A little something for the right wing readers:

DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told Fox News. “Your information is false.” It’s not just that she lied, but that she invoked Christ as part of the lie, which makes her claim to be a “Christian woman” a lie too. Even as an Atheist I know that if you’re willing to lie in the name of Christ – you’re not really a believer. Thankfully CNN fired her for her ethical malfunction.

Then she goes on to justify the cheating by saying that she was an advocate for women and minorities. But what this really means is that she thinks women and blacks are inferior and that cheating is justified to make up the difference. That’s just so racist!

Now she’s blaming it all on the Russians hacking the DNC email server. But when the FBI showed up to investigate she denied them access to the evidence, concealing the possibility that the supposed hack might be an inside job. Ultimately Brazile, through helping Hillary cheat helped Trump win the presidency. So we are all stuck with the consequences of her dishonesty.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    Marc, you are way behind on the news. Donna Brazile has since contradicted her writing in Time, and I think her current story is she didn’t cheat.

  2. Hmeyers says:

    Has she admitted it? As I understand it, she hasn’t.

    The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Clinton normalized bad behavior and Trump’s bad behavior is rejected.

    So when someone says “Don’t normalize Trump” I do agree with that.

    It took Trump getting elected for bad behavior to be called bad behavior.

    Which means we are headed in the right direction … the direction of ethical standards …

  3. McCullough says:

    CNN fired her because she was dumb enough to get caught. Otherwise, they are good to go on the “ethical malfunction”.

  4. Martin says:

    If you were to add a photo of Susan Rice to this post, you’d have the champions of ethics, honesty and integrity for the Democratic party.

  5. maquignon says:

    The fact that Donna Brasile was a cheater was very obvious but she managed to conceal her Christianity very well!!!

  6. Right-Left Forward-Backward or DEAD! says:

    We’re all stuck with TERRIBLE CHOICES!

    We all know that in order to become President of the USA, you have to have MONEY!!! Both Hillary and Donald are proof positive of that. Either way, it’s painfully clear that the POTUS must either have or have access to BILLIONS of dollars to “win” a job that only pays $400K per year — for only 4 or 8 years. The only choice WE have is, which CRIMINAL we will allow to run the circus.

    As far as my “choice” went (as if I ever even HAD a choice), I looked at both candidates and choose the one with the shortest rap sheet. It’s only slightly refreshing to know that the election system still works despite all the behind the scenes rigging — by Donna Brazile or anyone else. But instead of focusing on ANY of that rigging, we may never know what BERNIE thinks or why way more qualified candidates like Paul Ryan didn’t run. Instead. we get to argue over yet another black racist cunt. Some choice. Huh?

  7. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    To be a Clinton, or on the Clinton team….. you have to be willing if not anxious to throw anyone under the bus including your credibility under oath to the American People, Jebus, Charity Operations in the Third World, American Missle Technology, ….. I could go on and on….IE: whatever it takes to misguide the gullible, which is most of the media.

    Just look. Trump is doing it now even more than the Clintons did…. he just isn’t a “natural Politician”. Ha, ha.

  8. bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

    2 more points:

    1. Freedom Party member complaining the current Ryan Care Bill is Obama Light, only modifies O-Care and does not repeal it. He asks: “Why don’t we submit the bill we all agreed to last year: a simple repeal bill.”

    2. Ass wipe Freedom Party doesn’t say the answer: because the Ass Wipe Ryan Bill IS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: A HUGE TAX BREAK FOR THE ALREADY TOO RICH…. with huge benefit cuts to you and me to partially pay for it which is why the Bill will increase the deficit.

    3. The Republican party is a running demonstration of how being merely and only negative about a subject really does not show too much competency…. LIKE all the nay sayers here. ANYONE can bitch and moan about what you don’t like….. like paying any taxes at all, much less anything approaching fair share for services demanded/desired/that are beneficial.

    But as the Trump Voters who now find their Healthcare Under attack: criticism without a better option is complete and total BS…..ie…. Republican. The Dumbocrats and those Pukes demanding even more cuts to social programs will stop Ryan Care and the Trump Voters can continue to blame the Dumbo’s for the cuts that Little Marco put on them.

    We actually do deserve this crapstorm. Wellllllll….. not me and my ilk. I support sound social spending programs and high taxation against the rich. It makes: society work……….. as opposed to what we have.

    Just look. USA slipping down the chart on every value that has been traditionally valued. (sarc on===>) “Now, if we can just fix our hollowed out Military.”

    Silly Hoomans.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      >why the Bill will increase the deficit.

      CBO claims $300 billion in deficit reduction. Then again they claimed deficit reduction for ObamaCare too, and we saw how that worked out.

      The repeal bill has the same tax cuts, because the tax increases are in ObamaCare.

      • bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

        Right you are nfs. My issues regarding deficits, tax breaks for the rich, and benefit cuts are a bit garbled up. They all interact with one another, but Ryan Care does not by its own terms create deficit spending. It only directly leads to it.

        IE: when you throw people off tax supported high risk pools and Medicare…… they all show up later, SICKER, in the Emergency Room causing the over all cost/deficits to go up.

        So “short sighted” to think your own net expenses will go down if you prevent lazy tax cheats from getting free healthcare. aka: getting your chain pulled.

        Smile………… for as long as you are stupid, blind, hypocritical…. cue Right Wing Adjectives List No 1.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          ObamaCare made emergency room use increase. The wait times for doctor’s offices went way up and that was the result.

          • bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

            My quick google says otherwise:


          • NewFormatSux says:

            Considering most of the impact started in 2014 and 2015, I don’t know how that chart is meaningful.


            Another interpretation of your chart would actually show it is saying the opposite. Medicaid emergency use is so much higher. Why is that?
            If more people are signed up for Medicaid because of ObamaCare, and being in Medicaid CAUSES the higher rate, then signing more people up, even if it the rate of usage is going down, would cause overall emergency room usage to go up.

            So before you have lots of uninsured with 20% rate dropping to 16%, and Medicaid goes from 40% to 35%.
            50 million uninsured, 10 million visits
            50 million Medicaid, 20 million visits
            20 million uninsured, 3.2 million visits
            80 million Medicaid, 28 million visits.

            I think the more likely explanation is the numbers are out of date, but I have seen reports that Medicaid is more likely to cause emergency room increase.

          • bobbo, seeing reality thru the fog of political propaganda and the Media Stoogefest says:

            So…. what are we seeing here nfs? That data can he sliced and diced to argue for whatever anti-common sense outcome you wish?

            I used “the broadest” definition readily available. ER visits is only part of the picture…why not the rest?

            What is the mechanism that explains why when people have more access to primary care they use the ER more? Course: its only a conflation/assumption of the data that this is the same group of people?

            IE: can we sort the data to find out how many people in the ER also have a primary care doc? Or is it that the primary care doc advises his patients to go to the ER because the doc is busy playing golf? Or do the cared for patients advise their uncovered friends and co drug users to go to the ER?

            Or is the ER now being flooded with illegal immigrants?

            All sorts of vageries leaving the base line question untouched: should people have access to healthcare…….. or not?

            A real stumper for so many people.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            More access to primary care is not what they are getting. What they are getting is insurance which pays for primary care, but the same number of doctors. Wait times for primary care have gone up. Some just stopped taking new patients, but the ones that are open get flooded.
            So now what used to be a 1-2 day wait or same day has become weeks. People get nervous and head to ER. Especially with pediatricians.


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