So according to the Army Times, The General was probably referring to mixed civilain and regular armies, and probably referring to Russian special forces in Ukraine who wear nondescript green uniforms, so we are probably not going to be eaten and/or enslaved by extraterrestrials any time soon……….. Probably.


  1. Tim says:

    Little green men and hybrid armies?!!!

    Of course, by ‘army’ he means those guys each got more than two.


    As an aside, I found a browser I’m really liking.

    I’ve been on FF 4.0 for so long that I’d not realized how much general suckiness Mozilla’s been rolling around in.

    I needed an upgrade because some pages just would not display right or play their videos — I tried FF 46. <– none of my addons would work saying they were 'not signed'.

    I then tried FF 42 before the enforcement of the addon signing; What garbage and just what is that third party proprietary baked in 'Pocket'? And complete with an app-looking hamburger menu next to a smiley face?? Why they sniffin' after Chrome so much?

    Pale Moon is a fork of version 24 FF but with their own engine. It's sleek, minimalist, works with Adblock latitude, noscript, and many Mozilla addons; No sucky baked in web apps.

    It's a modern browser with old, familiar FF 4.0 look, no stupid 'australis' UI with obtrusive, curvy tabs, and no bloat. Oh, and it's got the status bar.

    Give it a try, people.

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    What a blithering idiot.

    ………………………………….. typical Army.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        The stupidity was taking the ufo material out….assuming the instructions were to track the object sufficiently to assure its not something you are going to run into.

        I reported a ufo once while flying. Brightest light I have ever seen. Did not move in my filed of vision, which DOES indicate a possible collision, but it did not change in size…which goes against a collison.

        Yes…most likely a planet…but I’d not identified it, so I reported it.

        Army brass: never met one that didn’t strike me as dumb as a post. I think its there selection reinforced by their training. Maybe their mission?

        • Tim says:

          If it was a planet burning bright in the atmosphere then it must have been a tiny tiny one or we’d all not be around to care about AGW.

          I saw a bright light one night that did not appear to be moving. Ahh, UFO I’m guessing. I went back inside to tell my friend (strangely enough, we had just watch My Stepmother Is An Alien) who rightly asked me what I was smoking; We watched it for awhile until realizing it was a jet with a spotlight?? heading straight in our direction.

          It appeared not to be moving until it did — They must sometimes be brightly visible for a hundred miles or more!

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            There is NEVER any doubt about an UFO–you have either identified it or you haven’t.

            My limited physics fails to grasp your comment regarding the planet. Planets don’t burn, and not in the atmosphere. Other than the sun and the moon, they are the brightest common objects in the sky. Mine was 10x brighter, for all the reasons you might assume. Chiefly, it was sunrise and it was just at the horizon.

            I called it in, in case I was wrong. Didn’t want any other airplanes hit which is near certain if control has it on radar.

            My one and only ufo experience. Normally….I just don’t look.

  3. Likes2LOL says:

    My own battle with the little green men began not long after they made absinthe legal again. 😉

  4. EL CHEAPO says:

    … we have a situation in which millions of vehicles, each a miracle of (often unnecessary) complication, are hurtling in all directions under the impulse of anything up to two hundred horsepower. Many of them are the size of small houses and contain a couple of tons of sophisticated alloys – yet often carry a single passenger. They can travel at a hundred miles an hour, but are lucky if they average forty. In one lifetime they have consumed more irreplaceable fuel than has been used in the whole previous history of mankind. The roads to support them, inadequate though they are, cost as much as a small war; the analogy is a good one, for the casualties are on the same scale.
    —Profiles of the Future, 1972

    Letting the car makers go out of business would of saved lives.


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