1. Nincompoop says:

    Aww what the heck..I’ll take them all.

  2. DangerIce says:

    Yo, he talking strai but soundin white. I belivin more if he threw down with rap. sheet.

  3. Fliped Out! says:

    WTF?! No flip phones?!

    I love the smartphone idea and all but no one seems to be making flip phones or anything small or ultra cheap. Personally, I love my old cheap, as in LESS THAN TWENTY BUCKS! Motorola W490, but it lacks the one feature I desperately want — teathering! I want teathering because I do have other devices that might be able to use the data that I’m sure I’m already paying for. But so far as I can tell, nothing can teather to the one phone that I actually USE (my W490).

    Frankly, I’m NOT that stupid as to carry an expensive phone in my pocket that’s prone to getting broken the second I sit down. It’s funny how no one wants to review other devices or even address cheapskate’s (like me) who hate the idea of letting another glowing screen do all the THINKING for them too. It seems anyone of any technical prowess has already been brainwashed into thinking these (expensive) smart devices are the only way to go. So where’s the “smart” in that?!

    That said, yes, I’ll occasionally use a smart device but NOT when I’m driving!!! I’ll rarely use a smart device in social situations too (in public, at the dinner table, etc.). So I would hope someone some day gets the idea that these devices are really STUPID particularly when you consider the absurd price tags — “cheap” is NOT $150!!! So can we get back to the roots of what PHONES are all about (talking) and review the “PLANS” that ALSO cost money?! Can someone give a break to the masses of people still caught on the grinding gears of the economic collapse partially brought on be the very same companies selling this shit? These goddamn things are NOT AFFORDABLE unless you sign your soul away to the corporate asshole service providers!!!

    … But I guess, the devil is in the details (that most people ignore).

    • John Donson says:

      Fine, I’ll get off your lawn…

    • jpfitz says:

      Get yourself a cheap Nokia Windows phone for under a hundred then get some minutes off contract. I have a 520 go phone and use WiFi to text. Bought a hundred bucks in minutes November of last year and still have 20 bucks left. I only surf the web thru my cable company’s WiFi which is prolific where I live. I do like android better, but this phone fits in my front pants pocket. I hate the telecoms contracts so no fancy HTC for me.

    • Spell Checker says:


  4. spsffan says:

    Wow! Some people need to get a life!

  5. The big e says:


  6. steelcobra says:

    Apparently Windows Phone doesn’t exist for him.

    • Consumer Reports says:

      …unlike the world-renowned Microsoft vacuum cleaners, this phone sux.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Uh, he had a whole phone award category for “Windows phones”… Did you miss that part of the video?

      • steelcobra says:

        I was expecting them to be, you know, included in the general categories, not off in their own little ghetto in the back half of the video.

  7. Huh? says:

    What the frack is a million hour battery?


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