Comment Posting Guidelines

If you want to post a comment on Dvorak Uncensored note the "comment" link that the bottom of any post. That will take you to the comments. You can also click on the "permalink" which in this case is the Title or Headline of the post (red on black). That will also open the comments.

Note: this is a moderated forum and not every comment gets posted and few get posted immediately. The moderation queue if visited about 5 times a day but can take longer under certain circumstances. Do not double post just because your comment did not appear.

Individual comments are those of the individuals within a range of guidelines.

What doesn't get approved:

  • Slander

  • ALL CAPS and excessive boldface posts

  •  Profanity

  • Personal attacks on the Editors unless it represents interesting commentary

  • SPAM or excessive self promotion

  • Off-topic rants

  • Repetitive carping from politcos with an agenda

  • Ridiculously long posts or machine generated posts

  • Time-related criticism such as "This is old news and was on Uncle Ben's blog two weeks ago." This has no positive value to the readers and is insulting. Everything on a blog has usually appeared someplace else at some time.


Repeat offenders will be simply blacklisted. Only six have had this happen over a one year period, so it's rare.


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