OK – maybe I’m too stupid to run YouTube but I have an Android cell phone and ChromeCast. I play video A and it works fine. I plave video B and when video B is over it starts playing video A again. I swipe it away to stop it. Then I play video C and after it finishes it plays video B again and then video A.

All I want is for it to play the video and quit. How do I make the damn thing QUIT DOING THAT?

  1. J. Alfred Prufrock says:

    Play Youtube on Apple devices using Chrome browser and the problem evaporates.

  2. JFStan says:

    This happens (on all mobile devices btw) because when a video is played, it is added to the “TV Queue”, and this queue can easily get out of whack when new videos are played. It’s especially vulnerable when multiple devices are playing videos alternately.

    The only solution I’ve found is to open open the TV Queue and remove the played videos.

    • jpfitz says:

      I found that not using the, in this case the Android app. I choose to play yt straight thru the internet.

      I share your frustration Marc.

  3. Marc Perkel says:

    I noticed it started doing the same thing this morning on my Google Chrome browser under Linux.

    • Tim says:

      Hey! And I thought it was just a fluke thing this morning.

      I had a paused YouRube in a separate tab and when I linked to another video, both of them started playing. I’m on a pc.

      It did it a couple times between 9-10 am or so. quirky, for sure.

      What my paranoid little botbait 8088 compels me to think is that YouRube may be probing around seeing if they can jump that damn tab separator, or something.

  4. Tim says:

    I’ve had the smoothest Flash experience for quite a while now. Perhaps, you just need to step back and punt??

    Flash ver

    FF ver 4.0

    ^^that is sometimes a problem, these days… html5 or something.

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  6. Digidummy says:

    ANSWER: STOP USING CHROME! Just cause it’s made by Google doesn’t mean it’s any damn good. You might want to get Firefox for Android instead. I have it and love it but it will take some getting used to if you’re already used to the Google Chrome look and feel.

    Here’s the thing. Google doesn’t want people downloading videos any more. And since they own both YouTube and the Chrome browser they’re making it increasingly hard to do anything other than just watch videos. The fact that you’re now having problems tells me they (the goofy Google code elves) probably missed something and temporarily broke the Chrome browser that you are using.

    That said, I would still suggest taking time to go through your Android settings as well as your browsers and seriously think about not allowing everything under the sun to run including taming any cache from doing whatever it likes too. I can’t say if that it’s going to fix anything, but putting the digital clamps on by restricting or eliminating add-ons / extensions may help other people when Google eventually realizes that we’re all starting to chew at our digital leashes.

    And yes, Google did help develop Android too. So it may just be a growing pains thing here. Though I might say it’s more like a evil money grubbing thing since Google has ALWAYS been a little bit evil. What? Don’t think Google is evil?! Just look up what an IP address is and ask yourself why Google would want to save every single IP address that has ever done a search with them FOREVER!

    But whacha gonna do? Go to Apple or Microsoft?! You’re an even bigger idiot if you go that route — or use their browsers (assuming you even can).

  7. Peppeddu says:

    Ah good old YouTube.

    The official app on iOS is pretty much useless.
    In my experience, around 80% of the videos I want to play are forbidden to play on mobile, yet, they are listed in the search results.
    You’re looking for a song, you tap on it, you get the message “This video cannot play on mobile”, repeat 15 times for all subsequent search results until all you get is something unrelated and give up.

  8. John Henry says:

    In the morning to all!

    I’ve been using Comodo Dragon as my Windows internet browser. Works pretty well on my desktop.

    My main complaint is that it won’t run NoSquint to adjust font and site zooms and that it will not let me download YouTube videos.

    Other than that, no complaints.

    John Henry

  9. 33number says:

    Get an iPhone and use Safari to watch your videos.
    Stop using Google crap ware.


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