What a disappointment. Saw the first 2 episodes of the new Start Trek Discovery series. My expectations were already very low and it came in worse that what I thought. Worst SciFi ever! Gene Roddenberry is rolling over in his grave tonight,

The show is 100% battle with no real character development. It’s just fighting and shooting. It has no connection at all with any Star Trek timeline. Doesn’t have the Star Trek feel at all.

In contrast, here’s a fan film Star Trek that totally has the Star Trek feel. Below is real Star Trek.

  1. Dialecticaloppression says:

    Gotta quirp late on the whining in this thread:
    1.The Federation is the US, the Klingons are the Muslims. Anybody that says different is a retard and a typical snowflake. This show is produced by zionists and they are supporting zionism. Period. That is why the show is partially marketed to neoconservatives.
    2.The diversity stuff is Fuller driven. Who knows if it lasts as the Jews want to push zionism and they are bringing in white’s to probably help oversee that, if they want it on CBS proper. This is also why the show is on access than Orville which is your typical “white liberal” elitist stuff where the 2 leads are a Irishman and a Norman while the coloreds stick behind them. Whining about “PC” has become PC itself. If you don’t like the vision, don’t watch. Fuller’s other shit was pretty white. Of course being Gay, Fuller is going to put that in there as gay has not been done on Star Trek much. This show had a agenda and a admitted agenda in 2014-15. You were warned.
    3. The show is directed to the Abrams remake and may even be of the same timeline, if the show does not work out in the end, to save the OT’s mythology. This leads to the very simply plot of zionism vs. anti-zionism. Then a bunch of shoot em ups and other boring crap.

    Being long a member of national communism and who hates what modern “white nationalism” has turned into, white’s need to stop sounding like spoiled children. When the bourgeois expands, you are going to get diversity. Follow the money is the numero uno goal. The Alt-Right is just kosher crap being spewed to manipulate the sheep as much as David Duke’s Stormfront scam. They whine about this crap(PC!!!! SJW!!!!!) and try to make em manipulate them into their jewish financed movement without really understanding what is really going on. The Jews are no friends of the colored people. That is a 20th century revision of the Jew as a creature of diversity post-industrialization and slaves were no longer needed for the fields. Nobody has controlled the world more since 1492 than the Jews and their capital. They have made the Indo-European tribes into house niggers and running their capital schemes. White genocide my ass. More like white genocide by overbreeding which expanded into colored regions by the 20th century. I see so many degenerated “Aryans” it makes me want to puke. The Jews have made us into cattle and finance white nationalism to control us dialectically.

  2. Brhutch says:

    STD sucked! CBS needs to cancel and start over. Berman is still alive, bring him in. I could write a page just on how ridiculous the Klingons are alone. The sfx are way beyond anything possible for timeline they are supposed to be representing. I would rather see a plot/character driven show with cheaper fx where every other episode is about their tech breaking down than one where they can do anything. Also, dialogue is frequently unintelligible and show is unnecessarily dark. Did people turn into bats? And nothing in this is relatable to Roddenberrys optimistic vision of the future. He is spinning.


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