The Future isn’t what it used to be

Remember the movie “Back to the Future 2”? They went into the future to the year 2015. October 21 specifically.

How much did they get right?

Price of new cars, $39,999.95 – definitely in the ballpark.

Instant news – yes – Twitter is that fast.

Hover boards – not really. But there are some close attempts using magnets.

Flying Cars – Nope – Unless Elon is working on it.

Power Laces on Shoes – Yes

Abolished All Lawyers – no

Thumb Print Locks – yes

Voice Controlled Lights and Television – yes

Video Phone Calls on TV – Yes

  1. admfubar says:

    Back to the Future is not a documentary!!!
    with that said, it appears that it is a slow news day with everyone jumping on this bandwagon….

    • Hmeyers says:

      Sure it is.

      How can you even say “Back To The Future” isn’t a documentary?

      That was the whole premise of the movie, highlighting the differences between the 1950s and the 1980s.

      “I have 2 TVs. ….. (Color)”. “Nobody has 2 TVs”
      “This is a re-run.” “What’s a re-run?”
      “I have a Pepsi Free.” “If you want a Pepsi, you’re gonna pay for it.”

  2. Bob says:

    $39,999.99 wasn’t the price of a new car. It was the price to hover convert your ground travel limited automobile.

    So the price of a new car was most likely considerably higher.

    One item I wish was invented by now is the dehydrated pizza.

    That would be a miracle of science.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    You left out Jaws 19 and Cubs in the World Series(playing Miami)

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    Wen the movie came out, the guy who was planning to run for president in the next election, now his wife is running for president.

  5. Eddie says:

    It might be more appropriate to compare “Idiocracy” to today.


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