1. Mr Diesel says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to shoot up something with guns mounted on a personal drone.

  2. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    The power to weight ration is so great that models have been doing this transition and hanging on the prop manuvers for a long time.

    What is “really” fantastic is that after 10 years of correcting the design in the field, the Osprey is actually operational. Don’t know its down time hours or other states in comparison to straight helicopters that can do 99% of the same missions.

    Boys and their toys…… and dark budgets.

  3. Mr Diesel says:

    I seem to recall the Osprey is another one of those items the military didn’t want and in the beginning they were just too damn dangerous to ride in. I was actually in one (not flying) at an air show escorting a somewhat famous local woman. I had to stay up against her because of her dress getting in and out. didn’t want the troops getting too excited.

  4. Mr Diesel says:

    I get no spam but my site gets pwned.

  5. ± says:

    I wonder what the penalty is for shitting that shit down if it flies over your property without permission.

  6. jpfitz says:

    Cheers Gasparrini, good video.


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