KIDS Home Page Information

This page is designed for young children to acquaint them with the Internet without exposing them to adult material, excessive advertising, propaganda and other negative forms of content. Also, sites that require registration have been minimized.

I recommend parents make this page the default home page for young children in the family. This can be done two different ways as explained here.

These links are specifically designed with an 8-year-old in mind and appeals to 7-12 year-old tastes. While there are useful sites on here for all ages, that is not the intent of this site. Kids older than 12 usually have developed the skills to circumvent the proscribed limits of children's sites and there is no general attempt to appeal to teenagers on this site. A teen site may be developed in the future.

Also note, I have not emphasized education on these pages, but have emphasized fun. The sites which preach to kids or which are obviously boring or pretentious have been excluded. All comments are welcome at If you find any sites down or links to bad sites let me know immediately. Also if the site has been claim-jumped and is no longer a children's site, let me know that too. Suggestions for additional links are welcome.

As with the Personal Portal Site, this site is done in pure text with no graphics for quick loading on slower machines and connections.

John C. Dvorak


Recommended Browser. I'd recommend going to and downloading the newest non-beta version of the browser. Then follow these menu links: EDIT/Preferences/category list/ADVANCED/scripts and plug-ins/ then uncheck "open unrequested windows" this will disable pop-up windows (usually advertisements). This makes a child's experience more pleasant. Make sure all Flash and Java plug-ins are working by clicking on some site.


Please install the Java Virtual Machine on your computer. Many games need it. and you get it directly from Sun Microsystems here.