I know there’s a lot of quacks out there by this sounds like the real thing. Imagine the disruptive changes to society if people lived to be 100 – 120 and that quality of life is good up until near the end. No more Social Security at 65. Youth no longer wasted on the young. Funeral homes going out of business. Increases in productivity. Population effects. Medical savings.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    Why would funeral homes go out of business. People would still die, just a little later.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Right – but there would be a gap where business would be very slow.

      • Average Random Joe says:

        That is ignoring the many non aging related deaths but due to other causes like heart disease due to sedentary lifestyle or stoke to unhealthy food. Or cancer or infectious diseases. Death wouldn’t stop by a long shot, assuming that everyone got the treatment (which seeing how health is distributed world wide or even food housing and sanitary conditions is a little bit of a long shot.

        And why 100 – 200? If we are reversing the aging process, why not really reverse it? This sounds like slowing it down.

  2. Scott M. says:

    Let me fill in the missing words…

    Imagine the disruptive changes to society if (only the very wealthy who could afford it) lived to be 100 – 120 and that the quality of life (for that miniscule number of individuals) is good up until near the end. No more Social Security at 65 (as if they could care less. The SS check is chump change for these 0.001%ers). Youth no longer wasted on the young (Sorry, still wasted given the vast majority would have no access to the “treatment”). Funeral homes going out of business (not likely). Increases in productivity (with their income tied to investments, these select few exert no effort. They spend the money they siphon from society. Thus they are individually unrelated to productivity). Population effects (no,no. Other than the fact that a few “eternals” continue to cling to life…and to their ever increasing pool of assets…no effect whatsoever). Medical savings (for whom? This is a pay to play revenue stream for the sellers of the “treatment.” That a miniscule few benefit has no effect on Medical Savings for the whole population…where costs continue to increase as quality of care declines.)

    • noname says:

      I don’t think people realize how negatively consequential this would be!!!

      This may be good if “experienced and wise” people could approach problems without historical baggage or preconceived notions and selfish intent, but they don’t!!

      With an unrelenting population growth (world population now exceeded 7 billion) poverty would occur if people worked significantly longer with a low death rate, because; with low to no leadership or job turnover, old elites and their old organizations would grow larger and more bureaucratic with more intractable control over an ever larger share of people’s economic resources, environmental resources like oil, water, land, food production, etc…

      The world over, youth is the locomotive of national development and without a timely natural death and microeconomic refresh cycle, youth would face intractable macroeconomic unemployment forces waiting for job opportunities and resources!

      Youth drive national advancement because they approach problems without historical baggage or preconceived notions. Youth naturally challenge current economic and technical status quo when educated and resourced but would be blocked by elites (ever wiser and more experienced with no natural death); if youth empowerment squashed youth inspired advances that empower others at elite’s expense.

      Contrary to some economists, the world’s economic resources are limited and can’t be equitably shared with an unrelenting population growth with no leadership change as elites ever hoard more power and resources!

      This is why democracies have artificially defined office terms (4yrs, 2yrs …) to elect or reelect our officials. Nature refreshes and enables society to reboot with natural death. Without it, life would stagnate for all but the elites. Elites with wealth acquisition and accumulation would become intractable Robber Barons who are economically immune and entrenched against normal change and society at large would suffer under their ever expanding control.

      The sad truth is, life like stopped water, stagnates and begins to smells bad and attract mosquitoes!

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    Yes, this is real. Been following it for a while, since studies on how to halt and reverse Progeria. Got a long way to go, probably too long for anyone over 30, but our kids may live to be well over 200.
    Except for politics and the economy of wealth. The drugs to keep us young are no more difficult to produce than the current crop of antibiotics, but don’t expect to see them as cheaply available anytime soon.

  4. McCullough says:

    I think this is one of those “be careful what you wish for” scenarios.

  5. spsffan says:

    If you live long enough, you’ll get hit by a bus.

  6. Marc Pugner says:

    why treat the disease if treating the symptoms is so much more profitable?

  7. SKINET says:

    000.121 During this 10-year period we can also phase out all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy, since the retooled world industry and individual energy needs will have become completely supplied by our combined harvests of electromagnetic, photosynthetic, chemical, and biological products of the daily energy income initially produced by Sun and gravity. Industry, retooled from weapons production to livingry production, will rehouse the deployed phases of world-humans by single-family, air-deliverable, energy harvesting, only-rentable dwelling machines. When humans are convergent, they will dwell in domed-over moon-crater cities that will be energy-harvesting and -exporting centers rather than energy sinkholes.

    You can live for hundreds of years in a moon crater with no nukes or idiot operated filling stations.

    • noname says:

      You talk about living for “hundreds of years in a moon crater”; which planet’s moon, yours?

      Which planet are you from?

  8. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    All this technology coming on line.

    All to be done in by Global Warming.

    …………………..we came so close.

    • Hmeyers says:

      No we didn’t.

      Aging is like fixing a beat-up old car.

      Maybe you can extend the life of the chassis.

      Doesn’t mean the bones, cartilage, brain cells, etc. don’t wear out.

      This could mean 50 years of Alzheimer’s or 120 years using a walker or 80 years while having cataracts.

      Even if it could, seems like old people aren’t very mentally productive or creative.

      • bobbo, in point of fact says:

        I didn’t watch the video either….. waste of time until I get unsolicited ads for “get young” pills from Canada whenever I try to open a new website.

        That said, Mark negates your concerns by saying that “quality of life is good up until near the end..”

        So, the missing element I see might be how to negate the crusty attitude and give a shit attitude that also comes with age?

        I look to DU to keep me young in that department?

        Ha, ha…………………..

  9. SKINET says:

    000.121 During this 10-year period we can also phase out all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy, since the retooled world industry and individual energy needs will have become completely supplied by our combined harvests of electromagnetic, photosynthetic, chemical, and biological products of the daily energy income initially produced by Sun and gravity. Industry, retooled from weapons production to livingry production, will rehouse the deployed phases of world-humans by single-family, air-deliverable, energy harvesting, only-rentable dwelling machines. When humans are convergent, they will dwell in domed-over moon-crater cities that will be energy-harvesting and -exporting centers rather than energy sinkholes.

    000.123 Why don’t we exercise our epochal option? Governments are financed through taxation and would have no way of putting meters between the people and their directly received individual cosmic incomes. So too, private enterprise should no more meter the energy than it meters the air. But all of Earthians’ present power structures-political, religious, or capitalist-would find their interests disastrously threatened by total human success. They are founded upon assumption of scarcity; they are organized for and sustained by the problems imposed by the assumption of fundamental inadequacies of life support.

    You can live for hundreds of years in a moon crater with no nukes or idiot operated filling stations. Tear out all your meters. Rip the AC out too. The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war. You have to vote for problem children (AKA Baby Boomers) and failures to create debt and scarcity.

  10. Pond Scum says:

    You said something that we seem to have been brain washed into accepting is somehow a good thing — “Increases in productivity.” But I just have to ask, when is CANCER a good thing?

    Just look at the world we live in. People have negligently procreated to a point where a very serious question is only now starting to be asked: are humans destroying the earth? And the answer is most definitely a yes! Humans are clearly destroying the very earth that sustains them — just like cancer. Not that the earth itself will vanish, just life as we know it will!

    So even if this is immortality offer is true, should it be available? I say no. That’s because there are not enough people leaving the earth NOW! There are simply way too many humans who are currently consuming earth’s resources and generating other problems like pollution that we already know will NOT be solved any time soon. And just like cancer, humans make more and more humans who must always be more and more productive by feeding upon the very earth that we all depend on.

    If you doubt this then you should be informed of one particular fact you may not have even heard of — peak phosphorous. We already know that the earth has hit peak phosphorous levels, though that fact is arguable to within about 50 years. We can claim some phosphorous back through better sewage reclamation techniques but those levels are hardly even half of what originally went in. Quite simply, phosphorous is a finite element that, just like oil, is made over eons of time! And just in case you didn’t know, phosphorous is a critical element (much like calcium, iron and a few others) that all warm blooded animals depend on in order to simply live. So let’s not make it any worse for those of us already here by allowing us make more humans or stay any longer than necessary while consuming finite life sustaining elements. That is, unless someone wants to start talking about sterilization and removal certain life forms (like Congress).

  11. Marc Perkel says:

    We could go back 1000 years when the average life span was 20.

  12. fw says:

    so much bull-sh.
    (warning non american, not good at spelling person here)

    Slowing agin is no big deal, for most of us.
    People while affected by surrounding sircumstance nothing major will happen.
    Womens number of eggs will stay the same, and there whould probably be the same limits or therabouts for safe pregnancys, males have no such real limit, as we can see with all the old actors with their young wifes popping out new ones all the time.
    And as for over crowding, really? that old horse?
    Why not see some of the positives, longer productive periodes without agin affecting the health.
    Peple here DO live to be a 100, NOW, not all by a long shot, but more are every year so far.
    The real killer seems to be dementia i am guessing here, as when that set in to a degree, they can no longer take care of themselves.
    And sure agin is no doubt affecting that, but sadly many people have found age is not all that is reqired.
    Then again dementia is not one sicness i suppose.

    A slowing down process will never put the homes of the elderly out of buisness, as we all age, so sooner or later we will if we live go there, if some one can pay for it.

    And if we can work longer, then hell yes we can pay for it.
    AND as there are no magic involved (i assume) there are dimineshing returns.
    After all, give a 80 year old the pill, and one only prolong his life there after, same with any age.
    If one starts taking it when one is say 40, (if there shuld be such a cuttoff) then one imagins the “gain” would be greater.

  13. Peppeddu says:

    I’ve heard of Resveratrol over and over again and yet, it’s not a canonical (prescribed by doctors) medicine yet.
    If it’s that good why it’s not universally popular and taken?
    Am I missing something?

  14. t0llyb0ng says:

    Compound-word Nazi sez:


  15. Peter says:

    ” My doctor gave me six months to live. I couldn’t pay my bill, He gave me another six months”
    – Henny Youngman, Goodfellas

  16. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    Well, since no one has said it, I’ll repeat myself: the only thing that makes life fair, that we all die, is about to be fiddled with once again (regarding all that is fair) by the Already Too Rich.

    With people spending 180 Million on silly paintings, 35 Million on old Cars, 20 Million to ride into space…..imagine what they will spend to keep on delaying capital gains?

    Did I just see 1800 Billionaires in the USA? Imagine that???? 50 Million is loose change to a Billionaire.

    “BAM!!!” —what’s fair— takes a brogan to the nuts.

    • Hmeyers says:

      Driving a nice car means shit.

      You can rent a fancy car for the weekend, go see a painting at the museum.

      You’ll be shit out of luck on the riding into space thing, but you live 100 years I’m sure that will be more affordable in the future.

      • bobbo, in point of fact says:

        Gee HM—you miss the point entirely.

        Getting crusty?….. or just old??????? You know: “not much quality of life near the end.”

        I crack myself up.

        Point is: the Rich living as long as they can buy/make organ replacements will really be the capper for class warfare.

  17. Harry says:

    I think NMN shows some promise if we can switch on the receptors that are turned off we can probably slow down the inevitable

  18. LibertyLover says:

    I’ve always been of the opinion that if we could double our lifespans or more, mankind would accomplish more. We spend the majority of our lives getting to that age where we are no longer physically viable but wealthy enough that we don’t have to beat ourselves to death by continuing to work.

    If we could live to one hundred or two hundred and remain physically fit, we would no longer stop contributing or learning when we hit 60ish.

    At least I know I wouldn’t. My goal in life is to hit 65 with enough cash/investments to live another 20 without having to work. If I had another 65 years, I think I would be astounded at what I could accomplish. I’m approaching the top of my game here in my industry. It’s a shame that I and others can no longer utilize that when we get to our mid-60s. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were still around to utilize what we’ve learned, to keep on learning, for the betterment of mankind?

    If you are trying interested in this subject, would look up Peter F. Hamilton’s books. The one reoccurring theme found throughout them all is immortality. The settings for his books are based on the assumption that people no longer die and are able to accomplish great things because they don’t die off once they’ve figured out so many of life’s answers.

    • LibertyLover says:

      Maybe proper grammar will be one of those things I would take the time to learn 🙂

    • bobbo, in point of fact says:

      Ummmmm…..what happens in your mid 60’s?

      Lots of exceptions do whatever you think the preponderance of experience is.

      Its very “activity” dependent I think. Musicians and artists and scientists seem to go forever.

      You are a special effects house or something like that… machine shop???? Seems more like a “trade” than a pursuit. I’d cut the “for humanity” goal and figure out what would make YOU happy. Let that trickle and gush out to those around you.

  19. SKINET says:

    “The moon and water are closely connected in all mythologies; hence the moon is closely linked with fertilizing agencies in general. Faith in the moon’s influence on the weather lingers strongly in the mind of rural communities even in these progressive United States of America; and it is easy to believe that the dragon-thanking agriculturists and shepherds of China felt assured that the rain-giving will and power of their celestial friends were refreshed by frequently absorbing this bright and stimulating object in the sky.

    That these reflections are not ‘all moonshine’ is shown by evidence in the writings of the old philosophers of the East, who assure us that the actual mundane pearl taken from the oyster in whose shell it is formed beneath the salt waters is the “concrete essence of the moon” distilled through the system of the mollusk–an emanation from the moon-goddess herself. “The pearls found in the oyster,” as one student interprets it, “were supposed to be little moons, drops of the moon-substance (or dew) which fell from the sky into the gaping oyster. Hence pearls acquired the reputation of shining by night, like to the moon from which they were believed to have come.” All this tends to demonstrate that the theory that the moon is the mani, the ‘pearl of great price,’ the divine essence of the gods, is not unreasonable; and its probability is reinforced by the stated fact that in both Chinese and Japanese dictionaries an ideograph combined of elements meaning respectively ‘jewel’ and ‘moon’ is defined as ‘moon-pearl.'” http://www.sacred-texts.com/etc/ddl/ddl12.htm

    Make it rain and bring jars. People will forget their age and with moonshine you don’t need to age it to enjoy it.

  20. Mr. Mulligan says:

    Welll. I’ve been living my life backwards for years now.. I can’t tell any difference in my aging..

  21. dade0 says:

    Reversing Aging or Too Good to be True?

    As likely as reversing the decline in quality of content of this once worthwhile blog…

  22. Dwight E. Howell says:

    It is known that fetal cells escape and enter the mother’s circulatory system plugging themselves in at various locations and perhaps enhancing function. If one could take body cells from a senior and turn them into fetal cells and grow a pint or so in solution then dump them into the circulatory system they most likely would find and plug themselves into where ever they are needed. This could cause a degree of rejuvenation the limiting factor being the old cells that didn’t get replaced. The blood brain barrier would be a problem though I’m told there are ways around that and some adult human parts don’t appear to be subject to getting refurbished. A variation on that idea would be to make young bone cells and inject them into old bones, cartilage cells and inject them into bone, liver cells into liver, muscle cells into muscle, etc.

  23. Harold says:

    Here’s a link to a recent study with similar results:


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