I didn’t see that coming. Discuss.


  1. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    I don’t know anything……….but assume it was General Kelly. Trump will probably fire Kelly in a few weeks for doing it.

    • Hmeyers says:


      The White House is unstable, but I have difficulty imagining that scenario. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

      Trump has a special admiration for generals. They carry out orders and don’t bend and expect results.

      This is irresistible force vs immovable object territory.

      Generally Kelly might be the one guy that can bring some stability.

      If he can’t, probably no one can. I wouldn’t be making bets, but I think this will be interesting to watch,

      • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

        It’s a “dynamic.” I don’t see Kelly putting up with Trumps crap. He will demand/require and Trump will refuse/fail. Fired or quit? No difference.

  2. MikeN says:

    His official start date is Aug 15th.

    Like I said before, Trump’s skill isn’t in hiring good people but in firing bad ones. Same with all good business people.

    • Hmeyers says:

      That Scaramucci guy is funny.

      1) Hired.
      2) Did a great initial press conference.
      3) Then ran his mouth real bad.
      4) Foul mouthed interview with reporter.
      5) False or misguided tweets.
      6) Wife files for divorce.
      7) A few days later fired and escorted from the building.

      I grade his 10 day period of fame as a B+.

      Mostly because he didn’t punch anyone, didn’t get a Lewinski, didn’t steal any furniture or launch an airstrike.

      If he would have punched out John McCain or gave Glenn Thrush an atomic wedgie, he could have gotten an A+ in the “all time best flame-outs!” category.

      • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

        He’s a wallstreet asshole. Like all of them. Like Trump as a wanna be and very jealous/envious.

        ……and re Kelly……more likely to quit/fired than the other WallStreet/Military Complex formed around Trump. He will have daily contact with all the players: very stressful IF you have any standards at all. Course……….he is a Republican….. so we’ll have to wait and see.

        Sad you admire such defective people.

        • Hmeyers says:

          I didn’t say I admire him.

          This guy was his own special kind of crash and burn.

          But he needed a few more chaotic events packed in there to set a new world record.

          • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

            You don’t admire a B+ guy?

            You have very high standards.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      So he was fired before he was hired?

  3. Mr Diesel - Libertarian says:

    They need a better chat bot. Maybe like Facebook’s to me to me to me to me to me.

    • Hmeyers says:

      Reply to it asking political incorrect question, maybe it will go on a profanity tirade like Microsoft’s failed chatbot “Tay”.

  4. Hmeyers says:

    Scaramucci was a special kind of dumpster fire.

    Speaking of dumpster fires …

    Hillary has a new book out called “What Happened?”

    Yes, that is the title of the book. Not joking.

    Reminds me of “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”


    • Ohffs says:

      Drop the question mark as that is not part of the title. The addition of the question mark changes the meaning to suit your whims.

      • Hmeyers says:

        I thought it had a question mark in the title, hence the joke.

        Apparently not.

      • Hmeyers says:

        The CBS News link was phrased like this …

        “Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened?, reveals details on …

        in Google.

        Hence, I burst into laughter.

      • Hmeyers says:

        While researching why I thought there was a question mark in there …

        Found pic of the day


        • Ah_Yea says:

          Great find! So true!

        • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

          Yes. I thought Hillary was fully cognizant of why she lost to Obama and his “50 State Strategy.”

          That woman is a fail on so many levels.

          ……………..still better than Trump and 99% of Pukes though…………and that is sad.

          • Hmeyers says:

            Next time, the Democrats will have a lot of candidates and there will be some good debates.

            I hope Mark Zuckerberg runs, mostly to see how poorly he would do.

            This guy thinks talking to a common man at a truck stop is act of diversity.

            I’d like to see how badly his bubble got burst in debates or on the campaign trail.

          • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

            I agree. Don’t “know” of course….. but the potential is there for him to have one of the most air tight bubbles known to man.

            In that vein, running for office might really grow him up. Ha, ha……..better now (for him) than in another 40 years at Trumps age and attitude?….except already..Z-Berg is running a real corporation and not a Mom and Pop store.

            aka: hard to be more crazy than Trump.

          • MikeN says:

            In a recent talk, she blamed the Macedonians. Apparently in Hillary land Russians are too stupid to understand what to do with all the hacked e-mails, and needed it explained to them.

          • MikeN says:

            Debates will be horrible. They will have more candidates than the Republicans this time.

            Hillary, Biden, Bernie, Warren, Harris
            Obama is pushing Deval Patrick
            Cuomo, Brown(2), Bullock, Hickenlooper, McAuliffe
            Maxine, Schiff
            Iger, Cuban, Zuck, Kanye, The Rock
            the guy no one’s heard of in Congress who’s already announced.

          • Hmeyers says:


            “Debates will be horrible. They will have more candidates than the Republicans this time.

            Hillary, Biden, Bernie, Warren, Harris”

            No, the Democratic debates in 2020 should be exciting stuff.

            Things that would emerge:

            A) Who actually wants to win an election.
            B) Which ones are bubble people and which ones are real
            C) Honest discussion of issues

            In 2008, Obama won all 3 of the above. Although Hillary in 2008 was a better candidate than Hillary in 2016.

            And the oldies aren’t going to run. No Biden, Sanders, Warren.

            I would give credit to Hillary if she tried to run again in 2020, but she won’t because she’d get roasted in the debates for spending $1.2 B against guy with 55-65% negatives and losing.

            The Democratic Party needs to figure out who it is and how to get competitive again.

    • MikeN says:

      It’s funnier without the question mark. We know it will be more Hillary lecturing that is nowhere near the truth.

      • MikeN says:

        Waiting for special bonus version that comes with bookmark that hangs over the front cover obscuring two letters and replacing them.

  5. Martin says:

    New definition for “Total Loser”: Scaramucci

  6. Hmeyers says:

    West Virginia’s governor switched from Democrat to Republican.

    Not really an interesting event.

    Mostly he switched parties because Eric Trump changed his flat tire a year ago. He was impressed someone like Eric Trump would know how change a flat tire.

    • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

      Not interesting?…….To see rats jumping ONTO a sinking ship?

      ……………………..I’d give it no higher than a B+.

      • Hmeyers says:

        The guy was a Republican in 2015.

        Ran for governor as a Democrat, which had a thin bench of weak candidates.

        Cheap way to get on the November ballot.

        So it isn’t like this guy was a Democrat for much more than 18 months.

    • spsffan says:

      Ah, yes, West Virginia. My stepfather, who was born and raised there, used to say, back in the 1960s:

      “Definition of a West Virginia virgin? Any eleven year old girl who can run faster than her brother.”

      It would appear things haven’t changed much.

  7. Ryan says:

    Scaramucci is the third White House communications director to leave the post that had been vacant since late May, when Mike Dubke left after about three months on the job. Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, also assumed some of the communications director role before he resigned when Scaramucci was hired July 21.

    • Hmeyers says:

      Ryan while you are WordPress spamming generic information to SEO your web site, you should also add bonus information.

      Example, throw in an off-topic extra fact at the end, like “Oprah Winfrey has 6 toes on each foot”.


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