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Annotated for your convenience -- No Wagering! Check them all and see how different the results. Quite interesting since it's assumed they all work with the same basic Astrology theories of star/planet-alignment analysis. Apparently not!-- John C. Dvorak

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The Best

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone -- A site whose organization and style require extra clicking. And you do not get a daily reading but a monthly prediction which seems lame until you click on "continued" and find what amounts to a Masters Degree dissertation. Wow. I don't go for this stuff, but this was quite impressive. Extra points for the fact that you don't have to check in every day, just once a month. Ha. (A)

Find Your Fate -- A death meter, graphology, three kinds of astrology and a slew of wacky things on one java-soaked site. Loaded. Definitely worth a visit unless you hate java sites. (A-) -- Simple, short fast comments (see sidebar). Probably the most popular site on the web. Each days potential is rated by a star. A Chinese proverb is gratuitously tossed in to the reading. They also have numerology, Chinese horoscopes and a ton of weird crap on there to keep you interested. This has to be the go-to site for the government. (A-)

Rick Levine -- Unique takes on everything, Rick Levine has a huge following. Lots of special features including an i-ching. Very slick site -- almost too slick in fact. (A-)

Leigh Oswald (ArtNet Magazine) -- Another long-winded monthly summary rather than a daily synopsis. But I apparently prefer this BS to the daily BS approach. Possibly as good as Susan Miller, but definitely a different interpretation of the month. (A-)

India Times Astrospeak -- Here. Let's go to a major source of quasi-spiritual mumbo-jumbo, India! Besides the basics, here you can get your Janampatri, a Tarot quickie, and do Gun Milap. And, no, I have no clue what that means. (B+)

Yahoo Horoscopes -- Yes, Yahoo does a page of these. Interesting because if you do not like the ones from you can get a different (and usually opposite) prediction here. Funny how that works.Includes a daily "Cosmic Calendar" that is highly entertaining. (B+)

Jill Goodman (Style Magazine) -- Stylishly-written sassy sort of breakdown that should appeal to trend-setting teens and New York women who think they are hip because they hang out at Strands. Goodman made a rep for herself when she was at Swoon.Top tier in many ways. (B+)

The Rest

Jonathan Cainer -- The horoscope is presented as a kind of riddle or story to keep you baffled in hopes you'll buy a premium service. Somehow manages to push pop-up ads past blockers -- a bad sign itself. Has something called the "Astro-Love" computer that should be a hit with New Age dingalings. (B-)

AstroCenter -- A slick site, but when I compared its prediction to the others I did on the same day it was the most downbeat telling me to rest a lot. I suspect this is a great site for people who are looking for encouragement to relax a lot. (B-)

Detroit News Horoscope -- Wonder why newspapers in this country are in decline? Look no further. Actually this is the Sydney Omaar syndicated Horoscope found in newspapers across the country. Classic vague readings from Omaar. Very meaning for people who like to read too much into everything. (C+)

Holiday Mathis (LA Times) -- Adding even more credibility to the news scene, the LA Times uses Holiday Mathis to do her Sydney Omaar imitation. At the bottom I love the disclaimer, "Should be read for entertainment." Since I see no stock tips or horse picks what choice do I have? (C+)

Michael Thiessen -- The site looks like a throwback to 1995 HTML. Short comments designed to get you to buy more stuff. (C)

Christopher Renstrom (SF Chronicle) -- Short vague, Chinese-Proverb-like approach that matches nothing else anyone else says or predicts. Easy access, readable. (C+)

Eugenia Last (Canoe Network)-- A Canadian site with short comments and a star ranking for the day. Listed under "Fun." She is also found at AstroAdvice. (C+)

Horoscope Universe -- This site has four different star rankings for you and a short horoscope jammed with stuff for sale. Different. (B-)

Scopes-Mart -- Fast, easy, to-the-point. This is a good no frills site with interesting results (B)

Rocky Horoscope (LA Weekly) -- Another to-the-point straightforward 'scope written with the alternative media audience in mind, dude. (B)

Daily Horoscopes -- These seem thin to me, throwaway stuff. No real appeal when compared to the rest of the pack. (C) -- Not to be confused with Using kind of the riddle concept, a fairly standard site for this sort of thing. Seems advice-oriented. Responsive site. (B-)

Phil Booth (Toronto Star) -- Starts with a daily summary and you click on "More" to get the signs. A very old-fashioned newspaper style horoscope. (C)

IndaAstro -- Vedic-based astrology. I was told to eat more vegetables today. How's that for a daily reading? With a flash pop-up and other annoyances, this site should be avoided. (C-)

AsiaOne Horoscopes -- With a side-by-side Western Horoscope, Chinese Horoscope the net result is vague confusion. The "scope seems to be a simple one-liner of little import. Then again, maybe that's best, but probably not for mavens.(C-)

Adze MiXXe -- This comes from some guy whose name appears to be a graffiti tag. Kind of too general and vague to be interesting. Lively site though. (C+)

Rob Brezsney's Freewill Astrology -- Aphorisms seem to be the key to this site and constant promotion of other products. I found it boring. (C)

Horoscope Magazine (UK) -- I didn't know there was a whole magazine about this. Why? The site has both daily and monthly 'scopes. The monthly ones in particular seem over-generalized and common sense advice ridden. (C+)

Michele Perras -- Centre Astrologique -- I thought everything in Canada had to be in two languages. Apparently not as this Quebecois site shows, in French. With biorhythms, 'scopes in French, Sexoscope, fortune telling and other weird stuff, you may want to learn French, non? (B+) -- While on this day many 'scopes tell me to go back to bed or finish some projects, this one tells me to go and brag about stuff. Wild off-beat 'scopes, but no special features. (C+)

The Ignored -- Not Recommended/Not Reviewed

Unreviewed sites due to inconvenience, payment required, or other characteristics I didn't like.

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