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I think the tech media is giving Apple welfare on this device. If not for the Apple name would the tech media do anything but laugh at this device?

And – besides fighting about Apple vs. Android, what features do you think future phones will have that they don’t have today? Like – why not put infrared IP in them like they used to so the phone can be used as a TV remote? I’d love to go into a restaurant and be able to hit a button and turn off all the TV sets so I could have a quiet meal.

Will your cell phone ever replace your doctor? There’s an X-Prize to make that happen.

What features do you think cell phones will have in the future?

  1. tdkyo says:

    Wireless charging built in please~

    • Kill the iDiots cause they won't DRIVE! says:

      That exists NOW!

      … But if you need the factory to do it (cause you’re the type of Apple-tard who can barely turn the damn thing ON) then your SOL.

  2. Stewart says:

    Another fabulous Perkel post. Pay attention.

    • Tim says:

      OK. I ‘paid attention’ this time. It does appear that the address is being redirected through Perkel DOT… to finally reside with Ctyme hosting.

      First off — Thank you, Marc for keeping our {we know who we are} little favorite venting space alive.

      second — In the interest of full disclosure, has Dvorak washed his hands of this Blog?

      I, for one, am most convicted of my abuse of the “Uncensored” part yet wish to express to him my gratitude as well as my apologies.

      Yes, there are a few of my posts I wish I hadn’t made and that they could be easily requested for removal after, to my surprize, they were not done so automatically and still remain…

      Ahh, well;

      DU mortuus est, vivat DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      peace, buds.

  3. Jorge Rhor says:

    What about some kind of insurance that will cover all the future generations with some kind of sight problem, impotency and attention and social deficiencies?.

    Also, a holographic 3D display would be useful for your neck and sight.
    Auto Airplane mode for when you are going to sleep to disable all the radios.
    Less talking about how “beautiful” a phone is so we can try to be less superficial.

    That’s my wishlist.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      I have an app called Tasker that I can set airplane mode and silent mode automatically when I start my night clock app.

      • Jorge Rhor says:

        Yeah, I have it to disable all radios at 11 pm and re-enable them at 5:45 AM when I have to wake up. But you have to know about Tasker, know how to use it, and blah blah blah… Too much for a regular user.

        • Kill the iDiots cause they won't DRIVE! says:

          … Too much for an APPLE user, you mean.

          • Jorge Rhor says:

            Yeah, for Apple ifans it would be short of impossible to wrap their little minds around the concept of Tasker.
            But many Android users just get the phone, and don’t change a DAMN thing about it, they just use it the way they got it, defeating the purpose of getting a smartphone, thus obtaining the tag of “sheeps” because they got it only because everyone else has it, not because they need it.

        • Marc Perkel says:

          You could just turn off your phone at night.

  4. igeek says:

    Turn off all the TVs? What a dick move.
    What are you? The only customer? Ask them to turn them off or at least down.

    • Kill the iDiots cause they won't DRIVE! says:

      The dick move is burring your nose in your PHONE!

      HELLO?! There’s REAL LIFE going on around your distracted rude ass. Believe it or not, some of us even want to LIVE when you’re so stupid and ARROGANT as to use the damn thing when you SHOULD BE DRIVING!

  5. jv says:

    The iPhone will have wifi calling with Tmobile, but the Nexus 5 will not. Yes this is Tmobile just going with the hype phone and ignoring the Nexus. Not a apple fan.

  6. Kill the iDiots cause they won't DRIVE! says:

    Want to know why I hate Apple? One word: ARROGANCE!

    But if that’s not enough then consider how Apple has really only taken existing technologies and successfully incorporated/mixed them together and how the dictatorship within Apple got billions of iDiots to unthinkingly buy this mix of crap simply due to some pretty good marketing. Talk about being treated like a bunch of herded CATTLE! I can just hear some of these cattle with their mooing which sounds a lot like “it just works.”

    Now consider how much MONEY Apple has made and how they continue to hide it off shore along with some formerly good jobs. China, Indonesia and other similar countries are able to provide free child/prisoner labor to Apple when there’s no one left to work at the going rate of a dollar day. So Yes. Duh! Apple makes some pretty good profits. Just look how Apple is traded on the stock market since they’re always able to show “growth”!

    Some analysts have claimed that Apple’s profits have exceeded Microsoft where Apple has now made several TRILLION DOLLARS too! We already know that Apple has made over 250 BILLION in recent years (that’s a quarter TRILLION for those of you who can’t do the math). Even at a paltry 100 BILLION IN PROFITS it would be possible to make some very serious dents or possibly even cure WORLD HUNGER! But do you see anyone at Apple even giving away PB&J sandwiches — or DROPPING PRICES?!

    I won’t even go into Apple’s totally closed OS’s/apps nor how it’s almost impossible to make a buck in the Apple world without Apple’s approval.


    … Not that MicroSTUPID doesn’t deserve a kick in the teeth for some of the stupid shit they do. But at least MicroSTUPID is trying to help poor people in Africa and develop something of a space program. I seem to recall that MicroSTUPID even has something of a racist scholarship program too (reverse racist, that is).

  7. UncDon says:

    Various marital-aids attachments, each with complementary blood pressure and heart-rate checks.

  8. Gracie says:

    Yup. Buy all the Blackberry shares you can. Just like you did from Palm.

    And, erm, keep driving those Chevies. Cheap Chitty is good enough for real ‘Muricans.

  9. Fabby says:

    @ Marc Perkel: Turn off all TVs??? That’s called a universal remote and has existed for years! I remember walking on the local main street turning off all TVs! Bliss!!! 🙂
    Just in case above link doesn’t work, here it is again:

  10. ir on phones has been around for a while. says:

    The HTC one phones and Samsung phones and tablets already have had ir blasters for past two years at least! Different apps are made specially by tv makers and there are quite a few universal remote apps in play store.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Good call out on the HTC One. Best phone of the last year. Even better than the Moto X.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Stay away from HTC. They have poor customer support for old phones. Even disappearing models from their website Soviet style. So if you are a little late downloading an upgrade, you better hope some other site has the files.

      • Captain Obvious says:

        Which is the achilles heel of most Android phones. Most people just want stock Google Android. They don’t want junk apps and unusable skins. They don’t want adware everywhere. They don’t want 13% of Google Play apps to be malware.

        Yes, I know everyone here is smart enough to keep your phones in good shape. But man, what a waste of time keeping it that way. And also your Mom’s phone. And brother-in-law’s phone. And next door neighbor…

        • MikeN says:

          No, I suspect what I said applies to HTC only. Does Motorola disappear its support files after a few months? I’m guessing I could go to HP and download drivers for lots of devices they haven’t sold in 5 years. HTC disappears things even before the contract is up.

  11. AdmFubar says:

    >>> Like – why not put infrared IP in them like they used to so the phone can be used as a TV remote? I’d love to go into a restaurant and be able to hit a button and turn off all the TV sets so I could have a quiet meal <<<<

    you need this

  12. Gvan says:

    What’s up with having to wait for cell carrier approval for all Android updates? Apple does not have those delays. I don’t understand why Android people put up with that nonsense.

  13. MikeN says:

    Why haven’t you mentioned Microsoft Phone?

    • jpfitz says:

      Not popular enough, and as feature rich as the competition.

      I have a Samsung 5.0 mp3 I use for free wifi texting over local cable company, and a Nokia 520 windows Lumia Cyan without contract and just buy minutes if needed for talking and texting, also use cable company wifi all the time. I’ve never paid for data.

      I’d love to have a Samsung Galaxy S5, but I’m cheap. My daughter has one. Very nice smart phone that she doesn’t use to it’s fullest.

    • Gvan says:

      I think Nokia/Windows phones are really cool. I’m not Pro-Apple. I’m Anti-Android. My Android phone was such a POS that I’m now a “fan boy” of anything that is not Android. A co worker of mine has a Windows phone and it’s great. I would totally got a Windows phone if Microsoft would solve the stupid cell phone carrier approval for updates problem.

      • jpfitz says:

        Buy a Nokia at Amazon, then go to att and buy some minutes. I bought $100 dollars worth last November and still have around thirty five dollars left. Remember though I wifi text only thru my cable supplier. No waiting for updates, the asswipe at the att store seemed put off by my purchase. Everyone in the store was buying Oyphones and accessories for their expensive Apple toy. Go ahead and get a Nokia win phone. Cheap now for the 520, priced around 79 bucks no contract and u can transfer your old number to the new phone. Has good battery life and some nice features. Not many apps though.

  14. jpfitz says:

    Facial/audio recognition app to remind me who I just spoke with. I’m terrible with names.

    An app with a phone that has a laser pointer to send a blaring message to the driver who knowingly cut me off. I think there’s some kind of app that does some kind of communication to the driver next to you with wifi or bluetooth available now.

    It’s gotta have a pointer or some way of tagging the dipshit who did the dumb ass driving.

  15. The big e says:

    The ability make and receive telephone calls.

    • MikeN says:

      Smartphones are not very good for that purpose. I think the Walkmans are OK.

  16. MikeN says:

    A fight between Apple fans and Android fans is not properly called a fight. It’s like when we wanted to start a waterfight with another floor, and they so brilliantly ended it by strapped electronics to themselves.

  17. Gvan says:

    A friend of mine bought a 16gb Samsung phone. When he got it home he discovered that almost half of the flash was being used by the Android OS. What a total false advertising scam! I have seen Windows installs that used a lot less space then that!

  18. Nor says:

    That’s it! I am convinced now! Android users are clearly very intelligent!

  19. CrankyGeekFan says:

    The graphic reminds me of one that I saw when Windows 95 was first released. That graphic listed many new features of Windows 95. The caption was similar to this: “All that’s missing is copyright 1984 Apple Computer”.

    The NFC payments system that Apple is using is their own particular brand of system. I don’t think that its available for cars yet.

  20. Dave Phillips says:

    I prefer just a plain old telephone with no distractions. Will I still be able to get one in the future?

  21. sargasso_c says:

    One of the reasons computer manufacturers don’t use IR “beaming” any more, the patent troll consortium who own it. Like Blu-ray, it’s a bag of hurt. But I digress. Which ever phone will make you happiest, is the phone you can’t afford to own.


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