Warning, coarse language

  1. pedro says:

    And there are people that love the Italian culture (No offense intended Gasparrini)

  2. Mark Raintree says:

    This is one happy person, thrilled with this task 🙂

    Thanks for the morning chuckle!

    Yo, Joe, will you help me with one of my rentals?

  3. bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

    He didn’t show the F*cking back yard.

    • Mike D. says:

      Who gives a f-ck? Not this guy! 🙂

      • bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

        It is “weak” humor………… because………. I don’t know anybody that really gives a F*ck about much at all.

        Wifey and I watched two comedians in a row use the F-B-andC word many times in their routines. We started saying F every other word as our response to this base humor. Without intent, we continued doing so as we went to dinner. The next table heard us and got quite upset. We recognized our error, explained it, and everything was OK.

        We enjoyed our desert as well. F*cking tiramisu.

  4. Salesman of the year says:

    “Hey, Joe. Let’s get together and strike a price. Bring your wife, we’ll dicker.”

    Wanna buy a car?


  5. Silenus says:

    Pretty standard for the Bay Area and Seattle now.

  6. Tony Soprano says:

    He sure got one thing right. You’re all a bunch of dumb mother fuckers. (Anyone thinking of buying that shit hole, that is.)

  7. Hmeyers says:

    He did a great job.

  8. Mr Diesel - Nothing Pithy to Say Today says:

    If he thought it was humorous he is sadly mistaken.

    • pedro says:

      Nah. The guys was just annoyed that potential buyers asked him for a video of the house. Typical Italian politeness is what you see.


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