Official CES Press Releases

Keynote Reports -- Video Feed of All Keynotes here

Gates Keynote -- Best Summarized on the Dvorak Uncensored Blog here.

Otellini Keynote -- Good Bloomberg Report Emphasizing deluded belief in Viiv Initiative


With over 6000 analysts and media at the show it's now just as easy to experience the show remotely. In fact it may be the most efficient way to experience the show. With 2500 exhibitors showing everything from TV's to computers, phones, radios and other gizmos letting 6000 people work for you is the best idea. On this site I've put the best of the best coverage. All linked for easy access.

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Exclusive Analysis:

Micorosft Report from an Insider

What was missing from CES


Best Sites for Product Coverage and Photos


PC Mag CES 2006 Product Coverage with Videos


ZDNet CES Videos


PC World. Centralized coverage, Photos 1, 2, 3, 4


Engadget CES Booth Tours: Microsoft, Motorola, Philips


Engadget CES Product Coverage


TWICE Magazine CES Blog


CNET Coverage Including Best-iN Show List


Gizmodo "Live" Coverage -- Not Consolidated, may scroll off


I4U News from CES featuring Nikki Cash

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