Take the test, it might surprise you.

How was Gary Johnson as Governor of New Mexico?

    • thomas says:

      Way ahead of you he sounded…..sane?

    • Drunken White Indian says:

      I like Joe Rogan and I often find myself agreeing with him. He’s a very sane voice in a rather insane ether. However…

      Give me a BREAK! The first FIVE MINUTES are nothing but self-serving COMMERCIALS!

      Now, as far as Governor Johnson goes, I can’t say. Bill Richardson was the big mouth moronic “dick” of that State.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    Almost every question on that web site was stupid and supports the “Simple Simon” universe of politics we live in now.

    And reflects our political system and why we do not have direct democracy.

    Example: Do you support fracking? I’m not a geologist. I don’t know. Do you support GMO labelling? Seriously? Why ask me — I’m not a biologist. There could be a good reason to have it, but probably not, but I sure as hell am not the guy that knows.

    If we ever have direct democracy, the world will go to shit.

    • Ah_Yea says:

      It hasn’t already??

      • jpfitz says:

        We are spiraling down to the bare bones as this current circus plays out. It’s almost-as-if piranhas have striped away all the hyperbole in a two party Democratic system, leaving raw emotions to be expressed.

        Killary sucks
        Trump’s an asshole liar

  2. Sheesh says:

    You just defined the term low information voter.

    Now I”ll look forward to your comeback describing how stupid I am.


  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    We are all in fact low information voters with most of what we do know hardly relevant.

    sucks to have no power.

    • jpfitz says:

      No power bytes, but bullshit reigns triumphant, every, f’in, day, bobbo, I’ve seen some bologna in my time on this orb, now I’ve seen a fly stuck in the ointment.

      Hey-all, remember, the medium Is the message!
      Look it up.

      “Today, democracy is equated with representative government based on free elections of political elites that rule on the citizens’ behalf. This system, referred to as “representative democracy”, has been the dominant one in the West for the last two hundred years and is now being exported across the world and promoted as the only possible alternative to outright dictatorship.”


  4. Likes2LOL says:

    #FeelTheBern ? Nah… Wait’ll you #FeelTheJohnson ! 😉

  5. JCjr says:

    Is that a question? Or more like a snide remark?

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Took the test: Bernie then Green. Hillary third. Looks like the test authors buy into too many of her lies?

    Trump last. Still too high.

    • IM77 says:

      So what’s lower than last place, bobbo? Non-existant? I’m guessing.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Non-existent?==>Exactly so, or Not Qualified, NOT on the list at all.

        Kinda like ……………humor.

  7. Likes2LOL says:

    I’m a low information voter, and I like it that way!

    I’ve already arranged in my will for the epitaph on my tombstone to read, “If ignorance is bliss, he knew too much!” 😉

  8. Read All About It says:

    Libertarian Party chair candidate strips on stage at national convention


  9. ECA says:

    Over many years, those involved in Commercials and advertising have swapped out to HELP campaign for Demo/reps..and get MORE money..Taking the Advert Psychology/pathology and Giving it to a candidate.

    NO other democratic nation has only 2 parties. And they dont advert as much.

    The 2 groups have found a bunch of TRICKS, to limit HOW other groups can compete. try this one..
    EQUAL TIME for all candidates, is part of this.
    IF’ a group puts up an campaign on TV, all the others get EQUAL TIME.. This is so, that a TV channel can not BACK/give FREE TIME, to 1 person.
    WELL,. they Backdoor this..and the reps/demo PAY for that time so its not Favoritism..and they pay a HIGH AMOUNT..and the smaller groups cant get EQUAL TIME..
    Then there is the idea to USE Background/SUB groups, to Back or Harass Candidates..to make The Main candidate NOT RESPONSIBLE for what is said/lied/commented..

    There is NO TEST for a Candidate.
    No experience necessary..
    no book keeping
    No economics..
    No playing Simulated games, sim city, civilization..
    No history backgrounds..
    If the lips move they can be a candidate..

    • Hmeyers says:

      Equal time is a simpleton point of view.

      The opposite of asshats on TV reading the talking points of the Purple Party is not giving a different asshat equal time to read the talking points of the Yellow Party.

      The actual opposite would giving someone who doesn’t have their head up their ass time to say “these people in the Purple and Yellow Party are why we can’t have nice things”.

      • ECA says:

        Fun part is all the SMALL parties would get a chance…
        And there are 1000 people running for president..NOT 2-3..

    • Cephus says:

      But it is equal. Anyone can form a party if they want and if that party resonates with the American people, if they are willing to financially support that party and vote for them, then they can put on just as many commercials as the big two, they can do anything they want, just like the big two can. The fact remains, the American people do not, in any significant numbers, support third parties. You can make all of the excuses you want for this fact, it doesn’t stop it from being a fact. And every single one of those third parties, if they had the money and influence to do it, would do exactly what the Democrats and the Republicans have done to try to preserve their power. The only thing the third parties are doing is whining because they’re not popular and don’t appeal to American voters. Whose fault is that?

  10. Jawler says:

    I hate Trump, and don’t really like Hillary that much either. Waiting to see if Bernie runs third party, or I will see who else is running.

    • ± says:

      I was planning on writing in RJ Harris
      [ http://rjharris2012.com/ ] again even tho he isn’t running. He’s an honorable choice and not a vote for evil as are the ~100,000,000 other votes cast usually are. (pssst, lesser of evil is still evil and makes you share the responsibility for the mess).

      Of course you’ll have to run this by bobbo who votes his own self interest (regardless if this coincides with the better good of the majority) and also wants to make sure you vote that way to. Curiously, he won’t register checkwithbobbobeforeyouvote.com . It’s still available, bobbo; go for it.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        P/M===what an OUTRAGEOUS slander you issue. I recognize “I” benefit only when everyone else does…..or most others do….or as many as possible do.

        I am not an island…..as the majority of Puke and Libertarian fantacists hypocritically hallucinate themselves to be.

        Still a third party shill huh? Yes, its true….voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil……………BUT:

        1. Voting for a third Party candidate with no change to win in our rigged system is voting for the MOST EVIL. How does that work in your moral calculus? We got retard Bush instead of Feckless Algore because of TP Voters.

        2. All those who seek office are evil. So you aren’t voting for “no evil” when going third party.

        You must be some kind of simpleton not to see this…..but you have a computer, and can type.

        Odds are: you are a shill. A shill: worst kind of evil….unless they make as much sense as you do. then…..they/you are a positive tonic, exposing these shitstains for what you are.

        • Hmeyers says:

          Bobbo, it’s not too late for you to get paid for what you like.

          You can join Hillary’s paid troll group called “Correct The Record”.

          Now, for a month or 2 you will also have to attack Bernie — because that’s part of the job responsibilities until Hillary is crowned Democratic Crony Nominee.

          But that’s ok, because you will eventually have to support a morally bankrupt candidate (Hillary) so why not start practice supporting a morally bankrupt candidate today?

          Now, I will call you a sell-out working for Wall Street, but if you support Hillary I would eventually do that anyway.

          But you’d get a paycheck.

          Unless, the Correct The Record trolls are outsourced to people in India.

          Which wouldn’t surprise me, since Hillary is rather fond of outsourcing.

        • ± says:

          ******** equivocated bobbo ***********
          P/M===what an OUTRAGEOUS slander you issue. I recognize “I” benefit only when everyone else does…..or most others do….or as many as possible do.

          Au contraire. With your very own words, you have a long record on this blog of telling people that you will purely vote your own self interest. This isn’t slander, this is true.

          As for the rest of your post, it is just you doing your usual shuck and jive to avoid taking responsibility for casting your vote in favor of the failed governance we have.

          At some intellectual level you can’t stand it that voters who don’t vote D/R don’t have the culpability that you do. This is a start towards making a change.

  11. eideard says:

    Not great on details. First US state govt to outspurce a dept to Bangladesh = the state employment services. Also outsourced license plates from the state pen to a Midwest firm that leftoff counties on the plate.

    Fun to see a bicyclist move down the highway with his own bodyguards awheel, though. 🙂


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