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Bush and Antichrist Mania

There is a lot of web activity regarding Bush as the Antichrist, this must have some impact on the highly superstitious religious right who are eager to experience the rapture in real-time just so they can tell the sinners, "I told you so, jerks!" So I've created what I think is a good reading list for those of you who like to torment your religious friends. Or, heck, you can even take this seriously. Many do.

You should start with a somewhat thoughtful and well-written piece by Chuck Baldwin written over two years ago it nicely sets the stage for the rest of this reading list. In it Baldwin says that he doesn't in any way believe that Bush is the Antichrist, but he points out that if Bush were the Antichrist, the religious right would never suspect. Baldwin is a radio talk-show host essayist and kind of an old-fashioned Teddy Roosevelt perhaps Barry Goldwater-style Conservative. Not easy to pigeonhole. Whatever the case he appears to be a Bush-Basher, but he does it in an unusual soft manner.

His essay is called Is Bush the Antichrist? You can read it here.

It's a good start because now it begins to get wild.

Here a self described supposed former NSA intelligence officer makes the claim that the Pope may believe that Bush is the Antichrist. This is a highly amusing and fun read with one-too-many whacked-out notions such as the assertion that George Sr. knew in advance about the 9/11 WTC attack. Still, it's a classic despite the lunacy. And, as in any of these sorts of rants there are some thoughtful points interspersed amongst the claims of blood lust!

You can read it by clicking here. Highly recommended for all! (As pure entertainment.)

And if you like a long and entertaining all-encompassing whack-job site that finds all sorts of Bush-Antichrist-666 connections. READ THIS. This makes normal Bush-bashers look tame!

Bush as Mabus bandwagon

There is a huge contingent of Bush as the Antichrist named Mabus. This is the name of the third Antichrist according to Nostradamus. Type <Bush Mabus antichrist> into Google and you'll spend a weekend on this. It's like a bandwagon movement. A classic example is the Nostradamus Mabus Project.

And here's a guy taking this a little too seriously. http://www.crystalinks.com/mabus.html

The first two Antichrists were Hitler and Napoleon, according to all these folks. I guess Stalin and Pol Pot and Mao and Idi Amin and other various creeps and murderers did not make the Antichrist cut. So we get Bush. I think he may be getting ranked a little high.

Then check out Anti-Christ.com , a site that lets you choose between Kerry and Bush as the Anti-Christ [sic]. Nothing like voting for your favorite Anti-Christ. It's the democratic thing to do.

Regarding the name Mabus, how does one interpret it? Since Bush is said to be dyslexic, thus an M is a W. Thus "M a BUS" becomes "W a BUS" which seems to be pretty close to W BUSH and even closer to Wa(lker) BUS(h) This is actually closer to a real name than many of the other Nostradamus names. Personally I think we can go with Barbara Bush too. As in Ma Bus(h).

Now some of a religious bent will argue that Mabus is Sadam Hussein and the only real reason we went into Iraq was to capture him and put him on mothballs since killing him sets off some sort of cosmic signal to begin the end of the world. Bush was doing his duty. The rationale for Sadam along with an explanation for other Antichrists is found on this posting here . This is a short article that sums up things very well.

I think this is a good enough introduction. Go dig up some links. Just don't base your vote on any of this nonsense.


Dvorak Uncensored: Special Inquiry

Mixing Politics & Religion because nobody else wants to do it.


Alternative Antichrists include:

David Hasselhoff'

Mars Aliens

Barney the Dinosaur

Maitreya?? The proof is in the crop circles

Bill Gates

Ronald Reagan

Bill Clinton, the decoy Antichrist?

Even Better Clinton Material here


GENERAL ANTICHRIST SITES -- Some wackier than others.


The BEAST -- this site goes so far as to beg you to back up this data. It also says The first G. Bush was behind the Kennedy Assassination!. Good stuff if you're really nutty.

Antichrist Backgounder