghettified…

          • DoT I65 mile marker 0 {real one} says:

            we’ve put the sign in the wrong place again. GPS is a lie.

            Welcome to Alabama. Home of U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

            Now, get the fuck on…

          • Rodgersville/Pulaski Tn Dot says:


          • Tim says:

            “”There did used to be a sign on I-65 that said “Nigger, don’t let the sun set on your black ass in Cullman, AL”


          • Cullman Liquidation says:

            if you don’t buy a trailor from me, it won’t hurt my feelings…

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

            Years back I went on an “Alligator Safari” in one of those swamps. Our guide really did look, act, and talk just like that Fat Guy F*cker in Deliverance.

            Came damn near to throwing me off the boat when he talked about the South rising again against the North and I asked him why the poor white Southerners fought and died so that Rich White Northerners and Europeans could keep slaves.

            I still think that is a fair question……. the South still trying to rise and all.

          • jpfitz says:

            Killen Al sounds like the experience I’d be looking for. We, wife, daughter and niece went to Greece in 05′ and had a similar experience, but with the slaughter of a lamb and the Grandmother doing the cooking. The grandson served us some of the best food I’ve eaten. This was on the island of Rhodes. Had another home cooked meal in Mexico in a house of the main road that was excellent, I had soup with chicken and tortillas and lime.

            And yeah I abhor cracker barrel and that other chain down that way whose name eludes me.

          • Tim says:

            There is one thing about the parts of the South that I’m familiar with… I can’t really say that I see bunches of overt racism, in practice.

            Ohh, there are places I’d rather not be at night but mostly everywhere I’ve seen here from ‘necks to techs; black, white, yellow, brown… {the blue ones took to much colloidal silver} tend to mostly get along together in their own circles.

            The only two somewhat ‘segregated’ {actually bisected} towns I can think of were Butler, Al. and Auburn, Al. I guess as a product of old residences and property holdings… Butler really stood out to me as quite striking back in the ’90s — I’d never actually *seen* a town like that. Looked stuck in the 50s{??}

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

            How to tell a white guy is talking: “I don’t see any racism.”

            Just listen.

          • Tim says:

            That depends on the occasional yelling of epitaphs at those who just screwed you up in traffic count — Your just going to pick his stupid ass up tommorow and take him to the gas station anyways…

          • Tim says:

            bobbo, there is racism but most of it seems *imposed* to me. Enforced, really — By an illigetimate, occupying ‘government’.

            There is plenty of ‘driving while black’. There’s also ‘driving while white’ — It depends on the district.

            The jails are stuffed with disproportionate numbers, as everywhere; There’s uneven sentencing: crack v coccaine, Ripple v Thunderbird,…, nudy mud flaps v curb feelers…

            All the usual stupid stuff. Imposed. Stuff the prisons and THEN the hate is taught, self-learned… whatever — dehumanization does funny things.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

            Timmmmmy===I know you. Because I know myself. You don’t know you, because you don’t know yourself.

            See how that works?

            Yea verily: I also used to think I was a great guy…definitely not a racist. But I read some stuff about how white guys don’t think they are being racists. And you are right, its not hanging from a tree racists, its just the lack of recognition of a life time of privilege.

            Have you read Black Like Me, Invisible Man, interviews with black comics about race issues? Notice you were in a room with nothing but blacks, browns, or whites?

            Arrest rates, jail terms, longevity, educational status, marital status…..all the little stuff ads up.

            “There is plenty of ‘driving while black’. There’s also ‘driving while white’ — It depends on the district.” /// And that false equivalency only demonstrates the issue.

            Ha, ha. You don’t have to be Black to know that you are wrong.

            Be direct, be honest………do better.

          • Tim says:

            “”Arrest rates, jail terms, longevity, educational status, marital status…..all the little stuff ads up.

            It’s the same with prohibition and that social ‘stigma’ put on those oppressed who think Lilly should be held liable for faulty cannabinoid knockoffs killing millions. I dropped out of the authorized economy long ago… it seems, there was no opportunity availible for one without the inclination to hit the cup — “”there’s timmy; always peeing on dfw testers… ; can’t even repackage old lightbulbs with the rest of the ‘tards.

            No, I’ve not read those books, mostly due to privilege. But, I’ll tell you this: As a kid, as soon as I learned that ‘calling’ someone a name was the quickest way of getting under their skin, then why try harder. Too much homework to do — Dixi North, my ass.

            70s predjudice adds {“Granpaw, timmy said I was a ___ tool…}

  9. Cephus says:

    I’m sorry, but how did all that nonsense help you to get a SOLUTION to the problem? How does a 9-iron and a kite get you to the solution to 9×4? That would just waste a ton of time when you’re taking a test, telling yourself stories that don’t actually get you anywhere.

    People are idiots.

    • jpfitz says:

      It’s phoney. Do some web research. Do you believe everything you read or watch?

  10. John Andrews says:

    Stupid video; interesting discussion. Please don’t do this type of thing again. I have work to do.

  11. jpfitz says:

    Anyone living in Britain. Could you finally see the stars above without lights for an hour? Or were the damn street lights still on?

    WW1 remembrance took place last night across the pond.

  12. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    In 1995, Pacific Software Publishing released the CD-ROM, “World Math Challenge”. It is an English translation of the Japanese junior high school math placement test. Much of it now is available for free at the link:

    I still am amazed as to what the 12-year old Japanese students then were supposed to know. Try some of the sample questions.

    • bobbo, I'm not a math guy says:

      I looked because at age 10, I was in school in Japan. We did those same types of binomial equations. My math remained pretty strong until calculus. Don’t get that at all.

  13. e. b. ola says:

    Read THE HOT ZONE about Ebola in the USA in 1989. Yeah that’s right.

  14. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

    Too hard to find the right nest, so I will in the spirit of FewNormatSucks simply host here as everyone (DU?>), ahem: EVERYONE, checks the last post for anything new, then has to stick their head up their own ass to search the thread to keep any conversation going……………

    bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:
    8/9/2014 at 5:15 pm

    Timmmmmy===I know you. Because I know myself. You don’t know you, because you don’t know yourself.

    See how that works? //// Why do I always focus on the negative aspects of the most worthy?============>because thats where the improvement is.

    Timmmmmmmy. More gracious than I thought you would be continues thinking the best of himself by saying: “It’s the same with prohibition and that social ‘stigma’ put on those oppressed who think Lilly should be held liable for faulty cannabinoid knockoffs killing millions.” //// Its not “the same.” You continue with the false equivalency. Discrimination based on skin color is “like” disrimination based on use of intoxicants. Its not the same…..only like. And everything that is not the same is like anything else you can name which by pure mechanical logic allows for everything that is not the same thing being different from everything else as well.

    The false equivalency (defective) mode of evaluating the world fails to identify all the relevant factors, weigh them, compare and contrast, make hypothesis, test, evaluate, rinse and repeat.

    I think there are racial differences, maybe even serious important ones, all lost in the intoxication of race stereotypes that are not valid. Amusing that happens. Can’t talk about the truth because it is swamped by the lie. Perhaps, all told, a good thing too as the truth of racial differences really has virtually no application in the real world.

    Too sophisticated and nuanced for a world of false equivalencies.

    Silly Hoomans.

    • Tim says:

      “”which by pure mechanical logic allows for everything that is not the same thing being different from everything else as well.

      Well. It’s all gone to hell since ‘babyface’ is allowed to stay… otherwise, afrosheen was pretty high in sodium laureth sulfate…

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with Ideas says:

        Yeah, I’m spoofing on Humphrey Bogarts portrayal of the crazy captain with his steel balls…close but not exact.

        I think sodium based hair human trait removal products are ok. Its aluminum thats bad…. right?

        The higher up we are on the comedy pyramid, the harder it is to be even more funny. Some of the motivation to be so leaves us as well: look at all those below me? Kinda Ironic………what if I’m not on a pyramid at all?

        ………………and so it goes.


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