Sex With A Fitbit

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A woman wore her Fitbit Charge HR during sex and posted the results on Imgur, where the not-so-graphic, graphic has been viewed more than 1.1 million times as of midday on Tuesday.

Her heart-rate peaked (123 beats per minute) at the time that one might expect.

Her average BPM was 109 for the approximately eight minute “fat burn” exercise.

This makes me very interested in getting a fitbit like device. But I would want one that was a smartwatch too. I found this fascinating.

  1. Marc Perkel says:

    This is about sex so I know everyone is going to want to comment.

  2. I Say says: graph showed a flat line…

  3. Marc Perkel says:

    A fitbit would make it harder to fake an orgasm.

  4. ITMCitizens says:

    I’m starting a Kickstarter for a condom telemetric fitness monitor call the “FitTight.”

  5. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    Further proof that sex in as an anaerobic exercise. Her heart rate doesn’t beat fast enough or long enough for a truly aerobic “fat burn”.


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