Oswald Spengler Ad Hoc Event

The Spengler Society is saying goodbye to tech-writer and Register West Coast Bureau chief and bottle washer, Andrew Orlowski. If you never met this guy, this is your last chance. A bona-fide troublemaker and pot-stirring journalist (with an agenda) he's moving back to London where he will be underappreciated. Gregg Zachary, John Markoff and John C. Dvorak would like you (and any writers who should be getting these emails but can't keep a steady address) to the famous Edinburgh Castle Pub for beer, whiskey or what have you after work on Thursday. Spark PR is kindly picking up the first rounds of drinks (or until they leave in disgust). This event could be better organized, but so could a lot of things. All Bay Area business and tech writers are invited as well as hangers-on.


Edinburgh Castle Pub, Thursday May 25 from 5-whenever


Dress: casual