For you foreign readers, it’s election day in the US on Tuesday when we get to choose who will ‘lead’ us. Lead in quotes because on the national level, we haven’t had much of that going on for a while now. Which, given how screwed up things get when they do get around to doing something, that isn’t always a bad thing.

So, those of you voting, do you want to keep the devil you know, or vote the bum out and replacing him/her with someone who can’t possibly be worse?

Not that I’m cynical or anything…

By the way, do TV political ads have any effect on your decision?

  1. Jonathan says:

    Fire them all. Start fresh with a new bunch of morans. Rinse, repeat.

    What else would you expect from a 2 party system?

    • ± says:

      Who says we have a two party system? The incumbents. The lobbyists. Everyone who has a vested interest. It’s not in the constitution that we have a two party system. In fact, the founders deeply feared that factionalizing leading to parties would occur. So the biggest mistake in our constitution is not making political parties illegal.

      So now all the sheeple will go and vote for the lesser of evils, and then be surprised when the result is evil and nothing has changed.

      Every vote counts and is meaningful if you vote the way bobbo wants you to. So you might want to check with him before voting.

      Because I won’t follow bobbo’s advice I will leave the polls innocent and smug knowing that I am not part of rehiring those that are destroying the nation. It’s all I can do until enough others feel and vote the same way.

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    For foreign readers, it’s time for America’s biweekly election. Bought and paid for by everyone but the voters.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    I predicted on this site that Nate Silver was leaving the New York Times because he figured Republicans would win in 2014 and he didn’t want the pressures of reporting that with all the liberals in the house.

    I didn’t know he would still be doing politics at ESPN, but here he is.

    While this is what The New York Times likes to report.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Nate Silver leaving the Times had little to do with left vs right. It had more to do with the disruptive nature of his approach and that traditional journalists (from all political spectrums) dislike his numbers based approach.

      But mostly at ESPN he gets to expand his horizons into sport and entertainment plus get a shit load more dough.

  4. Scooter says:

    The attack add are endemic to the problem. What sane person would want to run for public office at that level and endure that? This leaves the power hungry and morally bankrupt bunch that is on the ballot. Perfect!

  5. jimd says:

    Who “leads” in Amerika? Follow the money !!!
    We have long gone from, “one man, one vote” to having “the best government that money can buy” !!! It will take a REVOLUTION to change that !!! Lady Liberty weeps !!!

    • Phydeau says:

      Right, how much democracy can you afford? The Koch brothers can afford a lot more democracy than any of us. 🙁

    • Shaq says:

      How about Tom Steyer? What about the big money guy who heckled Mark Udall, his own candidate? George Soros?

  6. DenverGal says:

    I live in Colorado and am following Bobbo’s excellent advice of voting all incumbents out of office. Voting against Udall and Gov Hickenlooper.

  7. Marc Perkel says:

    I’m about at the “I don’t give a frack” point. The only reason to vote for Democrats is because they aren’t Republicans. But they aren’t doing a good enough job at being “not Republicans”. Obama makes Reagan look like a liberal.

    • Phydeau says:

      As the Republicans have clearly stated, all the way back to 1980 on video, the fewer people vote, the better for Republicans. The more people they can get to give up on the system, the better for the rich people running the Republican party.

      Your call.

  8. charl says:

    I like how you americans grovel over this election


    • Captain Obvious says:

      Kneel before your God Babylon!

    • ± says:

      It is a small thing, but we can still kick your sorry ass which ever country you are from (er … maybe). If you’re from France, then for sure.

      • jpfitz says:

        Freedom fries, ah…the memories.

        • Tim says:

          At least the fascism fritters had real coprofascist in them. But now we’re only offered shit off the after 9:11 ‘lunch menu’ where ‘freedom’ is any old industrial waste that’s FDA approved.

  9. Carl E, KS says:

    I can’t stand the Republicans and am ready to vote out the Senator, Congressman, and Governor tomorrow.

  10. NewFormatSux says:

    Democrats might want to rethink their tactic of getting to the polls college graduates who are living in their parents’ basement.

  11. cialis says:

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  12. Jonathan says:

    Ha, you think Obama the wrecking ball is finished, just wait.

  13. Just_AC says:

    What I greatly hate, that most foreigners and probably a majority of Americans don’t understand, is the power of redistricting and gerrymandering to affect elections all the way up to the governor and Presidential elections.

    Republicans being able to change the voting districts borders are why I woke up this morning to read about my new State senator

    “…And we’ll be taking a lot of input; there’s a lot I have to learn about Huron County and the way the economy works up there.”

    Pavlov said Huron County is a county that “punches above its weight class.”

    “It may not have the largest population in the 25th district, but it has the largest potential,” he said. “My goal is to better understand what that potential is. The agriculture base and net value of Huron County through tourism, agriculture, wind energy … it has all the potential in the world.”

    For Brown, knocking on “30,000 to 40,000 doors,” making “thousands and thousands of phone calls,” and “attending 27 parades this summer” wasn’t enough to claim the senator seat.

    So I have a guy that doesn’t know anything about us in Huron County representing us. Oh Boy

    Gerrymandering at the local levels, Nominating Supreme Court Justices at the federal level – the two most important things not noticed by the average voter.


    • NewFormatSux says:

      He was reelected. So how was Huron not part of his district the last two years? Did they gerrymander in 2013?

      That is nothing compared to the gerrymandering done in Illinois, where districts were created in a snakelike fashion emanating from Chicago, putting a few pockets of city Democrats in every suburban district.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

      Gerry affects House, not totally sure about Senate as that may be state wide, but Gov and Pres?

      PROOF POSITIVE…yep, most americans don’t understand what it is.

  14. HH says:

    “By the way, do TV political ads have any effect on your decision?”

    Not at all–all those ever do is make me hate everyone even more for bothering me incessantly over fake issues.

    Well, to be honest, the fact that the ads didn’t affect me *might* be because I don’t have a TV and haven’t watched television in years, literally. Getting rid of the TV was one of the best decisions of my life! Why subject myself to all that horrible, nonending propoganda instead of spending my time doing more productive and exciting things? Even if that had not been the case, though, I like to believe that I would have paid just as much attention to those campaign ads–none–as I did without the TV around.

    Then again, I guess that question wasn’t directed at me. I revoked the voter registration attached to my name years ago, so I wasn’t going to waste any of my time “voting” in a (s)election and showing my support of the system, anyways.

    • Phydeau says:

      HH, another non-TV watcher here! I agree with you on that.

      However, remember the old saying… you may not be interested in politics, but politics is definitely interested in you.

      Your life will be affected by what happens politically, so you might do well to pay attention. Unless you have become completely fatalistic.


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